Rooting Android Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone likes to use latest Android smartphones and other android devices like galaxy s4,canvas 4,canvas spark,coolpad dazen including recent Moto X play and Moto X Style. Android users like to play with the OS configuration of Android devices and try to get more benefits by Rooting Android. There are several ways to root android phones. We can alter the look and feel of Android OS by rooting which has both pros and cons. Rooting android can yield several benefits along with disasters for the phones.Leveraging the hidden features of Android gadgets is possible only by rooting android.Let’s have a glimpse of advantages of disadvantages of rooting Android. It is different from jailbreaking on iOS devices.

Check out the differences between jailbroken iPhone and Rooted android phone.

Rooting Android differences

Android gadgets have several uses in terms of their voluminous apps in Google Play. Hardware manufacturers of Android devices like Lenovo, Samsung and HTC sets some restrictions on android devices. Android OS has got elegant feel in its appearance, yet we can modify android OS as per our wish. It is possible by rooting the Android OS on your smartphone. Rooting of Android differs from phone to phone depending on the model such as Moto X,Galaxy S4 etc., android version like Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. We can root an android gadget with/without PC.Let’s look out pros and cons of rooting an android phone.

Advantages of Rooting Android :

  • We can get super user/root access  over the android operating system
  • To modify the appearance of the theme of Android, in short, customise User Interface of the OS.
  • Able to uninstall the in-built android bloatware, a major advantage of rooting android
  • To cleanup useless files to regain the memory of Android OS device
  • Rooting android can make the OS a bit faster
  • Battery backup of Android phones can be improved
  • able to customize ROM which means that we can install a different OS/firmware on our android phones
  • Once we root an android device, we can have several advantages to yield the power of our hardware
  • One of the pros of rooting is that we can install several useful apps only on rooted phones rather than unrooted phones

So, rooting android gives us required permissions to play around with the inner components of android firmware. Note that the rooting of android can be permanent or temporary depending on the extent of rooting.Let’s look at cons of rooting.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android:

  • If you root your android phone, then you are voiding warranty.Most of the manufacturers announced that rooted android phones would not be serviced by them
  • ‘Rooting is Risking’. Sometimes, rooting can cause disasters to your phones.
  • You can end up with a bricked android phone while you perform rooting in a bad way
  • Sometimes, tweaking the android OS features can cause instability to the device


So,there are several benefits of rooting and also several risks of rooting an android phone.These Pros and cons may come into picture only if you try rooting your gadget.Think once before you try to attempt rooting. Jailbreaking and Rooting android are different from one another. Jailbreaking of iOS devices and rooting of android devices are the ways of gaining access to the core operating system of the devices.

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