Whatsapp Video Calling app: From messaging to Free Video Calling

Whatsapp Video Calling Feature: Reports say that whatsapp latest version with Video Call feature is in testing phase.You need to wait few more days to download whatsapp video calling apk. With aquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook, the facets of Whatsapp changed. latest versions of Whatsapp featured Voice calling, followed by Whatsapp Web version. Now, it’s time for Whatsapp Odyssey to come across activating whatsapp video calling feature. You can download Whatsapp video calling app for android and iPhone/iPad soon.

Of late, the messenger site has released Whatsapp Desktop version to access whatsapp-messenger through Windows 10/8.1 or Mac. Earlier, you used to access Whatsapp latest version using  Web version on Google Chrome or any other browser. Similar to Web version, Whatsapp Desktop plays same role, but is standalone application. You can check out how to Install Whatsapp Desktop in 4 minutes. After its release, there is a probability of  whatsapp video call version download.

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Activate WhatsApp video calling feature

Whatsapp Video Calling app: From messaging to Free Video Calling

With Facebook Live, enabling video calling like features is now easy. Facebook might integrate the Facebook live technology with whatsapp video calling app. We may not presume such top level integrations. To beat Free android and iOS video calling services like Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Messenger etc., Whatsapp must enable the users to download whatsapp video calling apk for android and activate video calling Whatsapp feature in iOS.

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Whatsapp active users crossed 1 billion across the world. If whatsapp include free video calling feature in its next release, it would be a great boon to its lovers. Several Whatsapp Scams with Free Video calling download are roaming in groups. Beware of  such whatsapp scams (such as latest arctic pilgrim Whatsapp video calling scam). They ask the users to upgrade whatsapp to get Video calling apk for Android/iPhone/iPad. Sometimes, to download video calling whatsapp, you may click such fake links.Then, your whatsapp may crash or slowdown because of such spam.

As of now, there is no Whatsapp video calling app download for android/iOS available. Techslates Whatsapp team will provide you whatsapp updates related to video calling whatsapp. Till then You need to wait for free video calling whatsapp version update.

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