How to Speed up Google Chrome and Browse Faster

It may occur many times that my web browser(Google chrome) is slowing down and it is going idle(crashing) for some time by without responding to mouse clicks or keyboard strokes. This chrome speed problem will always disturb you and interrupts your work. If this is your problem with chrome then here in this article we will provide you with some tips and tricks to speed up your Google chrome web browser and help you in browsing faster.

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speed-up-google chrome web browser

You may need to disable Plugins

With the installation of Google Chrome web browser, many unnecessary plugins were also installed without your knowledge by default. Web pages have lot of special content other than text like Flash, java, media files, images, Silverlight etc. In order to support such content, the browser needs to have plugins installed. Plugins helps in processing such types of content

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speed-up-google chrome-disable-plugins

Other than these kinds of useful plugins, many other plugins were also installed and enabled without your notice. You may check them by typing about:plugins in navigation bar. You can now disable the unnecessary plugins and make your Google chrome fast. You can always enable them at any time if needed.

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speed-up-google chrome-disable-plugins-1

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You may need to disable Extensions

Extensions won’t come with the installation of Chrome; these are small programs which are available in the Google Chrome web store that can be added to your web browser.They add extra features to your web browser like, download helper, YouTube video downloader, Bing bar etc. Some of the extensions are very useful, but if you keep on installing these extensions then you will end up with some large number.

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speed-up-google chrome-disable-extensions

Installing large number of extensions reduces the web browser’s speed, so you need to uninstall some less important extensions to gain some speed of your Google chrome web browser. You can see the list of extensions under extensions in tools.

For this click Wrench icon on the toolbar, select tools and then select Extensions. You can see a window with a list of extensions enabled. You can uncheck the checked boxes to disable them or you can click on trash icon to completely uninstall them.

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speed-up-google chrome-disable-extensions-1 image

speed-up-google chrome-disable-extensions-1

Some extension programs add buttons to your Google chrome web browser, you can uninstall those by right clicking on the icon of the button and select uninstall.

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Clear Browsing History and Cookies

Your Google chrome web browser usually stores the URL’s, cached texts, download history, cookies, plugin data, and preferences of the sites you have visited. The purpose behind this is to access that websites faster without downloading each and everything when you access them again. But we don’t need the content of each and every website we visit. So you can clear the web browsing history of those websites or you can clear the entire web browsing history.

You can find the option to clear the history in Tools under Wrench Icon. So click wrench icon and select Tools. You can find an option Clear browsing data. We can speed up Google chrome through clear browsing history and cookies of simple tip.

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There is a shortcut to directly view that Ctrl+shift+Del -> select the beginning of time from the drop down menu and check the boxes you want to clear. And select Clear Browsing Data.

speed-up-google chrome-clear- browsing-history image

speed-up-google chrome-clear- browsing-history

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There is also another shortcut to view the web browsing history Ctrl+H -> after that you can select the sites for which you want to clear the browsing history of Google chrome and select Remove selected items.

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speed-up-google chrome-clear-history

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