WhatsApp Video Calling Feature: How to Activate WhatsApp Video Call

Do you Want to  Download WhatsApp Video Calling apk? Do you want to activate WhatsApp video calling feature in your mobile? if so, just wait for some time, you can have Video calling feature for your WhatsApp. Presently WhatsApp Video Calling app for iPhone and Android are in its beta stages for final testing.

Download Whatsapp and activate Video Call feature

Whatsapp Video calling Download Android App

There is no wonder if users try to search for Download WhatsApp Video Calling Apk for iPhone/Android as WhatsApp is making everything possible. Don’t you have WhatsApp in your mobile.. just download it and install it. After the Voice Calling feature, there came some rumors that WhatsApp is going to add WhatsApp Video Calling feature for iPhone and Android. It seems that the rumors are true and more probably we will get WhatsApp video calling for iPhone in the nearby future. Are you using your WhatsApp Web version for PC? if your answer is No. Then go through this WhatsApp Web Version on PC.

WhatsApp Video Calling Apk for Android/iPhone

WhatsApp, the world’s best instant messaging App has reached a new milestone of 700 million active users and the number is increasing for each passing day. Recently WhatsApp released Voice Calling feature for Android Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Jellybean, KitKat and Lollipop versions and later it also released WhatsApp voice call feature for iPhone users as well. But the only need is that your iPhone must be jailbroken. You need to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphones to get this Voice Calling feature enabled. Visit WhatsApp official web site or Google play store and download the latest WhatsApp version in the range 2.11.561. To 2.12.7 and install it.

WhatsApp video calling feature picture

WhatsApp video calling feature

You may like to know how to activate/Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on your Android Phones or How to activate or Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling feature on your iPhones/iOS. The process of getting and enabling WhatsApp Voice calling feature is very easy and you just need to follow some three or four steps or so.

WhatsApp voice calling feature for Windows Phones, Blackberry Phones and Symbian Phones is yet to be released. Among them, may be Windows Phones will get Voice Calling feature earlier than others. If WhatsApp is to release Voice Calling feature for Windows Phone then it can be only through the new Version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone. If that is the case, we can expect the PC/Laptop Version of WhatsApp for Windows 10 too. Then there is a facility to install WhatsApp as an app on Windows 10.

There are some rumors that WhatsApp is building its own app compatible with Windows 10 or windows 8.1/8 or windows 7. If that will come true then we will definitely get WhatsApp for PC/Laptop. Of course you can now use WhatsApp on your Windows PC/Laptop by downloading and installing Android App Player BlueStacks for Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/8 or Windows 7/XP. The procedure is very simple, and you can find it in Download and install BlueStacks for Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/8 or windows 7/XP and use Android Apps on your PC/Laptop.

The competitor of WhatsApp, Hike will be releasing Voice Calling feature in the next two months for its users. A report from Maktechblog shows that WhatsApp is going to enable Video Calling feature for Android and iPhone users. WhatsApp Video Calling feature for Android and iPhone will be enabled via Skype. WhatsApp by integrating the feature of Skype will give a unified look as WhatsApp Video Calling feature.

So, more likely in the nearby future, WhatsApp will activate Video Calling feature to its users. This feature is going to appear as ‘Call via Skype’ option in WhatsApp so that we can have a facility to make video calls with our loved ones. If that happens very soon then hopefully there will be no competitors for WhatsApp. But we need to wait and see whether WhatsApp Video Calling feature for Android and iPhones can be realized in the nearby future.

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