16 Hidden WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for PC and Android WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp is being the best instant messaging app we can find around us for Android as well as for iPhone and other devices. We can extract most out of WhatsApp from its features by unveiling hidden WhatsApp tips and tricks. It makes you technologically sound to know the best tips and tricks of WhatsApp and implement your own hacks on WhatsApp messenger.

Download latest Whatsapp for more security features so that you can protect your information from hackers. Moreover, you can get some more best features with new versions. Now we will look at the best ways, Tricks and Tips to use your WhatsApp on PC, android smartphone or iPhone more effectively.

Best WhatsApp tips and tricks for PC and android users image

Best WhatsApp tips and tricks for PC/laptop

It’s better if you know all of these best tips and tricks about the whatsapp messenger; you can use these tips and tricks whenever you want them. Do you know that! WhatsApp has not less than 700 million users till date, which shows its unique specialty in social media. So don’t you have eagerness to know all those tips and tricks related to whatsapp for PC/Laptop…? So, in this slate I would like to discuss the best tips and tricks of WhatsApp to make you a good trickster and to use your WhatsApp messenger in a more tricky way. Here we go with the first tip or tweaky trick

To use your WhatsApp on your Android smartphones, you need to run it at first, so don’t you ever wish to have a lock or a security kind of thing to open your WhatsApp android app like you have password for Android phones, Windows phones and other phones, I think you do, so the first tip that I am going to give is to have a WhatsApp lock.

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1. WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Set Password for your WhatsApp->WhatsApp Locker:

Many a times we want to keep our chats or messages secret and protect our data from hackers. We don’t want others to read our messenger messages and chat logs, and it will be a bit embarrassing if it is so. As this WhatsApp app doesn’t need login credentials anyone can open your WhatsApp account on PC or android smartphone.

A best way to get rid of the problem is to use a security lock to your WhatsApp messenger. My suggestion for you is to download and install latest WhatsApp lock other than something else. It is a more secure way of locking your WhatsApp messenger from hackers. You can download WhatsApp lock from the below link to your PC /Android smartphone.

Download WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp Lock hidden tips and tricks for PC and Android users image

WhatsApp Lock tips and tricks for PC/Desktop

Install WhatsApp lock and use it to protect your WhatsApp account and to keep it secure from hackers’ hands . Going to the next tip, you need to pay 0.99$ as a subscription fee after the first year of using WhatsApp messenger app. You may want to use WhatsApp messenger for free on windows 10/PC for few more years by without paying. So use the next hack to increase latest whatsapp. This is the best tips among whatsapp security tips.

2. WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Extend your Free WhatsApp trial period

You can extend your trial period of WhatsApp on PC or android smartphone without paying a penny. You might have wondered at a glance about the hack. Actually we need to pay approximately 1$ for one year subscription to use WhatsApp after the trial period of one year.

WhatsApp hidden facts and extended trial period for PC android users  image

WhatsApp extended trial period & WhatsApp Tips for PC/Laptop

But to use it freely for few more years just follow this: After your trial period is over, just delete your WhatsApp messenger account and uninstall WhatsApp from your Android smart phone. Then go to Google play store and install the latest version of the App on your Android smartphone or Windows 10 PC.Then create your new WhatsApp account with the same mobile number. Now you can use WhatsApp for one more year for free.

You can delete your account under settings -> Account -> Delete My Account, then enter your fancy mobile number in the field provided and click Delete My Account.

3. WhatsApp tips and Tricks: Change Theme of WhatsApp

The present green and black combination of WhatsApp looks very attracting and pleasant but if you wish to experience a bit more subtle ambience, then you can download and install WhatsApp PLUS Holo[not from official whatsapp.com]  to your android smartphone or windows 10 or windows 8.1/8 or windows 7.

Download WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus hidden tips and tricks for PC and Android Users version image

WhatsApp plus version & WhatsApp tips and tricks for PC/Computer

The blue color looks of WhatsApp plus will definitely give you a new experience of using WhatsApp,though unofficial messenger and of course you can change themes in WhatsApp Plus. The underlying features remain same; you can send messages, videos and whatever you want. The greatest advantage in using WhatsApp Plus is that it is free for lifetime.

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4. WhatsApp tips and tricks: Turnoff Automatic Download of Videos in WhatsApp

You can send media files such as music files, image files and video files to your friends through WhatsApp from your PC/Laptop or Android phone and many a times you don’t want to download these automatically. It may be any one of your reasons to get rid of downloading these media files, may be your network connection on your android phone is weak that it is just enough to send messages or your data balance may be low. But do you know that now you can turn off this feature of whatsapp. Just follow me to turn off this.

WhatsApp Media Auto Download for PC and Android users image

WhatsApp Media Auto Download & WhatsApp tips and tricks for PC/Computer

  • Go to settings and click Chat Settings and then go to Media Auto- Download
  • You can find three options there, select the one which you want to change either when you are using mobile data or when you are using Wi-Fi connection or when Roaming

Do you know that I have made you know how to get rid of this problem. If you own an internet connection for your windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 7 PC; you can use WhatsApp Web Version using Google Chrome 36+ on your PC and it gives an experience of using WhatsApp on PC. Right now it is only available with Google Chrome 36(plus) + only, but you may get for other browsers also. If you want you can Download Google Chrome 36 plus for your Windows 10 PC from the below link.

Download Google Chrome 36+

5. WhatsApp Tips and tricks to try WhatsApp Web Version on Google Chrome 36+

As I said above, you can use WhatsApp on your Windows 10 PC now, not a completely installed application but you can use it whenever you want. For that you just need to do one thing first, download Google chrome 36 plus from the above link provided. WhatsApp web version is only available with Google Chrome 36+.

WhatsApp google chrome 36+ plus for PC and android users  image

WhatsApp Google chrome 36+ plus WhatsApp tricks for computer

There is a short procedure to follow and you can find it on WhatsApp Web Version for Google Chrome 36+. There you can find out the exact procedure on how to use WhatsApp Web Version on Google Chrome 36+. You can also use WhatsApp on your Windows 10 PC as an installed application rather than using WhatsApp Web Version on Google chrome 36+, this is very much easier than the word easy. Proceed further to know the more tips and tricks.

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6. WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Download WhatsApp for Smart PC/Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

It is the right time to exactly know how to Download and install WhatsApp on windows PC. You will wonder after knowing that you can run any Android App on your Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP along with WhatsApp. Don’t you believe me?check this if you want to know how to download WhatsApp for your PC/Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP.

whatsApp windows 10 tips and tricks for PC and Android users image

whatsApp windows 10 tips and tricks

You can now use WhatsApp on your Windows PC, for this you need to Download BlueStacks App Player for Windows 10or windows 8/8.1 or Windows7/XP as I was explained in the article Download WhatsApp for PC-Play Android Games on Windows 10/8/8.1/7. Make some time to know the exact procedure of using WhatsApp on your Windows 10 PC. You can of course download BlueStacks for your from the below link.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

7. WhatsApp Hiding Tip: WhatsApp Trick to hide your Last Seen

Last Seen is a feature of WhatsApp that shows the last visit time and date of your WhatsApp account. Other persons in your contacts can see your Last Seen if you had enabled it but you can turn on or turn off Last Seen according to your wish. This hack make you hide your last Seen then follow these featured steps

WhatApp privacy policy settings tips and tricks for PC and Android users image

WhatApp privacy settings tips and tricks & WhatsApp for Lappy

  • Open WhatsApp on your Smart PC/Device and go to Settings
  • Then go to Account under Settings and then go to Privacy
  • Click Last Seen under Privacy
  • Select Nobody if you want to hide your Last Seen

Techslates Tip: “If you want to see other’s Last Seen then you shouldn’t hide your Last Seen.”

8. WhatsApp Sharing Tip: Share almost everything using WhatsApp

As you already know that you can send any music file or video file or image file to your friends through WhatsApp messenger app. Do you ever wish to share any PDF file or ZIP file or APK file with your friends… Now you can do exactly the similar thing with this astonishing trick, you can share almost anything on your WhatsApp.

You need to Download Whats Packed 2 Ads apk and install it in your Android smart Lollipop Phone to use this feature of WhatsApp. After that you can send any PDF, Zip or Apk file to your friends. But before that make sure whether the other person who is receiving these files has also installed this WhatsApp Whats Packed 2 Ads on his android device. You can download this Whats Packed 2 Ads from the below link.

Download Whats Packed 2 Ads

 9. WhatsApp Retrieving Tip: Get every conversation you had deleted

You may sometimes wish to delete conversations on your WhatsApp and many a times you will delete some conversations intentionally or accidentally. If you want to recover those deleted conversations this simple tip/trick will definitely help you.

Best WhatsApp chat settings tips and tricks for PC and Android Users image

Best WhatsApp chat settings tips and tricks & WhatsApp for Desktop

WhatsApp stores all your conversations on your android phone memory. In order to use these Back up data to recover the deleted conversations you need to follow these steps:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your Android Phone and reinstall it again.
  • During the reinstallation, it will ask you to restore messages.
  • Click Restore to restore all your deleted Conversations of Whatsapp.

Techslates Tip:

“You can use WhatsApp on an android phone without a SIM in it. Just install WhatsApp on one phone and try to verify it using the other android phone/PC. You will get verification code to the other phone which has the WhatsApp number. Select call me to verify the code and verify the number.”

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10. WhatsApp tip to Create Shortcut for your contacts

It will be so easy and convenient if we have some of our important contacts created as shortcuts, so that we don’t need to search for them again in our contact list. Luckily in Android Phones, without installing any third party application we can do this very easily.

If you want to create shortcut for any of your contact or group, just long press on that particular contact or group, then a menu will appear as a pop up with some options, among them choose Add conversation Shortcut.

In Apple iPhones 5/6/6+ you need to install a third party app 1TapWA to create a shortcut for your contacts. Along with this feature you can also edit photos using 1TapWA and it also has action scheduler. Using this simple tips create shortcut for your contacts.

Download 1TapWA for IPhone

11. WhatsApp Surprising Tip: Hide your original Image with another Image while sending.

If you want to surprise your friends with your WhatsApp using your Android /iphone then you must know this trick. You may be sending images to your friends, now send images by hiding them in another image. When they saw your post, they will see the fake image first, and when they try to click on that image they will see the original image. You need to install Magiapp tricks App on your Android Phones to get this feature and iPhone users need to install thumb App. This is really surprising tip while using WhatsApp on phone/PC/Laptop

Download Magiapp tricks App

Download Thumb App for iPhone

 12.WhatsApp trick to hide your Profile Picture

If you don’t want to share your Profile picture with your friends then you can hide it, this feature is available with the latest version of WhatsApp now. If you want to hide your Profile Picture then go to Settings and click Account Privacy option and select Profile Photo and choose Nobody option if you really want to hide your profile picture from other Whatsapp users and also from hackers. Follow this this simple tip to hide your profile picture.

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13. WhatsApp Tip to Change WhatsApp Phone number

If you want to change your WhatsApp account’s phone number then you can do it simply now with the latest version of WhatsApp. Just go to Settings -> Account -> Change Phone number, It will ask you to enter your old phone number and new phone number. Enter both of them and press done.This Whatsapp tip might come handy.

WhatsApp change number tips and tricks for PC and android users image

WhatsApp number tips and tricks & WhatsApp tips and tricks for PC/Laptop

You need to verify your new phone number again after changing the number. Your contacts, groups and messenger messages will be migrated to the new account automatically.

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14. WhatsApp tip and Tricks: Hide your WhatsApp images appearing in Gallery

You may be sending and receiving a lot of images from your friends. Many a times you don’t want to see them all in your Gallery where you kept your photos. You could have wished to hide them in one of the folders and made them not to appear in the gallery.

Now here is the trick to do so. Just Go to File Manager -> Phone memory -> WhatsApp folder -> WhatsApp images folder , you can see all of the WhatsApp photos in that folder. Now create a new file with name .nomedia. To create a new file, click new button on the lower left corner of your screen and you will see options to create a new file.

whatsApp media hidden facts, tips and tricks for PC and Android Users image

whatsApp media tips and tricks & WhatsApp tricks for Computer and Android

For IPhone users just go to Settings -> Privacy -> Photos -> Uncheck WhatsApp

Techslates Tip:

“If you want to send videos of size more than 16Mb then try to convert the video with Android Video Converter and send the video. This converter will reduce the size of your image and helps you in reducing the data charges.”

15. WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Tip to Shift your WhatsApp conversations to a new Phone

If you are in a plan to buy a new phone then you may want to shift all of your databases, conversations and all of your WhatsApp data to your new Phones. So here is the trick to do that. Any how you need to install WhatsApp again on your new smart phone and need to verify your phone number again. So before installing WhatsApp messenger on your new Phone, try to copy the WhatsApp messenger folder from the File Manager to your PC/Laptop and Copy it to your new phone in the same place. Both the phone should be of same OS to do that. Then install your new WhatsApp on your new smart phone. Then you will get all your conversations or messages and chats to your new phone.

Techslates Tip:

“You can use WhatsApp with a different SIM card in your Phone after Verifying your WhatsApp Phone number”

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 16. WhatsApp tips and Tricks: WhatsApp chat heads on the top of Android

You can get chat heads for your WhatsApp messenger also, as Facebook messenger has this chat heads feature in built, for WhatsApp you need to install WhatsApp Chat Heads apk to get this feature. You can download it from the below link provided.

Download WhatsApp Chat Heads

Best WhatsApp History tips and tricks to PC and Android Users image

Best WhatsApp History tips and tricks for Android and PC

Now you can enjoy this feature of Chat heads for WhatsApp also…

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That’s all about the tips and tricks of WhatsApp, you can try out these tips and tricks in your WhatsApp for better experience. If you found these tips and tricks useful please share it with your friends through social media to protect your PC/android devices from hackers.

If you want to add any trick/hack related to Whatsapp, we welcome you.If you have any queries and suggestions you can leave them in the comment box. Thanks for reading this article and you can find many such best articles in  www.techslates.com


  1. Subrata Mondal says:

    Please let me know How can I use the same number whatsapp on pc and android phone in same time different place.
    Please let me know if there have require any payment please do let me know ! It is very urgent for me .
    Looking forward for your reply …………..

  2. Hello Mondal, thanks for contacting us. By using a single mobile number you can create only one WhatsApp account. If you try to create another WhatsApp account using the same number, the account in the previous device will automatically get deleted. But you can use WhatsApp web option. Try it if it suits your need.

  3. Can I use one mobile sim for Android phone as well as laptop Window 7 for what’s app at same time?

  4. Can I use one mobile sim for what’s app at the same time using Android phone as well as laptop window 7 together?

    • Hello Raj, With one mobile number you can create only one WhatsApp account. If you try to create Another WhatsApp account on another device then the account in the other device will automatically gets deactivated.

  5. Hi,
    I just want to know, is it possible to restore the chat history when shifting from PC to android phone?

    • hello Sans, You can do it I think. For that, go to settings->chat settings->backup conversations. Then go to your phone storage via file manager, choose the folder named Whatsapp, go to the databases folder. Choose the one without any date in its file name. It is the latest one. Transfer that file to the same location in your new device after installing Whatsapp. Now when you open Whatsapp for the first time in your new device, it will prompt you to restore the chats.

  6. Madhan adharsh says:

    Hi i’m using dashsdow plus for whatsapp i want to get message like facebook messanger without opening whatsapp and reply.Plesae help me.If you having ideas like that any application please suggest me

  7. Madhan adharsh says:

    Hi i’m using dashsdow plus for whatsapp i want to get message like facebook messanger without opening whatsapp and reply.Plesae help me.

  8. can I use two WhatsApp account on one smartphone by using different mobile number

  9. I want to uninstall whatsaap from android phone but want to keep its file so that whenever i want to reinstall i dont need to go to play store and download it again. Any solution ?

    • Rahul download it from uc browser so the file will be saved in fipe manager whenevr u want to download it u can download it frm there…

  10. m jayasyamala says:

    how to delete a contact from whats app from or in my laptop

  11. m jayasyamala says:

    also by mistake whats app in my mobile got deleted how to install it again . tried but could not succeed

    • Re download it from play store aur some other browser..bt firstly delete all the files related to whats app by going in file manager.. I ma sure it will help u out..n u can delete a contact by going in contact menu of ur system de. Frm their it will be directly deleted

  12. Ganesamoorthi M says:

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    Computer Tricks & Latest tech updates

  13. wants one particular whats app chat to be diverted to another number, pls help me out

  14. i am using what app on my phone and pc also via web whats app, but when i delete messages same time it get deleted from my lap top also.
    actually i want to keep this messages oh mu laptop but not on my cell phone due to low memory.
    i would appreciate if any one can help me for this issue.

    • Hi dinesh, All the contacts and chat data on your WhatsApp Web will be in sync with the WhatsApp on your mobile. So, if you change anything on your WhatsApp on your mobile, it will get reflected on your Laptop also.

      • unless you email yourself chat history from your phone or export chat.. send it via email with or without media and you hvc record of your files… open it as txt file using notepad or some text program.. then you can delete it but stil be able to see your chats in txt from.. remember to add date on your file name when saving it for future navigation .

  15. Raju Paruthi says:

    How can some one knows ,that we are clicking for chat ..my experience that i start Whatsapp & click on particular contacts & he is offline seconds ago . that’s not co incident i repeatedly check . what tricks he apply ,with help of trick he can know that i click & start my whatsapp.or press on number. I repeatedly check that happened every time.

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  17. Hw can I use two whatsapp numbers in one app.?? Please help me…….

  18. Can someone tell me how I can transfer all my whats app pictures/images and videos to my PC?

    • Hello Shai, you can transfer all the data to your PC.
      Just go to file manager and you can see WhatsApp folder and in that folder you can see all the images, videos. Just copy that folder to your PC.

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  26. Eran Leviteh says:

    Is it possible to prevent the messages appearing on whatsupp Web while still getting them on whatsupp on the cell phone?

    • Eran Leviteh, I think its not possible as of my knowledge. If it’s possible we will update here between thanks for asking such a intelligent question. Thanks.

  27. Hi ,i am using whatsapp web to see my gf whatsapp messages.I doubt she is cheating on me.I am able to read all messages of her but problem is that she deletes some messages during live conversation.Is it possible to read her live conversation messages without letting her know that as currently if i try to click on particular contact name,then the new message display as read .I want this messages to remain unreadable unless it read by her from phone.

    Please help at asap.

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