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Hello Slateers, Techslates is set up to enlighten you with all the information related to Android Lollipop OS regarding its features and tips, recently released Android OS. Every techie is using  smart phones based on Android Lollipop,these days is in tug-of-war with windows 10.So, gear up your minds and lean back in your seats to join the odyssey of Android Lollipop tips and tricks with its OS features.We would like to give you some latest handful Android Lollipop tips and tricks for your Android L gadget.

Check how you can upgrade to Android Lollipop from Android Kitkat, if you are using Moto  smartphone.

Happy slating! , here we go to have your Android L gadget powered by Lollipop tips and tricks.

About Android Lollipop :

Android Lollipop OS is a major upgrade of Android OS and is a successor of earlier one Android 4.4.4   version with a moniker Android KitKat version.

Released in Google I/O Conference, 2014 and is labeled Android 5.0 version, technically and Android L by the lovers of Android gadgets.

A responsive designed language[Lollipop theme], named as “material design” provides the user interface, aimed at cross-platform support to provide same environment on all platforms for the users.

A new Android platform, “Android RunTime (ART)” replaced “Dalvik”, the platform of earlier versions. “Dalvik” uses runtime compilation of the android OS apps, while “ART” uses onetime compilation of the android apps. Simply put, it increases the device performance, almost twice, a worthy feature.Additional support for “Dalvik” is from the remarkable changes in the battery related functions, termed as “Project Volta”.

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Differences between Android KitKat and Android Lollipop OS:


Android Kitkat OS
Android Lollipop OS
Android Verion 4.4 Android Version 5.0
Old Android UI Material Design UI-Lollipop theme
old navigation buttons New navigation buttons that include triangle, circle and square
2D view of opened android apps 3D view of opened android apps
Single swipe method for notifications Double swipe method for notifications
Does not support 64 bit processors Support 64 bit processors


Android Lollipop 5.0: Behind the screen tips,tweaks, slicks and tricks

Tap and Go feature:

Android lolipop tap and go image

Android lolipop OS tap and go feature

It’s now easy to to sync your new device(say Google Nexus or Moto G) with Android Lollipop OS with all your stuff from your older Android OS 4.1+ based devices including , with “Tap and Go”, a smart feature built into the OS using NFC and Bluetooth technologies.

♦ Bring the old device next to the new device and hold them against their backs until a small alarm occur.

♦ you will be prompted to choose “Tap and Go” option. Tapping the “Tap and Go” virtual button, your sync begins to your latest smart android OS based gadget.

 Within no time, all your data including apps, Google account settings, icons etc. , what not everything is moved to your new Android Lollipop smart device.

This is one of the best tips and tricks available for Android Lollipop Gadgets.

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All-powerful search:

Google has become a synonym to search, a universal irrefutable truth and being a product of the search giant, Android OS is known to have very good search capabilities. To empower that skill, Android OS Lollipop is provided with in-built advanced search that searches all the settings available in the smart phone.

With the cost of phones, their complexity too rose in such a way that the settings turned into plethora. With the new “search settings engine”, we can easily find what we are looking for, even the trusted networks appear in the search results.

android lollipop Notification bar image

android lollipop Notification bar image

 Go to the Apps by tapping the bottom right ‘Apps’ icon

 Slide the screen to get the search icon, tap on it once you find it out.

 A search bar with small lens symbol appears, and you can type any keyword to get the settings in no time

This is the best searching feature provided exclusively for Android L device.Utilize this Android Lollipop tip to have easy searching

Cast Screen at fingertips

In these days , everyone is hearing a technical word ‘Chromecast’ and there is a buzz about that pretty, sleek media streaming adapter released by Google, of late. Chromecast streams the web content you are browsing onto a HD LCD/LED TV using Wi-Fi Technology.

To use it, the Chromecast and our personal device which we want to be mirrored must be connected to same Wi-Fi Network or can be used in Guest Mode. To extend its support to promote the streamer, Google has included ‘Cast Screen’ option in its pretty lovable operating system, Android OS Lollipop 5.0.This Cast Screen feature on Android Lollipop device is one of the best tips and tricks available on Android L device.



 Go to notification bar by swiping down once, where you find brightness, Bluetooth etc. , You will find Cast Screen icon.

 Tap on the Cast Screen icon, you will be prompted to choose your Chromecast device from a list of available devices.

 Then, your screen is mirrored onto TV,if not Android Gear OS based 4K 3D smart TV.

 Let’s check it out : How to enable GUEST MODE feature of Chromecast to use Google’s featured streaming adapter Chromecast by your guests.

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Using Google Nexus device, solve your Android Lollipop problems on your featured Nexus device to use these best tips of Android Lollipop tips and tricks

Included Flash Light App

Google has realized the need of a flash light torch for its Android  OS users from their customer downloaded apps stastistics. Several third parties offer flash light apps. Earlier Android OS users must download a third party if they want to use their camera flash as a torch, there is no way out. However, Android Lollipop comes with embedded flash light app.This is the best feature made available to Android L devices.

To use the feature, pull down the notification icons menu and you find flash light app at a glance.

Just tap it once, OMG! Your latest smart device camera flash turns into a torch.This is a useful tip when using Android Lollipop device in nights.

New User Account

Use this feature, if your Android Lollipop device is not personal but have many users associated with it.

To add a new user to your android Lollipop gadget, swipe down the notifications panel of icons and tap on your user profile icon.

All the set users appear in grid view, see for ‘Add User’ icon and tap on it and follow the screen instructions.

Use this New User Account feature to get the best use of your featured Android L gadget.

Guest mode feature

Android lollipop guest user image

Android lollipop guest user

It is worthy when your Android L device is a personal device or you wanna give your device to others just for a while and you don’t want the person to see your apps or text messages or any other content on your device.

It makes the guest to have his/her own environment of apps and customization on creating a user account and setting up a guest profile. Keep In mind that you, being the owner can delete any app or user profile on your wish.

To add a new guest, swipe down the notifications panel of icons and tap on the person icon.

All the set users appear in grid view and tap on your profile icon, see for ‘Add Guest’ icon and tap on it.

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Screen pinning

Android lollipop screen pinning  image

Android lollipop screen pinning

Android Lollipop included a nice tweak of screen pinning, which helps the device owner to make only one app visible and accessible. It comes handy when you want to hand over your device to others and you have no time to set up a user profile or turn on guest mode. It’s quite useful whenever your kids wanna play ‘Temple Run Android game’ or ‘Angry Birds Android game’ on your device. You can unpin the screen too, of course, it’s obvious.

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To enable the Screen pinning option

To use the Screen Pinning, go to Settings::Security and then turn on the screen pinning option.

You’ll will get an info window asking you to enable the optional ‘Ask for PIN before unpinning’. If we want the security (your device screen lock password / pattern) to unpin, check the tick box and tap ‘Start’ icon.

Next, press the square Overview button to view the currently running app.

You can notice a blue or sea-green pin on the bottom-right hand corner of the app, or scroll the app until you can see the pin.

On tapping the blue pin, your device enters into single view screen pinning mode.

To disable the Screen Pinning option

To come out of the screen pinning mode, of Lollipop just hold down the ‘Back and Overview’ icon until you can see all your apps.

If you have enabled ‘Ask for PIN before unpinning’ while pinning an app, you will be prompted to enter your screen lock PIN or draw the pattern based on your current security settings.

Easy access to app settings and notification options from lock screen

android lollipop App notifications image

android lollipop App notifications

If you want to see / change an android app’s notifications and other settings right from your notification bar, Android Lollipop has provided the easiest way to do so.

Just hold down any notification for few seconds, you can see two shortcuts appear on the screen, one to view the app settings and the other is to change the notification settings related to the app (depending on the app provider).

App Priorities

Android lollipop app priority image

Android lollipop app priority

Google Android Lollipop has made clear divisions between the apps status, ‘All’, ’Priority’, ‘None’. You can switch among these three app modes by toggling volume up and volume down buttons. If you select ‘All’ mode, all apps’ notifications appear as they are raised.

If you select ‘None’ mode, no notifications will interrupt you in your meetings, schedule. Coming to ‘Priority’ mode, when your device is in priority mode, only certain apps’ notifications are allowed to be notified.

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To choose an app as a priority one, go to Settings :: Sounds and Notifications :: App Notifications (Interruptions), and choose the apps which you like to be notified

You can also automatic switching to priority mode by scheduling the time.

Interruptions Management

Android lollipop iterrupts image

Android lollipop iterrupts

Interruptions are similar to app notification modes, except that they are related to time specific rather than app specific i.e. , We can set whether to notify priority apps or notify messages only etc., We can allowed to be available to selected people.

To manage interruptions, go to settings :: sounds and notification :: Interruptions and manage your device’s interruptions

Sticky ‘Recently Opened Apps’

In earlier versions of Android OS, your ‘Recently Opened Apps’ will cleared automatically, if you reboot your device. While in Android Lollipop, they stay as they are without getting cleared even after a reboot, to help users to have quick access to their recently used apps. However, you can close the apps by swiping them right in overview tile.

Double tap-Switch on

Android Lollipop has provided another way to switch on your device without using power button. Just double tap the screen to switch the device on.

Easter Egg Game

Google has included a funny-bite in the form of a game, Easter Egg game. An almost clone to Flappy Bird game, but the bird being replaced by Android Robot. It’s quite simple, but funny.

Android lollipop Easter Egg Game image

Android lollipop Easter Egg Game

To play the android lollipop’s Easter Egg game, go to settings :: about phone /tablet

Tap the ‘about device’ option four times, then a Lollipop icon appears

Quickly, tap on the Lollipop icon for multiple times and give a long press, then the game appears.

Play while you ponder what to do.

Accessibility features for the physically challenged

Google Android Lollipop OS has been designed keeping the needs of people with color blindness or poor vision. It has provided two features: ‘Color Correction’ and ‘High Contrast Text Outlines’. Color correction option allows the owner to change the display based on different types of eye anomalies. ‘High Contrast Text Outlines’ transform white or light colored display into black one, making to see the display with ease. These two options are available in Settings and Accessibility menus.

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Real-Time Battery Indicator

Android lollipop Real-Time Battery  image

Android lollipop Real-Time Battery

Earlier versions of Android OS used to show the battery charge in terms of percentage. Now, Android Lollipop display the entire statistics of the battery adopted to real life time. It shows how many minutes or hours are left. You can also save the battery charge by boosting up it with battery saver option.

To find the statistics related to battery, swipe down the notification bar and tap on the battery icon.

Your android device’s battery statistics appear in a tile, you can also use battery saver option, if you tap on the icon with three small squares aligned vertically. top-right hand.

Trusted Devices

Trusted android devices are the Android L devices which you trust and think that there is no need to have an initial security check in the form of lock screen while transferring any data through Bluetooth, NFC(Near Field Communication) or by any other means. This tweak provide a smart way to unlock your smart device.

Go to Settings :: Security :: Smart Lock to set up the option and follow the instructions on the screen to use the option.

Sync Calendar events from Gmail

You can now sync all your calendar events from Gmail directly into your Android Lollipop device.

Slaters, we hope that the above slate helps you unleash the power of your new Android Lollipop OS based device. If you have any doubts / queries / suggestions? Express yourself in the form of the comments in the fields below. We reply you and are happy to help you.If you have more tips and tricks of lollipop, plz inform us in comments.

What are you waiting for? Go get an Android Lollipop OS based device for this Christmas and New Year season.Implement these best tips and tricks of Android Lollipop to get most of your Android L device.

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