Latest Updates of Windows 10 Operating system

Till this date these are the updates about the newly building window 10 operating system.

It took considerably long time to build an operating system after windows 8 and windows 8.1, by skipping the name windows 9 completely it named the newly build operating system as Windows 10. It is yet to be seen whether it can withstand with the revolutionary Android Operating system. Folks are very passionate towards android, as Google is releasing its latest versions taking into consideration the changing minds of the people and according to the tastes of the folks.

But this is only in the case of smart phones and tablets. If once an android operating system build for laptops and computers has released then we can’t estimate what is going to happen. But, all the software applications are already build for windows; it’s a huge challenge for Google too to build an OS and its corresponding application software’s.

Latest Updates of Windows 10 Operating system

    It is came to be known that this time Windows 10 is focusing more on multitasking and improved desktop appearance. We have to wait until the next year to see what exactly is going to happen.At least we need to wait until Jan 21, next year, on that day Redmond is going to throw more updates and more information into the public about windows 10 operating system.

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Windows-10 OS

 Windows has released windows 8.1 in the previous year, it is not a huge success and there is no huge response from the folks for windows 8.1 as it was for windows 7 operating system. Then after Microsoft tried to make tablets- though not entirely successful with windows 8 and windows 8.1 as its operating system. But as per the decision of the building team, it still needs a unified OS.

Then Microsoft tried to build that and the outcome is the present OS Windows 10. You can download the Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview soonly by venturing to windows insider program website. For this we need to have a Microsoft account.

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Technical Details:

 Following the event and Technical preview, the following info can be made available regarding the release of Windows 10:

  • Technical preview of windows 10 for laptops and desktops was released on September 30, 2014. This is 3 years after Microsoft released beta version of windows 8.
  • Microsoft released windows insider program on 1st October, 2014 to keep the folks up to date with the recent preview builds of windows 10.
  • The tech preview will shortly extend to servers also.
  • Preview build is available to windows 7 users also from October 7th, 2014.
  • According to Terry Myerson, consumer preview builds will be made available in the next year.
  • This technical preview will end on April 15th
  • On January 21st complete updates of windows 10 will be announced.
  • Windows 10 will be launched in 2015.
  • There is no official comment on the price of windows 10, it has to be announced.

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