Can we have wireless electricity transfer..? Is it possible?

 Hi, here I am going to explain whether electricity can be transmitted using wireless or not.Many students had this doubt, we are talking through phones using wireless technology by transmitting message signal in the form of electrical signals, Why can’t we transmit our household electric supply through wireless technology?, if we can do this we can save lot of metal. So let us see what the actual scenario is.

Is it possible to have wireless electricity transfer?

Electricity is nothing but the conduction of electrons or movement of electrons through some medium. As you can see around you, mostly metals are used for conduction of electricity. And in electronic devices, semiconductors are used for some special types of operations. Insulators don’t allow current to pass through them.

After all electricity is a signal of certain frequency. For household appliances generally we use electricity of very low frequency say 50-60Hz of voltage value say in between 230-240V. It has wavelength of around in the order of 106 meters which is a very huge value and the path loss is inversely proportional to wavelength.

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Wireless electricity transfer picture

Wireless electricity transfer image

If the wavelength is more, more is the path loss. Because of this reason the transmitted power got dissipated completely after traveling few meters long if we transmit high power, low frequency waves, this is not useful. Even if you transmit power of such a huge value, it is more dangerous as it causes cancer and serious health disorders because of this radiation.

A better example is a thunderbolt. It is also an electric signal of very high power. It destroys everything in its way to earth and we can see the examples of destruction caused by the thunderbolt. We can have another type of electric signal which is of high frequency and low power. Say in the order of milli watts and micro watts power and frequency in the order of MHz and GHz.

This type of radiation is used in communication system. Basically these communication devices use very low power of very high frequency. There is a threshold limit for the upper limit of the power value. As high power radiation causes health disorders.

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So, we have wireless electricity in the form of electromagnetic waves used for communication purposes and high power, low frequency electrical waves can’t be transmitted in the air medium.


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