What makes your love true?

We can see and experience that usually men were attracted towards women and women were attracted towards men, but what’s the reason behind that… oh oh… don’t think much it’s just nature. We were created by the mighty in a way such that there is a kind of attraction, affection and attachment towards the opposite gender.

It doesn’t happen always but only at times when we find a woman who melts your heart or a man who stuns your eyes. That’s the moment, definitely you got attracted towards the opposite gender, but it’s not our discussion now to know whether the other person also feels the same.

What makes your love true?

Many researches on this kind of behavior in men and women lead to a few general conclusions on what actually the stages were before this true love. There is also a science of love that is governed by some theories. These will answer the reasons of why we are totally irresistible and fantasize towards the other person, and why we swept off our feet at the thoughts of the other person.


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The first among the theories is the evolutionary need of the person, I mean that a person wants to have better future generations for that he or she needs a potential and attractive mate, so that there will be no problem for the continuity of the heritage. This is the major decision maker in choosing the partner in the olden days; of course we can see this in our history also. But we can’t correlate it to our present lives.

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Three stages of Love:

first stage: Lust

Apart from this evolutionary need, there is a lot of role that our body has inbuilt in the form of hormones that will be released at various stages of our life. Mostly, the first stage of love is lust, the second stage is attraction and it eventually leads to attachment and what is called as true love. The first stage is mostly a stage of fantasies involving desires for the opposite gender in his or her mind.The hormones testosterone and estrogen influences this stage.

second stage:  attraction

The second stage could be attraction. This is the very important stage for a person in the way of love lane. In this stage the person will felt that he has fallen in love and he wants to say that to others too. In this stage the person always likes to be in the dreams of the other person and always wants to think about the other person.A strong desire will be there for the person to talk to the other person. The hormones that mainly influence in this third stage could be Dopamine and Adrenaline.

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Dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter that triggers the experience of the individual to a kind of pleasure feeling. This brings a stream of pleasant feelings in to the mind of the person that takes away the sleep of that person. Adrenaline in your blood is an indication for falling for someone. This will last for few months and if you were still with the feeling of intense like towards the other person then it can be said that it had reached the third stage, i.e. attachment.

Third stage: Attachment

If the person reaches this third stage then it can be said that he or she is successful in his or her relationship and that relationship is now called as “True Love.” It is in the case of two sided relationship that too in the general case.

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