5 Tips to Speed Up Android Phone – Make Your Android Fast

Speed up Android Phone with the tips discussed here: You might have been using an Android smartphone from the past few years or you could have bought it recently, it gives you an immense full of options; click HD snaps of beautiful locations, taking selfies with your buddies, surfing the websites you wish, watching favorite movies online or downloading them, connecting with the world through Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp like many other instant messaging and social media apps, voice and video calling over internet, using your Android smartphone as a controller and many more, the list is endless and keep on adding. Supporting to its user friendly features and interface, Google is releasing upgrades frequently to fix security issues and fixtures to common bugs and issues. In the recent days Google released Lollipop 5.0, 5.0.2 and the latest Android one. In the nearby future we can expect Android Marsh Mallow the Android 6.

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Speed up Android

You could have bought your Android smartphone and you could have loved it a lot when it was working very fine and very fast with long battery backup. It is so irritating if your phone takes so much of time to open an app. For one or more reasons your smartphone might have slowed down considerably. You are not going to throw it and buy another one right, if in that case the other phone will also slowdown in the future. So, spare 5 minutes of your time reading this article and speed up Android Smartphone. In this Article I am going to discuss all possible ways to speed up Android smartphone and make it fast as it was earlier.

So, let’s follow some hierarchy, come from the system end.

Clearing Cached Data to speed up Android

You all are using many apps in your Android Phone. Many of the apps stores its data each time you use it. In most of the apps that data is not so useful. Similarly your Android Phone also stores data in cache memory. So, clear cache memory very frequently for the good functioning of your Android Phone and also to speed up your Android Phone. So, to clear cache memory go to settings->Storage->Cached data and tap on it. This will speed up Android Phone considerably and make it fast.


clear system cache

Install New App Launcher and speed up Android

After clearing the cached data, next is to think about the launcher you are using. The launcher that you get along with the Android OS has many functions to do. It controls the desktop, lock screen and many other critical functions of your Phone’s User interface. So, install some third party App launcher to speed up the access times of your apps. The best one which I suggest is Google Now Launcher, Which I installed in my Android Phone. You can get Google Now Launcher from the link provided below.

Download Google Now Launcher


Download new launcher

Reduce the number of Widgets and Shortcuts

After installing a good App launcher, next you have to think about the widgets that you were enabled or using. So, find out the importance of the widget and decide whether to use the widget or not. If the widget is really helpful to you, you are always welcome to use it whenever you need.

Uninstall all the apps which are not useful to you

After that, check whether the apps you were installed are really useful, you could have installed so many apps which are not useful to you. So find them and sort them out. After that uninstall all of them without even thinking for a moment. Because the less the number of apps the more efficient the performance of your smartphone. So never compromise on this.

Clear Cached Data of individual App to speed up your Android

So, you are left with the apps that are really useful to you. Wait for one more minute. This step is really going to help you a lot. You know, each of the apps you are using stores data which is not useful most of the times. So, clear app cached data whenever it is possible. You can do it from here: Go to Settings->Apps-> Manage Applications



clear cache

If you don’t have time then here is the app that will help you in clearing the cached data of the apps. App Cache Cleaner is the app that clears the cached data of all the apps. Download it form the link below. After installing the app, just run it tap on Clear all to clear the cached data. You have the possibility of scheduling the Auto Clear Interval. Just go to Settings and Select Auto Clear Interval and set the interval.


Auto clear cache

Disable Auto-Sync Data to make your Android fast

The last step that I am going to discuss is going to be very much useful if you are a frequent user of mobile data. You may want to check your emails, check the status of your Facebook account and look into the chats of WhatsApp etc.


Disable auto sync data


But many times you may not want your apps to look for the notifications, it consumes most of your data and your battery. So, just disable Auto-sync data. From this time onwards after disabling the Auto-sync data, you need to manually check for emails and Facebook updates and for new WhatsApp messages.


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    I have a Lenovo A6000 Plus , and i have recently installed 5.0.2 android on my phone , but i found out that there is no option of setting the default installation storage , like it was there earlier in Jelly bean. Can you please let me know how can i set the default app installation location to SD card.


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