8 Best Ways to Speed Up Windows 7/8/8.1 OS

It’s really an unbearable situation if your PC running on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 is testing your patience every time you Power ON and while you are working. Don’t you spare some time to check out the reasons for the slowdown of your Windows 7/8/8.1/10? Of course you can, but you need best tips and well-organized tricks to speed up your PC. That is what I realized during the times of slowdown of my PC. I had explored all the possible ways to speed up Windows 10/7/8/8.1 and here I am with all those tips and tricks needed for speedy Windows.

You can really optimize and speed up your Windows 7/8/8.1 for the best performance if you are ready to compromise at some best features of windows 10/8.1/8/7. But believe me, your Windows will speed up remarkably when compared to earlier.

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Here is the complete list of tips and tricks found out of my exploration while I am trying to speed up my Windows 7 but you can always try them for Windows 8/8.1/Vista or even windows 10. All these PC OS platforms are almost same,so these tips and tricks might work for other Operating systems too. Let us proceed further…

Speed Tip 1: Disable application software services

You might have installed many best application softwares on your Windows, but really you may not be using those applications more often. So, it is better to disable those softwares or modify to run manually when they are needed. Follow these tips and tricks to do so.

For Windows Users:

Right click on the status bar =>Start Task Manager => Services

You can see a window like this.

Uninstall all the unused softwares picture

Uninstall all the unused softwares

You can see a lot of services in that window. Find out those, you may not use very often and double click on those, a window will open and you can see Startup type option with drop down menu, in that choose Disable and click on Apply. On rebooting, these services won’t startup,making your windows PC to boot up faster.

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Speed Tip 2: keep least number of Start Up items

Windows slowdown may include more boot up time also, Windows 7 takes comparatively more boot up time and must be less than 45 sec in the extreme cases. If your Windows 7 is taking more than 45 seconds then your Windows PC is in a serious condition. Windows 7 will generally take more boot up time when your PC has more start up applications. So, if you want to boost your booting time then your PC needs to have few number of Startup items. To remove the startup applications follow these steps,if you are using latest windows 10/8.1/8/7 OS.

Click Windows Start menu icon and search for msconfig, you can see a window like this.

[For windows 8/8.1/10 users, press “Windows”+R,type in msconfig and press ‘enter’]

keep least number of Start Up items picture

keep least number of Start Up items

Choose startup from the tabs provided in that window. You can see the list of startup items and uncheck all the applications which you don’t want to run at start up of Windows and click Apply.This speed tip found to be very useful for several Windows OS users.

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Speed Tip 3:Uninstall all the unused software’s

You may get lot of junk software (bloatware) installed in your Windows at the time of your PC/Laptop purchase and you might have installed a lot of applications for temporary use or one time use. Slowly that number might have increased and now they may be reduce the speed of your Windows. It is advisable to uninstall all those software’s quickly for the better optimization of your Windows and a faster user interface.

You can uninstall them by following these steps.

Uninstall all the unused softwares picture

Uninstall all the unused softwares

Click Start menu icon and go to Control Panel. You can see Programs option in that window. Under it you can find Uninstall a program. Click that option and it will take you to an interface where you can uninstall the softwares. Double click on the item to uninstall.

Techslates Tip:

You can get IObit Uninstaller for better uninstallation of softwares causing troubles.IObit uninstaller has the speedy features of ‘Forced uninstall’,’Batch uninstall’ etc.,

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Speed Tip 4:Install the best Anti-Virus software for your Windows 7/8/8.1

Most of the times it is the hand of malware and spyware that make your Windows slow and laggy. So, to protect your Windows from malware and speed up the PC, install the best Anti-Virus available. In most of the cases the Windows Defender or the Windows Security Essentials serves the purpose.

All you need to do now is to connect your PC to internet and download Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender if you don’t have them on your Windows. After you install them on your Windows, scan your Windows for viruses.

Techslates Tip :

You need to update your Anti-Virus software continuously for better performance of your PC.

Speed Tip 5:Adjust your Power Plan that favors PC performance

It is a known fact that you and me and everyone wants to save power of your PC for longer battery life. You might have chosen Power Saving plan that favors longer battery life. But it is not always the motto to save power while your PC is doing some great kind of work that consumes your entire RAM and cause to reduce speed of your PC. During that times, adjust your power plan that favors better speed rather than saving power.

You can adjust your Power Plan of Windows PC by following these steps.

Adjust your Power Plan that favors PC performance picture

Adjust your Power Plan that favors PC performance

Click Start menu icon and go to Control Panel. Search for Power Options and there you can choose your Power Plan.

Speed Tip 6:Run Performance Troubleshooter

You can see a slowdown of your Android Phone if some apk is obsolete or malfunctioning. Similar is the case with your PC/Laptop, if some features of the Windows are not set for optimal performance or if there is a problem with system files then running Troubleshooter is a clever action. It will check for all the issues that decrease the speed of Windows and rectifies them. You can run Windows Troubleshooter by following these steps.

Run Performance Troubleshooter picture

Run Performance Troubleshooter

Click Start menu icon and search for Troubleshooter. A window will open and choose Check for Performance issues under System and Security and that will takes you to a window where you can perform troubleshooting. This operation definitely speed up your PC performance.

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Speed Tip 7:Run Disk Cleanup

Installing and uninstalling the softwares and even some times reinstalling the windows will leave some traces of them in the partitions of your hard disk. Frankly we don’t need them in our hard disk. So it is better to cleanup them. We cannot manually do that operation, for that a pre-installed application is there in Windows. That is nothing but Disk Cleanup.

To do disk cleanup follow these steps.

Run Disk Cleanup tip image

Run Disk Cleanup

Click Start menu icon and search for Disk Cleanup. A window will open asking you to select the drive, it is better to perform cleanup for all drives. So, choose all drives, one at each time and perform cleanup. Here is Best Games for you : Temple RunAngry Birds on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Mac.

Again, IObit Uninstaller can work it out for you.Along with this there is one more application software called CCleaner app. In my experience this is the best one that I recommend you to use on your Windows 7/8/8.1. It also serves the similar purpose but you can see the difference.

Download CCleaner

Speed Tip 8:Adjust Visual Effects

If your Windows is fast enough, then you no need to adjust the visual effects. If your Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP is performing slowly, then you need to compromise at this point. The compromise that I have mentioned in the beginning of this article is this. Your Windows will look somewhat crude and bold if you turn off visual effects, but you have to do it if you want to speed up your Windows.

To adjust Visual effects, follow these steps.

Adjust Visual Effects tip to speed up windows picture

Adjust Visual Effects tip to speed up windows

Click Start menu icon and go to Control Panel. In the search box, type Performance Information and Tools then choose that option.

Under that choose Adjust visual effects. If it asks for password, enter it to get access. It will take you to a window and in that window choose visual effects tab. You can find 4 options there. Among them choose Custom option and uncheck all the items except the last one Use visual styles on windows and buttons.

And click on Apply.

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