Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000 Lollipop 5.0.2 upgrade issues – fixed

Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000 Lollipop 5.0.2 upgrade issues – fixed: For this trending Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000 smartphones, Lollipop 5.0.2 update has released a couple of days back. From the appearance point of view, Lollipop 5.0.2 is looking very fine as expected and the features are also very good with respect to performance. But along with the update, this Lollipop 5.0.2 brought some issues regarding WhatsApp, Gmail and call log contacts sync, App lock and third party launcher. In this article I will discuss those issues with Lollipop 5.0.2 update in Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000 and possible solutions

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Lenovo Lollipop 5.02

WhatsApp contacts Sync issue in Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000

The first issue that users are raising after upgrading to Lollipop 5.0.2 is WhatsApp contacts sync issue. After upgrading to Lollipop 5.0.2, Contacts in your Contacts Manager will not sync with WhatsApp and Call logs. This is a very serious issue and in WhatsApp you won’t find any contacts and in chats you will find only numbers. Same is the case with call logs. You will see only numbers in call logs even if the contact is fed in your Contacts Manager. So to solve this issue Please go through our article Lenovo A6000 plus WhatsApp Contacts Sync issue after Lollipop 5.0.2 update – fixed

Installing App Lock and Changing Default Launcher

There is also some issue with installation of App Lock app and changing default launcher. Actually there is no problem with this issue. It can be fixed easily. You might have upgraded your Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus or A7000 to Lollipop 5.0.3. After upgrading to Lollipop 5.0.3, you may get so many issues regarding Google Play Store and incompatibility of apps. So, I suggest you to Factory Reset once, your Lollipop 5.0.3 still be there every after doing that. It will fix many of the problems with apps and Play store.

Similarly, you can change your default launcher or you can install App lock or any other app. I upgraded my Lenovo A6000 Plus to Lollipop and Now I am able to install App Lock and EverythingMe launcher on my phone. I rebooted my phone after installing these apps. There is no issue regarding these. So, don’t forget to backup all your files and contacts before factory reset. You can find details on how to factory reset Lenovo Phone in this article Lenovo A6000 plus WhatsApp Contacts Sync issue after Lollipop 5.0.2 update – fixed

Heating issue after upgrading Lollipop 5.0.2 in Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000

Heating issue is a very serious issue in Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000. This issue will drain your battery very fast and make your phone very hot so that literally it is not useful. Here I am giving you the best solution to fix this heating issue. There is a small procedure to follow and it is very easy. You can find it from our article Heating Problem in Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000 – Issue fixed

Hope that the article is useful to you in solving the issues of Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000 after upgrading to Lollipop 5.0.2 and if you still have any issues, you can comment us.

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  1. ravinder sharma says:

    lenovo a6000 is lollipop update as soon yes or no please answer sir lollipop is smooth a a6000 phone yes or no

  2. Name already availble in the contact list. But name not showing in the dialler list. Pl provide solutions.

  3. Recently I updated lenovo a6000 plus with android 5.0.2 and incoming calls not ringing many times.Reboot providing temperery solvent but after some time same problem appears.what to do?

  4. ramneet singh says:

    i upgraded to my lenovo a6000 but problem came that phone is not charging the battery, every time i have to charge battery by keeping it in switch off mode.

    • It is currently happening to me! we need to power off the cellphone to charge. maybe we encounter some error when we download the AOS (android operating system) from LENOVO! because my sisters mobile is OK. we have the same phone and her mobile works perfectly fine!!!

  5. kanukuntla vinay says:

    Sir please help me..I have already done factory reset..now what I should do??

  6. kanukuntla vinay says:

    Than q solo much sir above process is working perfectly……..
    Procedure:1)backup all contacts
    2) factory reset

  7. Satya Harish says:

    Hi Sarvesh, this is Harish I am updated my lenovo A6000 to lollipop after that I am not able to download or update any application from google play store. Can you please help me on this……

    • At first you need to update your Google Play Store app, Just connect your mobile to internet and update all the apps first.

      • Satya Harish says:

        Hi, sarvesh thanks for giving solution for that. But I am not able to update the play store also… I have tried one solution you given for heating issueSelect “Wipe Cache Partition” and “Wipe data/Factory Reset” after that my play store updated automatically and now I am able to download or update the apps through play store. Once again thanks for the valuable information…..

  8. App lock not working even after factory resetting the phone…plzz help…its Lenovo A6000 plus

  9. After reset the sync issue got solved, thanx for it, but after that one more issue, in call logs, it shows only outgoing call details when open any specific contact’s details….
    any solution for this.. ???

  10. Google play sevice problem showifg wrong version installed

  11. somu sundar says:

    hi frnd i have issue with my a6000 plus after update to lolipop..what ever you said above i did the same now whatsapp works fine but issue is some notifications are not showing from apps like newshunt , times of now etc so please tell me the solution

    • Hello somu, To solve this issue, Go to Settings->Sound & Notifications->App Notifications and enable Notifications for your Apps. Hope this will help you.

      • somu sundar says:

        thanks for your reply all settings are fine but am not receiving notifications from news apps only, but i recieved whatsapp notifictns

  12. I am having the synching issues with whatsapp. When I try to copy the contacts using contact manager, there is a limit of 1000 contacts. I have more than 2000 contacts. What shoud I do?

    Also,when I try to copy, it shows multiple options like where to copy the contacts from? I use contacts from google. Should I choose to export google account contacts?

    Why can’t I simply import from google contacts after factory reset instead of impoting form sd card again?

  13. Alkesh Shah says:

    Hi Friend,
    I also update my A6000 to Lollipop 5.0.2 after updating I cant see my contact name on Call log & Also in Whatsapp also I cant see the name.
    Please help me.

  14. hi everyone..i try to download the lollipop update 4 times every time it shows your download is failed after 99%…if anybody know the solution plz reply getting tired of updating

  15. i am trying to update my lenovo a6000 to lollipop but the download is getting failed everytime…plz hlp…

  16. Sarvesh,

    Can you help me, I couldn’t see the name on Whatsapp contact detail.


  17. Sir ,I have lenovo a6000 plus and not updated my device to lollipop yet but my phone gets switch off frequently and didnt restart when I put my phone on lock for some hours and I have to switch on manually..please suggest a solutions to my problem… I will be extremely greatful t u…

  18. hiii sarvesh, i face problem with applock after updating to 5.0.2 on lenovo a6000 plus, plzz give a solution .

  19. Hello Savresh,

    I have a Lenovo A6000 Plus , and i have recently installed 5.0.2 android on my phone , but i found out that there is no option of setting the default installation storage , like it was there earlier in Jelly bean. Can you please let me know how can i set the default app installation location to SD card.


  20. if i update lenovo a6000 to 5.0.2 is there will be any problems like decrease in phone memory.. etc

  21. Soumitra Mukherjee says:

    I have Downloaded the lollipop update but it has rebooted when it was half installed and it is still showing that kitkat 4.4.4and the system update is also saying this is the latest version,what should i do,please help

  22. Akash yadav says:

    I updated my Lenovo a6000 to 5.0 today (9-Sep-2015). The update got successfully downloaded and installed but still my phone Android version is 4.4.4. Please suggest.

    • I updated my Lenovo a6000 to 5.0 today (9-Sep-2015). The update got successfully downloaded and installed but still my phone Android version is 4.4.4. Please suggest.

  23. Mahesh Raj Varma says:

    To sync contacts in whatsapp:
    step 1 : backup your contacts
    step 2 : Go to Apps / All / find 1. contacts, 2. contacts storage clear data for both…. you are done.

  24. Mahesh Raj Varma says:

    Hi Mr. Sarvesh

    I have updated my A6000+ to Android 5.0.2 but my phone is not ringing when I receive calls, mssgs, notifications.
    Please help me.

  25. Hii….
    I am not able to upgrade my Lenovo a6000 to lolipop….
    When I go to system update its shown it is latest updates…. And it is not lolipop it is kit kat 4.4.4

  26. subhash sharma says:

    i updated my Lenovo a6000 to 5.0 on 8-Sep-2015. The update got successfully downloaded but at the time of incoming call screen become black, no nuber & name show on screen.How to remove this problem,please suggest.

  27. Sir
    Is there any way to connect pendrive to my a6000

  28. I too tried for update but 3 times it failed now i cant even find the update for lollipop in the software update. I had rest my phone still i cant find the update file and download it


    HI, In my Lenovo A6000 software update is showing Android version 4.4.4. is latest version,i want to upgrade to Lolipop give me solution.

    • First upgrade to it and then you can later upgrade to Lollipop i guess.

      • I upgraded my Lenovo a6000 to lollipop 5.0.2,, am facing so many problems like heating of mobile, battery draining, hanging , slow opening of app and many more,, so can u pls give any option so that I can go back to my base version 4.4.4

  30. my lenovoa6000 not upgraded after successfull dwonloaded of new version twice.
    what to d?

  31. i got new version 5.0.2..but in that version applicatiomn lock software is not working please suggest me any solution for it.
    thank you

  32. Thanks Sarvesh for lots of technical stuff. I have S90A bought 4 weeksback. After OTA update to Android L, security application is missing, App Lock doesn’t work, I lost all contacts saved into this cell, this means contact were never sync since I bought this phone. I reset to factory twice still no help. Could you pls extend some help pls. Many thanks.

    • As you said that you never synced your contacts with your google account and also you didn’t take back up of your contacts then how one can get back them with out any back up.

  33. Nitesh kumar says:

    After upgrading lenovo a6000 to 5.0.2 …. App lock like nq vault ,smart app and other locking app is not locking my what’s up and other app ……. How to fix it I have factory reseted but still same problem …. Plz suggest me how to fix it

  34. Akash yadav says:

    I updated my Lenovo a6000 to 5.0 today (9-Sep-2015). The update got successfully downloaded and installed but still my phone Android version is 4.4.4. Please suggest..

    • Hello Akash, There are many errors with Lollipop 5.0.2 update for Lenovo Phones. So, I guess that they will again release OTA after fixing all the errors.

  35. mohammedzaker says:

    My Lenovo a6000plus not updating to lollipop why? Give me reply sir

  36. mohammedzaker says:

    My Lenovo a6000plus is not updating why? When I click on system update it shows this is the latest version

  37. Hi Friend,
    I also update my A6000 to Lollipop 5.0.2 after updating I cant see my contact name on Call log & Also in Whatsapp also I cant see the name.
    Please help me.

  38. Sir, after upgrading my Lenovo a6000 plus from KitKat to lollipop, my phone doesn’t charge properly. Sometimes it charge properly but sometime it shows charging symbol but not charge.What should I do.Plz help me

  39. Vishal Shaw says:

    Sir, i have facing a problem with my Lenovo A6000 plus with the update issue.
    when i am trying to update my device OTA then it is still saying “This is the latest version”. My current version is Kitkat 4.4.4. Please help me in how to go ahead and update the device in Lolipop 5.0.2 asap. Awaiting for your response.

    Thanks and Regards.

    • Hello Vishal, There are many errors with Lollipop 5.0.2 update for Lenovo Phones. So, I guess that they will again release OTA after fixing all the errors.

  40. I have lenovo a6000 mobile when I cheaks updates it tells that this latest version….

  41. Hello sir.first time lenovo a6000plus is giving me a update to lollipop.I don’t no this is lollipop update when I am now this is lollipop version the update will be gone atomatically .whene the next update will be given to my mobile.plzzz help me

  42. I have upgraded Lenovo 4.4 to 5.02 After upgrade i find duplicate contact in my contact only those contact are duplicate who has whatsapp also i had format phone once but still issue same the other issue is after install applock i am not able to lock application even i had lock that application from app lock so pls suggest what i have to do now…


  44. rohan kumar says:

    In Lenovo a6000+ when I update the app like Myntra ,flipkart,Facebook.these app are built-in in the phone then it show after completing the download it show the app is not installed in default locations. How can I sort out from these problems

  45. Guys WAIT… Just DO NOT go for a lollypop update, best un your time interest not to update this silly, usless, cranky and unnessesary update which solves NO purpose AT ALL…DATS IT…KEEP AWAY else ul regreat I am telling u, i did all and dispite an update n a reboot i dont think theres anything good or really usefull except the hype PLUS THE PHONE HANGS, IT JUST DOSENT SWITCH BETWEEN APPLICATIONS AND LEADS TO A LOOOONG WAIT TO SWITCH APPS OPENED, earlier 4.4.4 was so easier n better… Dont repent n cry after updating ,i soo wish i cud stick to old version………

  46. after lollipop update,my Lenovo a6000 hangs very much while browsing net, playing games like subway surf, riptide gp2. what I should do to solve this problem

  47. My lenovo a 6000 plus yet not received lollipop update what can I do?

  48. Iswaib Hussain says:

    Hi Team,

    After updation of my Lenevo 6000 Kit Kat android to Lolipop, the performance of my phone gets too bad , it hangs every time when i got a call , every application working very slow,
    i cannt see who is calling when i get call.
    Kindly suggest.

  49. it’s first showed me the lolipop update and by the next day its showing that it is latest framework(KitKat).please help me to slove the problem

  50. hi,
    I have updated my Lenevo 6000 Plus Kit Kat android to Lolipop and rebooted it. My problem is if im trying to save a contact on my contactlist it is saving 2 contacts on the same name. If I delete 1 then both are getting deleted. Please help me to fix the problem.

  51. Bhargav darji says:

    Dear u m going to follow your instruction about wtsapp contact for lenovo a6000plus lolipop version but I have one question that what will I need to take back up
    Which files must be back up xcept my contact and other personal file
    Can u suggest me about back ..what what back up will take for phon?

    • Your photos, music files, videos and other important files if any on phone memory.

      • Bhargav darji says:

        Okk that’s fine but I m trying to say about the source file which is important for fon other than my personal pic music and contact nd all that
        No need to backup of other file other than my personal file pic contact mucis and all that

      • my lenova A7000 has been fully updated… but now the app lock doesn’t use…
        plz give the solutions sir

  52. suman ghosh says:

    I have updated my lenovo 6000+ kitkat to android…..but now i wants to stay in kiktat…how can i degrade the android version…pls help me

  53. Hi, after I update to 5.0.2 when I played a video on facebook app, it shows fast forward and really can’t watch the video. Before this doesn’t have this issues.


  55. Rupesh Ratanpal says:

    I’m unable to upgrade my Lenovo a6000 plus to Lollipop. Pls help.

  56. Rupesh Ratanpal says:

    I’m unable to upgrade my Lenovo a6000 plus to Lollipop 5.0.2. Pls help.

  57. HI, After update kitkat to lollipop 5.0.2 . I downloaded app lock and ser apps to lock . but no app lock was supportted to mobile lenovo . lenovo lollipop version didnt support applocks. please provide solution for me


  59. I can’t able to update my lenovo A6000 to lollipop.first 5days it showned …after 5 days the update was invisible from system update …anyone pls find me a solution about it pls …

  60. hi.. my lenovo a6000+ was showing lollipop update but i reset my cell.. but now its not showing update..
    pls help

    • I m also getting the same problem in lenovo a6000 plus…… can u plz tell the d reason why is it happening @sarvesh

  61. Sachin Nagtilak says:

    i can’t lock massage and call Log in Lenovo A7000… So plz How can i hide massages & call log..????????????

  62. hii i am using lenovo a 6000 i have upgrade to android 5.0.2 my videos are not deleting.what to do?

  63. Ajmal khan says:

    Hello! I am using lenovo A6000 plus mobile and I facing the problem that it’s taking too much time to fully charge and it is charging very slowly. It is taking up to 6hours to fully charge

  64. I have upgrate lollipop in lenovo a 6000 plus but now m facing the problem in this as i m showing unread msg but in msgbox not any unread msg is there so please help me to solve this problem

  65. I can’t install new update on my lenovo a6000, it downloads but always crashes when I try to install it. What to do, how to fix it? Please help?

  66. Siva Srinivas Kolukula says:

    I have updated Lenovo A6000 plus to lollipop. And after update the device sucks big time. I had contacts sync, call logs problem. Battery was draining. A factory reset solved the contacts, call logs problem. But after I am facing new problems: 1. Phone doesn’t ring during a incoming call. (Rebooted multiple times, no use). 2. Gmail never shows notifications for new mails. 3. Battery sucks. 4. After a call is cut, it takes minutes to go back to home screen.
    Waiting for solution.

  67. Siva Srinivas Kolukula says:

    Hello All

    I got the solution for Lenovo A6000 + lollipop updated phone ringing problem.

    One has to go to setings -> sound & notification -> Interruptions. In there, allow the phone to Always Interrupt when calls and notifications arrive. My phone is ringing now. (As of now, but later I am not sure)



  68. shubham solanki says:

    My lenovo a 6000 plus yet not received lollipop update what can I do?

  69. I dont see 5.0.2 update in my mobile can any one help me.?

  70. Dear sir
    When i upgrade 5.0.2 after that i facing loot off problems
    1.no ringing no vibration
    2.when i connected Internet it’s Getting hang after 30 min It working slow
    3. Gmail automatically closed
    Pleased help me in this issues

    • just go to Settings->Sounds-> and increase ringtone sound.
      Internet and Gmail not sure about them.

      • Sumanth says:

        Hi sarvesh…I HV updated my lenovo a7000 to marshmallow 6…n everything is working fine…app lock is working… Battery back up has improved… It’s smoother than lollipop NW..heating has come down NW a bit…camera has improved a lot..n I’m very happy about it…
        Overall phone is awesome now!

        • Hi Sumanth,

          Thank you.Please follow us on facebook.Now marshmallow updates for lenovo 7000 turbo, k3 note, Vibe X3,S1,P1.Other lenovo users need to upgrade lenovo from lollipop to marshmallow to avoid upgrade issues

  71. My Lenovo a6000plus not updating to lollipop why? When update says latest version.. Give me reply sir

  72. My Lenovo a6000plus not updating to lollipop why? When i update says latest version…Give me reply sir

    • Lollipop was available for Lenovo Phones, but because of lot of bugs, i guess they have stopped OTA updates. Wait for some days, you will get it later.

  73. i am using Lenovo A7000. My call log is not updated. Call log is empty. Tried to clear cache also. But still problem is there. Some one please help me……

  74. Karthik SKS says:

    My Mobile don’t display when call coming my android 5.0.2 Lenovo after update?

  75. rakesh rock says:

    My phone is lenovo a6000 plus
    Problem is that bettery draining very fast in just 3-4 hours ….and application can’t install, play store problem and not showing lollipop version
    What I do I’m very confused… Plzzz solve my problem

  76. hi, i’am using Lenovo A7000 and i need help to solve this issue since my fb messenger not continously ringing when make outgoing calls or even incoming calls, its only ringing 1x (approx. 2 sec.) .

  77. Hi.., my phone A6000 is hanging by showing “LENOVO LAUNCHER IS STOPPED WORKING” after this i cannot operate my phone.. its automatically working again after few hours.. please help me to fix this issue, its happening regularly..

    • Hey..cn anyone pls tl me..y d hel I’m nt getting any updates… Wen i check fr updates it shws ur system is the latest version…I’m running on lollipop 5.0 still

  78. i use lenovo 6000 which after updating to 5.0.2 ver had a problem …..started being slow and had no antivirus.so downloaded quick heal antivirus. while making or receiving calls had a problem, took it to a nearby mobile shop and checked , i was told it had viruses. so took a backup of contacts and data and did a factory reset and also flash. i just want to know what about the anti virus security. this mobile doesn’t have it and i feel insecure on my mobile. what can b done

    • I guess, it is not because of antivirus.. Many Lenovo Phones had problems after Lollipop 5.0.2 update. You may better wait for the next update inorder to fix all the bugs.

  79. Keshava Muthy says:

    My Lenovo a6000 plus is heating up after upgrading from KitKat to Lollipop (5.0.2). I did Cache Wiping and Wipe Data / Factory Reset but no use. Please guide me to resolve the heating issue

  80. manikandan. A says:

    Hi I am having lenovo A6000, recently I was updates lollipops, after update the new version I can’t Abel to install what’s app, pls anyone give me any instructions to install what’s app

  81. rahul kshatriya says:

    Meri. Intrenl memory 16 GB thi o ab 3.50 GB hoge he to me Kay karu bata o peace. Reply me
    Pe reply karo

  82. rahul kshatriya says:

    5.0.2 ka updeta keya tha to Meri. Intrenl memory 16 GB thi o ab 3.50 GB hoge he to me Kay karu bata o peace. Reply me
    Pe reply karo

  83. Hello Sarvesh,

    After the recent upgrade to 5.0.2 I am facing a new issue unlike the others mentioned. Fortunately my contacts are all intact. I have a Lenovo A6000 Plus and when I launch the Meesages and try to open any message from there it completely crashes. I am unable to read any messages that I get right now. Please advice what can be done??

    Deepa B

  84. Manimegalai says:

    I’m having problem after update my software to lollipop, where there is no ringing and vibration.

  85. hello sir can i update my old s_S030 version after?? nd then lollipop is comes or not??

  86. After updating OTG support or not!!? 🙁

  87. Lenovo security app was not supporting in lenovo a6000+ after updating to lolipop version is there any solution to this problem?

  88. My phone and s Lenovo a6000+ and its a problem that I got a star mark and after that my phone ring and vibrations are audible while any incoming call is coming

  89. Maine lollipop pe update tw kia hai par bhot slow ho gya hair mera mobile phone lenovo a6000

  90. i m using lenovo a 6000 plus
    jab mai fon on karte hu display pai light nhi ati BT after 15 min phr display pai light ati hai .

  91. plz reply as soon as possible

  92. jab mai fon on karti hu display pai light nhi ati .BT after 15 min phr ati hai .plz answer
    plz muje bolo esko kya karna hai .

  93. Thangavel says:

    Please Reset Your Mobile,after upgrading lollipop.Most of the problem is solved by Resetting the Mobile.

    • Thank you for your valuable suggestions, thangavel. We like your helping nature in resolving Lenovo A6000,Plus Lollipop upgrade problems. After Lollipop upgrade, Several people are facing issues with their OS. We must help each other in resolving the upgrade issues.

      • Hi.sumanth here. Im usinh lenovo a7000 from many months and im nt getting any updates my phn is still running on lollipop 5.0

        • As on 22-Mar-2016,according to official Android upgrade matrix from Lenovo support site, the OTA Marshmallow update for Lenovo A7000 and A7000 plus is not yet available. Plz, refer to the Lenovo Support(support.lenovo.com)site frequently to download the Marshmallow OTA Updates for Lenovo A6000,A6000 Plus and Lenovo A7000

          • hi… im nt able to lock my gallery wich ever app i dwnload im nt able to lock it.. my wen my contacts dosent open properly i takes a lot of time to load some times… a7000!

  94. harsha goyal says:

    Hi.. I’m using Lenovo A6000 plus.. GB WhatsApp is not working properly.. It gets crashed.. Plzz help me.. I have to use it urgently.. As I have to study in the group..

  95. Hi,, in my lenovo a6000+, downloaded videos are not playing…. Pls help me

  96. Maine lenovo a7000 lollipop version 5.0.2 tha upgrade Kia abhi version 6.0 hai
    But sound slow hogaya mujhe wapas lollipop version 5.0.2 update kerna hai please help me.

  97. Maine marshmallow upgrade Kia lenovo a7000 successfully
    But sound very slow keypad and volume.
    Please mujhe previous version 5.0.2 lollipop wapas update kerna hai please help me .

  98. Tapeshwar says:

    I upgraded as 5.0.2 lollipop to my lenovo a6000 but problem came that phone, the application ( like wtsup , facebook gmail..etc) is getting restart during the typing message .

  99. Having 5.0.2 on my A6000 and gps is erratic. Sometimes get good fixes sometimes goes into searching mode !! Never used to happen with Kitkat :-(. How do I fix this issue of GPS?

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