Top 5 tips to crack any type of interview

 Education is a process of enlightening your thought process, makes you broad and takes you to the world where there is infinite happiness. Education is not only learning about the theories, and laws of physics or mathematics, it’s an overall process of developing yourself in all personal and professional areas. The subject you chose to […]

Essential tips need to crack an interview..

Hello readers, today in this modern world cracking interview of corporate Software Companies like TCS, Infosys is not a cakewalk.A lot of people struggle to crack technical interview in the collage placements.Freshers have much talent, yet several fail to crack technical interview.How to crack technical interview of TCS or Google?This will be first question of […]

Difference between Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering

Difference between Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering:    Hi, here I am going to explain you a very basic and true difference between Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering. Many got confused with these two, so I am here to clarify your confusion. Today in recent modern era many students facing this difference between Electrical Engineering […]

Can we have wireless electricity transfer..? Is it possible?

 Hi, here I am going to explain whether electricity can be transmitted using wireless or not.Many students had this doubt, we are talking through phones using wireless technology by transmitting message signal in the form of electrical signals, Why can’t we transmit our household electric supply through wireless technology?, if we can do this we […]

How to be fit and healthy naturally…

Techslates is back with a new kind of article on your fitness and health.Hi everyone. This is Techslater, and in this article I am going to give simple and easy tips to be fit and healthy in your day to day life. Everyone wants money for their survival and to their day to day needs […]

It’s Christmassy CHRomecast Season !

Hello Techslateers, in chromecast slate, we made you understand everything about Google’s sleek media adapter Google Chromecast. Now, in this Christmas season, environments have already become dazzling and mesmerizing. To make this Christmas more blazing, hope for a Google Chromecast in your Christmas stocking, if you are a tech child. If you are an earner, […]

Latest Vocabulary for All students and placement aspirants part-2

Hi guys, are you preparing for competitive exams? Then just look at the following words, these words will definitely enhance your already existing vocabulary. These are the most common and most frequent words which you can see in most of the placement papers. Latest Vocabulary for All students and placement aspirants : Abate Aberrant Abeyance […]

How to control yourself during the times of anger: Anger&Stress management

Techslates is back with another excellent article on stress management and anger management, hope that you are following us.   How to control yourself during the times of anger: Anger and Stress management  Do you ever think of actually what is this anger? Is it a feeling? Or is it an expression? Or is it […]

Essential Latest Vocabulary for all Students and placement aspirants

Hello Techies, Techslates is back to you to help you make your vocabulary better and give you some bucketful of words those may be mindy not handy at needs. We will strive to improve the slate( post / article) as frequently as possible. You may check the version of the slate in the title of the slate, say v1.

How to create windows contacts in windows 7 / 8 / 8.1/10?

Are you searching the easiest way to have communication using the digital technology? Then you have to read the following slate (article) to have a quick knowledge regarding the technique. How to create windows contacts in windows 7 / 8 / 8.1/10? Requirements:  Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1/10 Info: These days communication is going […]

Google Chromecast Launch in India at Rs.2999

Hi everyone, now TechSlates came forward to reveal almost everything about Google Chromecast. Google has launched its streaming device, Chromecast into the Indian digital markets on December 10, 2014 after its first release in the U.S in June of 2013. Google almost took 18 months to have its device get launched into second most populous country, India.  Google set […]