Skin care tips in winter season

Usually in winter the oily content on the skin makes the skin dry by the solidification of the oily content which makes our skin rougher but there are some ways by which we can make our skin soft and smooth besides hiking up the collagen content on the skin.

Skin care tips especially in winter season:

To overcome the conditions of hardness of skin during winter, having juicy fruits and vegetables which have olive oil in them and primrose juice helps in reducing the hardness of the skin. To get rid of dryness and chaps, apply coconut oil all over the body before bathing and then bath with the alcohol inclusive soaps for better results. It is better to choose the oil which doesn’t clog the dermal pores such as avocado oil, primrose oil and almond oil. Other than this if you want to get rid of dryness and chaps applying petroleum jelly is an effective option.

techslates_skin care tips in winter image

skin care tips in winter image

Especially in winter it is better to use the paste of ground gram and yogurt for washing at least thrice a week. Instead of using alkaline rich soaps it is far better if you use a soap based on natural oils, glycerin which are rich in moisturizing your skin. Don’t use hot water for bathing; instead you can use lukewarm water with a few drops of glycerin or herbal oil such as tea tree oil.

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Skin can be similarly got hydrated by using cold creams and moisturizers which are oily in content. By using Glycerin and alpha-hydroxyl based moisturizing lotions you can get the smoothening feel of your skin. The skin on the face is naturally oily so avoid using the same on the facial skin. Skin toner which contains rejuvenating elements of vitamin E can prove to be similarly effective in making in your skin soft.

Make sure that your limbs were soaked in lukewarm water enriched with few amount of natural oil before going to manicure or pedicure. Sufficient touches of oil or glycerin to your nails is enough to avoid your nails getting brittle. Use cotton socks and gloves to cover yourself during winter to avoid flaking, chapping and itchy cracks. Avoid facial masks in winter if you want to have it then go for the cleansing milk and oil based pack rather than using facial packs which sucks your natural oil content. The pack which is made of avocado extracts and olive oil is more helpful during winter.

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Skin care tips in winter image

Skin care tips in winter image

To activate the skin’s collagen content over the skin, a mixture of yogurt, buttermilk and sour cream can be used. TO avoid chaps and dryness on lips, apply a lip balm enriched with vitamin E. Similarly you can use a therapeutic ointment or lotion which contains vitamin E to get rid of cracks over your feet. A better suggestion during winter is to use bare minimum water and make sure to pat you completely dry after a shower, and avoid exposing to wet environments continuously for more hours, if there is a condition of mandatory exposure then use appropriate protective coverings such as gloves etc.

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