Top 5 tips to crack any type of interview

 Education is a process of enlightening your thought process, makes you broad and takes you to the world where there is infinite happiness. Education is not only learning about the theories, and laws of physics or mathematics, it’s an overall process of developing yourself in all personal and professional areas.

The subject you chose to learn decides your profession and the personality that you possess takes you higher in that profession. If you are unable to express yourself before others, that’s implicitly a worth of no use .so develop a personality of expressing yourself to the world. Life is a matter of just expressing yourself to the world. If your skills support your knowledge then undoubtedly you are the hero.

Everyone has to complete a degree at least, to gain a minimum amount of knowledge about what is going on around you. And after that you need to attend an interview, in order to work somewhere. The HR of the company is going to take the interview. If you can satisfy HR with your answers and your skills, then you are the winner. Then how to satisfy the interviewer is a big deal for a fresher as he unaware of how an interview is and what they are going to ask. So here I’ll provide the best tips and some rules which the interviewees has to follow.

What we should do to crack any type of interview?

top 5 tips to-crack-interview image

top 5 tips to-crack-interview image

In many companies, the first step of selection process is written exam. The candidate has to take care of the syllabus of the test and prepare accordingly. In most of the IT companies the written test could be based on quantitative aptitude, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Learning   English grammar is a plus. Here techslates provide very important tips and trick to crack any type of interviews

Tip1:Be strategic in your preparation and answering the exam

Doesn’t care however complex the paper would be in the previous years; just be clear with all the concepts of the quantitative aptitude. I mean to say that knowing all the concepts, even without a rigorous practice of the example problems can serve the purpose of the first second. So common sense matters more here. Be confident with your preparation maintain a bold mindset before and during the exam. Don’t get tensed about the time. Remember that clearing cutoff serves the purpose of the first round .No need of a great score.

So concentrate more on the interview rounds , in many of the companies they are going to have at least a minimum of 3 rounds .one could be technical round , one could be group discussion or managerial round and the other is undoubtedly personal interview.

Analyze each and every round, by taking one at a time. First one is Technical round, so you need to be more confident on your subject, but don’t get tensed, I had tips to crack this round for sure.

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Tip2: Check most important points before attending an interview:

interview tips to crack an interview image

interview tips to crack an interview image

  • Dress up yourself very neatly, wear some of the best formals which increase your dignity and highlights you. Remember don’t wear dull colors or bright colors, better to wear plain color. Tie your lays perfectly. It’s first step to attract the interviewer.
  • Ask for the permission to enter the room, with considerably loud voice, its shows that you are active and confident. Then say thank you for giving the permission.
  • Walk gently to the interview panel. Don’t take your seat until the interviewer asks you to sit. Hold your file with your right hand. Wish then with a pleasant voice, let’s say “good morning sir”.
  • If there is any lady HR, then wish her first and then wish the remaining.
  • Say “thank you”, after they asked you to take your seat.
  • Lean towards the interviewer a little bit, it shows that you are confident about yourself.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview process.
  • Whatever you wish to say, say loudly and confidently. Don’t repeat the sentence while you are talking like for example. “My name is Charles, I am, I am from… “.

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  • If it’s a technical round, ensure that you are already prepared with one of your favorite subject s, and be confident with least one of the programing languages and academic subjects that you had mentioned in your resume. Definitely they’ll ask only from that subject.
  • Be prepared with your academic projects and internships.
  • Even if you don’t know the answer, just pretend that you know it and even if you say the wrong answer, say it confidently. If it’s a completely different concept which you don’t know then say it confidently “sorry sir, I don’t know about it”.
  • Be confident with whatever you are. Even if you are not that much confident then act as if you are confident, pretend the interviewer that you are the right guy.

Tip3: “confidence”

  • Next round could be group discussion or managerial round. If it is group discussion, then it’s really comparatively easy when compared to managerial round.
tips to crack an interview image

tips to crack an interview image

Be prepared with some of the topics or some of the issues which are going on around you. Google them in the internet, and be confident about the topics. Or Google about the topics for group discussion. Be prepared with the topics.

A good start could definitely be, taking the initiation to start the group discussion. Introduce yourself and wish your colleagues. Then   start the discussion with a positive point about the topic.

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Tip4: “Always use I believe than using I think”

  • Give choice to others. Listen to them and if you want to disagree with someone, say it politely like “It might be true, but in my view…” or “up to my knowledge…”
  • Don’t rub your nose and don’t bring your hands onto face throughout the interview process. It implicitly means that you are cunning.
  • Raise at least 4 to 5 new points about the topic. Don’t deviate the topic and quality of the topics is more important.
  • Wind up the group discussion by concluding the topic by giving all the positive points and negative points about the topic.

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Tip 5:”Way of thinking, behavior and character”

If your next round is Managerial round, then you should be very careful. It completely depends upon your way of thinking, behavior and your character so far. It’s just like; the interviewer gives a situation and asks you if you were there, what you will do, how you will image the things.

So don’t think too much, they don’t expect experimental answers, just tell what you think about it, and justify your answer with the results and effects. It completely depends upon how you say the answer; it should be in a convincing way.

Next round is of course personal interview. In this round they will ask you questions about your family, your skills, your habits, and questions from your resume. Just be confident will get done with your confidence.


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