Become a Valentine of your lover this Valentine’s Week

Who doesn’t wish to have a lover? Of course I too want a beautiful girl as my girlfriend. There is some magic in them which will take you away to a wonderland with all the happiness around you and in that you are the king and your girl is the queen. If we go on continuing this imagination, then your heart fills with a pleasure of joy and intense happiness where only your emotions can speak and surely not your words. If we can name that feeling, it can be so called as  LOVE. If there is something very beautiful, something that touches our heart every minute then that could definitely be LOVE.

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Valentine day freshness

If you can realize that you are in love then this Valentine’s week is the best time to put out your feelings as words. Valentines Day is a day on which lovers make time for each other and plan something surprising for their special ones.

So why limit celebrating this most pleasurable Valentine’s Day to just one day when you can celebrate so for a whole week? Yes, every day in the week has a special importance. Spend your time with your loved ones on each day of this week by surprising her with your own plans.

Become a Valentine of your lover this Valentine’s Week:

This Valentine’s Week starts on 7th of February and it will prolong up to 14th of February. Each day has a name and has its importance in the Valentine’s Week. Here is our week guide to the romantic and passionate seven days of the year.

Rose or fragrance day :

Surprise your loved one with a bunch of roses filled with the fragrance of love and see the brightness and light in the eyes of your loved one at that moment. Give a small gift which signifies your love, like a greeting card.

Propose day :

Take your relationship to a next level by prosing your loved one and this second day is the best day to unfold your feelings before him/her. The best way to propose is by giving a gift which has life in it. I mean, every time when he/she sees it, he/she has to feel the warmth of love.

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Cute lovers in Valentine week

Chocolate Day :

On this third day, give a sweet treat to your loved one, by giving a box of chocolates of his/her favorite. If you want to give happiness in the form of a packet, then Chocolate is the best one. Impress your love with this cute doing.

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Teddy day :

This is a day for men; I mean a girl can’t give a teddy bear to a boy right. This is a day not to be missed. Almost every girl is sure to like a teddy, give your girlfriend a soft and huggable teddy so that she can hug it whenever she feels like hugging you. She will kiss it whenever she feels like kissing you. Of course she can hug it and sleep in the dreams of you.

Promise Day :

Fifth day of Valentine’s Week is very important for lovers; it is the time to assure your lover by making some promises for the future. You can confess your mistakes before him or her and it’s time to build belief in your lover’s heart towards you for the lifetime.

Lip lock Day :

Lock all your promises by uniting your lips for a moment and make a big promise that both of you will be together for whole life.

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Hug Day :

Fill the warmth in the heart of your lover with a perfect tight hug. The hug has to so tight that even air can’t pass in between you. It does have significance, implicitly it means that the two hearts will bind together and you will get a feel that both hearts are one and the same.

Valentine’s Day :

It is the final day of this Valentine’s Week. On this day you couple can plan a small party. You can give your lover a romantic gift which shows your love towards him or her. You can plan a surprise candle light dinner too… Whatever you do on this day, the theme or the intension remains the same, i.e. to show your love…

Among all these days, Valentine’s Day has more significance. Fill your heart with full of love and care for your lover and make him/her feel that you are his/her soul mate.

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