What is Ebola Virus, Ebola Facts, Symptoms and Treatment

Hello Readers, in these days Ebola has been a dreadful disease that is spreading very rapidly all around the world. So in this regard we must be aware of the symptoms of Ebola caused by the Ebola virus, facts of Ebola and proper treatment required for the cure of Ebola disease.

Until now, humankind has faced several dangerous diseases and also invented their remedies but humans are in a difficult situation now because of the intensiveness of Ebola virus and its peculiar symptoms and fast spread. It is not even providing a proper chance for the treatment and prevention, as it is spreading very fast.

What is Ebola?

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Ebola virus clear view

Ebola virus disease is also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever caused by Ebola viruses. It’s a very dangerous virus. During the times of this Ebola fever people begin to bleed. Ebola is a ribonucleic acid (RNA) virus and it spreads very fast with high dose of pathogen. Ebola is a dangerous disease even it leads to death. Five known species of Ebola virus are here: Sudan Ebola virus, Tail forest Ebola virus, Reston Ebola virus, Bundibugyo Ebola virus and Zaire Ebola virus. Now people all over the world are talking about this Ebola virus and taking forward steps to prevent this dangerous disease.

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This virus cannot be transmitted easily from one place to other as all other viruses. EBOV transmitted in certain ways. Mainly few members are at a high risk, those are Doctors, Hospital workers, Laboratory workers, Neighbors and family members. Above mentioned people may get this EBOV because these people will care about an infected person very closely. Mostly these people are infected by taking care of other infected person by touching infected person body or by touching the body fluids. So for this we should take proper precautions like wearing protective gloves, Goggles, washing hands neatly with soap.

History of Ebola disease: Where did it come from?

Actually Ebola name comes from the river name which is in the country Congo. Here first victim was claimed in year 1976. Contemporarily few more cases were identified in Uganda, Sudan and Western Africa. Till now scientists did not found any confirmed news about Ebola but they are thinking that people might catch this virus from septic forest animals in Africa.

What is Ebola Virus, Ebola Facts, Symptoms, Treatment

Ebola virus spread rapidly across various countries

In Western Africa, forest animals like gorillas, monkeys, fruit bats, chimpanzees and antelopes would carry this dangerous Ebola virus. Now mainly Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea countries of Western Africa are seriously suffering from this dangerous disease. According to WHO (World Health Organization) statistics till now, 22,000 cases and more than 8, 800 deaths have been reported.

Ebola symptoms:

We can observe the symptoms of this Ebola disease in between 2 to 25 days of the attack of the disease. Recently according to mathematical statistics in some cases these Ebola symptoms would found after 25 days. Only 5 to 6% of people may take more than 25 days. Whole Ebola disease symptoms are given below. Don’t go away read carefully. Please be aware of below symptoms:

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Earlier stage Symptoms of this Marburg (or) Ebola:

  • Feeling tiredness
  • Iciness
  • Headache – very severe
  • Weakness
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Sore throat
  • Fever- Higher than 101 Faradays(38.4 Celsius)

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In more cases people died after 16 to 18 days of earlier stage symptoms of Marburg or Ebola virus. It is due to low blood pressure. People may go to coma at final stages of this Ebola disease.

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Ebola Virus

After these symptoms Ebola rapidly multiplies itself and leads to severe condition. At that situation symptoms of this Dangerous Ebola disease are given below:

Symptoms of Ebola at severe stage:

  • Vomiting
  • Red eyes
  • Severe Stomach pain
  • Severe chest pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Struggling in breath
  • Swelling
  • Sever weight loss
  • Bleeding
  • Raised Rash
  • Nausea

How does Ebola transmit?

Friends, while reading this article, you may get few doubts, those may be probably:

How does Ebola transmit?

What are the proper precautions to take to stop this Ebola virus?

Is there any proper treatment for Ebola?

Hey don’t go away after Knowing about Ebola virus and Ebola symptoms… Ebola treatment is very important to know in order to cure this dangerous Ebola disease.

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Ebola disease transmission in humans is through direct contact with blood. We can find this Ebola virus in infected person’s body fluids like saliva, feces, tears, breast milk, sweat and urine. Most of the people spread this virus through blood and feces and not by sweat. During first stage, spreading of this Ebola virus through our body parts like nose, open wounds, eyes and mouth. According to World Health organization statistics, Ebola virus spread faster through saliva.

What is Ebola Virus, Ebola Facts, Symptoms and Treatment picture

Precautions against Ebola virus

Riskiness of this disease is increasing day by day. If people didn’t care much about clothing, gloves and eyes, this Dangerous Ebola virus will spread very fast. Now African countries are facing lot of problems with this Ebola disease due to lack of proper treatment. Ebola virus transmission is also possible through reuse of needles in healthcare hospitals.

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Spreading of this EBOV is not possible through air borne transmission. Primate to primate’s transmission is not possible and pig’s to primates is possible. Till now EBOV transmission has not been observed through food and water. Through mosquitos is also not been observed.

Treatment for Ebola:

Unfortunately we would not found proper treatment or vaccine for this dangerous Ebola disease. Now all experiments are going against Ebola and strong vaccines and drugs are being developed. Anyhow those strong vaccines or drugs are giving good results. Now People those who are suffering from this Ebola are placing in the special isolation intensive care. In this intensive care blood pressure and oxygen levels are maintained at correct levels.

What is Ebola Virus, Ebola Facts, Symptoms& Treatment image

Precautions against Ebola Virus

Note: Hospital healthcare doctors, Nurse, family members and neighbors should take proper precautions. Means you should not contact with body fluids of an infected person.

ZMapp is an experiment against EBOV; it has been tried but not on humans for safety purpose. It is efficient and is giving effective results.

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Let’s hope for an effective and early invention of cure for this dangerous Ebola disease. It is very important, everyone should be aware of this Ebola virus, preventive measures and symptoms. Please share this with everyone you care of and so be part of successful prevention of this dreadful disease.

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