Why to Jailbreak iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Why to Jailbreak iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Apple released iOS 9 with a notable number of new features which includes switching back to previous app, transit directions in Maps, proactive assistant and many more. For iPad it has brought the enhanced multitasking feature. Along with these, it also brought some new apps such as all-news News app and revamped Notes app. The most important feature that was included in iOS 9 is Low Power mode. With all these new features iOS 9 is now the best iOS for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

IPhone is considered to be the best phone in the market by many of us. The iOS running in the device is beginning to show its age. So, people like to jailbreak their iDevices to customize the software with some good looking apps and other features which normal iPhone will not allow. So, you need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to customize it.


But be notified that if you jailbreak your iPhone, you will lose the warranty for your iPhone. The process of Jailbreaking is pretty simple. Soon after jailbreaking your iPhone, you are allowed to install apps from Cydia. It is an alternative app store for iOS.

You can install your favorite themes on your iPhone after jailbreaking it. You can install Winterboard on your iPhone which lets you to transform your iPhone in to an Android device and you can transform your iPad into Mac device and many more. In this article we will look into the pros and cons of jailbreaking an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Using Latest iOS 9.0.2. Now, jailbreak iPhone/iPad/iPod running iOS 9.0 to have high customization of iOS.

Pros of jailbreaking your iPhone

  • The source of apps is unlimited after jailbreaking, you can install apps from Cydia.
  • You can install all the alternative apps other than the default apps on App store.
  • You can customize the themes of your iPhone and thus changing the phone’s look.
  • You can transform your iPhone into Android by installing Winterboard.
  • You can also transform your iPhone into a Mac by installing Winterboard.
  • You can get features like Quick Compose, scheduled messages, delivery reports, signatures with your messaging app like biteSMS. All these features are not available with the native app.
  • You can install IntelliScreenX or LockInfo tweaks to get all your notifications on your Lock screen.

This list is not limited, you can get many more features related your iPhone internet connectivity, iPhone theft, app lock, file manager etc. You can get every alternative to the default apps that are available I n the App store.

Cons of Jailbreaking your iPhone

  • Jailbreaking invalidates your iPhone’s warranty.
  • You have access to install apps out of App Store, so there is a chance of installing some crashy apps, which may slow down your iPhone.
  • There is a chance of malware attack.

There are always pros and cons of every action and same with this jailbreaking also. So, for some reasons you can jailbreak your iPhone and for some other reasons you shouldn’t.

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