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Hello readers, today in this modern world cracking interview of corporate Software Companies like TCS, Infosys is not a cakewalk.A lot of people struggle to crack technical interview in the collage placements.Freshers have much talent, yet several fail to crack technical interview.How to crack technical interview of TCS or Google?This will be first question of interview in mind of a fresher. Only few crack a technical interview in their first attempt.Several factors play role in their success of interview.Interviewee must prepare himself appropriately for the technical interview, regarding dress code for an technical interview.

Essential Tricks and tips to Crack a Technical Interview

Before going to face a technical interview, things you must know about the interviewer company, say TCS:

  1. Basic information about company, say TCS or other which you going to face the technical interview like, when the company has established and who is the present CEO, place of the headquarters.
  2. Mission, Vision of Organization and also the values that are followed by the company TCS.
  3. It is better to contact at least one employee of that organization to know more about company, which might help you crack the technical interview.
  4. Prepare a note on the technical organization and your opinion about that Organization in at least 2 paragraphs.
  5. Know about the services of the technical company
  6. Search for the current affairs of the company, you may face interview questions about the company.

About interviewee i.e Yourself:

interview tips to crack an interview image

interview tips to crack an interview image

  1. Think about the qualities and qualifications that the company is looking from you.
  2. Prepare answers for the standard interview questions which may ask in the interview like(Tell me about yourself…like that)
  3. Think about the skills in which you are good at, skills that you have, the subjects which you like more.
  4. Prepare your resume with no mistakes for the technical interview.
  5. Get command on things which you have mentioned in the resume.
  6. Expect the technical questions that they may rise from the resume and prepare mostly on those topics which you have mentioned in the resume.
  7. Learn more about the technical projects you have done.
  8. Wear a neat dress with proper dress code for the technical interview.
  9. There is a need to reach at least before 30min to interview location.

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What interviewee must carry at the time of technical interview:

  1. The most important thing that you should need to carry along with you is your resume. Most of the interviewer only asks your resume.
  2. Some time they will ask your marks memos. It is better to take at least three copies of your marks memos.
  3. Keep note book and a pen always with you to make notes at the time of placement talk.
  4. Take the document which you have previously written about their organization. It makes good impression to interviewers that how much you are interested in that organization.
  5. You can also take your mobile phones and make sure that it is switch off.
  6. You can also take your technical project report with you.

How to impress an interviewer at a Corporate Company like TCS:

  1. Arrive on time make a wish to the interviewer.
  2. Keep smile in your face where needed.
  3. Listen to the interviewer with concentration.
  4. Don’t afraid to ask for clarification of the questions that are asked by the interviewer.
  5. Good body language of the interviewee get some points.
  6. Be confident, Self-confidence is the main thing to crack technical interview.
  7. Always speak loudly; it is the best tip to impress an interviewer.
  8. Explain the unique qualities which you have and explain how it is useful for the interviewing organization.
  9. Talk necessary things; avoid talking too much which is not necessary.
  10. Always speak in a positive manner with interviewer.
  11. Ask yourself What should I wear to a interview? Your technical mind give you the answer.

Worried about what to wear to crack an interview?

Avoid bright and awkward dresses for a technical interview.

Corporate interviews look after the dressing style of interviewee.Do remember that smart costumes will reflect your smartness.

Well polished shoes grab some marks from the interviewer.

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Finally, when you are ready to face the interview, 10 minutes time before the interview is very crucial.Read what you must do in 6 minutes before an interview.

When I personally interviewed the freshers who cleared their technical interviews in the first attempts, they said several things related to technical interview.They got placed in corporate companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, TCS and Infosys etc.,Besides technical knowledge, proper dress code, behaviour of the interviewee etc., place main role in cracking technical interviews.




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