Remedies for teen to above teenage skin problems

Teenage is the time in between 13 to 19 years in one’s life. We can see many changes in the functional aspects, chemical aspects and also the physical appearance of the body. These can show their manifestations on the skin in this age in various parts of the body in various forms. Along with these changes there will come some skin problems and the major one is the Acne problem.

Along with this there come some warts on the face, excessive oily skin which made our face irritatingly shiny, black spots on our face which made us look ugly, dry skin which makes our skin rough. These are some of the major problems and the real number is very high depending upon the environments the person is living.

Remedies for teen to above teenage skin problems and remedies:

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Acne skin problem:

Acne is the most irritating skin problem that mainly affects the teenagers. Due to the increase in the hormonal levels, there come some manifestations on the skin mostly on the face. Acne will come in the form of a pimple or blemish on the face. The occasional breakouts of pimples take the acne out in the form of whiteheads, blackheads and puss filled projections from the skin.

Acne skin problem remedy:

A good remedy for this is using a benzoyl peroxide containing acne fighting cream.

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Oil Skin problem:

Oily skin is another major problem which is caused by the excessive release of oil by the oil glands which connect to the skin pores. Which produces more oil than normal and due to which a lot of dust particles of Nano size accumulates on the skin and occasionally they enter into the skin pores and the oil which has to come through these pores will occasionally come out in the form of acne or the pimples.

Oil skin problem Remedy:

A good remedy for this problem is using a soap which is rich in the alcohol percentages that acts as drying solutions and is helpful to fight oily skins. By the way don’t use the harsh soaps repeatedly, it’s better to use a mild cleansing agent.

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Over sweating problem:

Over sweating is a very common problem in teenagers, this is called hyperhidrosis and which is caused by the excess release of hormones in the body and it affects under arms, palms and soles.

Over sweating problem Remedy:

The remedy for this is to take more amount of water and make sure that your surrounding temperature doesn’t go high. A better option is to use Botox that is used to treat for wrinkles as well. Avoid hot and spicy foods which triggers sweating.

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