jailbreaking vs rooting vs unlocking : Differences and Agreements

For a normal iOS/Android user, he/she might not have come across words like jailbreaking or rooting.But, Techies like us would be pondering over the differences between jailbreaking and rooting as well as unlocking.If anyone compare the differences among jailbreaking, rooting and unlocking, the first difference they would figure out is that jailbreaking is for iOS and rooting is for Android OS like Kitkat, Lollipop and recent Marshmallow.There are several distinct featured differences between the trio of e-gadget terms.

jailbreaking vs rooting

What is Jailbreaking ?

Usually, tech-giants like Google, Samsung, HTC, Apple etc., would love to make e-products their valuable customers are wishing for.But, few techies might like to experiment with their Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad etc., or Android Lollipop based Smartphones. Jailbreaking refers to the process of obtaining such permissions in Apple iDevices . There are several advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking your Apple iDevices. Several jailbreaking softwares are available to get downloaded to jailbreak iPhone 6S/6S plus.

If you are using the latest iOS 9.0.2 iPhone/iPad/iOS, you can jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 apple Devices like iPhone/iPad and customize your latest apple iPhone.

What is Rooting?

Many people treat Jailbreaking and rooting are same, however they appear to be same ,but are different. Rooting refers to getting root level access of the android OS. Then, you may be figuring out, the differences between jailbreaking and Rooting. Let’s view the battle of jailbreaking vs rooting vs unlocking & the differences and agreements  between the three.

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What is Unlocking?

Till now, we checked the essence of Jailbreaking and android rooting.Now, we can view unlocking from two perspectives.

Unlike Jailbreaking and rooting, unlocking refers to getting various carriers accessibility to your phones/devices. Generally, these days most of the phones come unlocked by their hardware vendors.So,they can access many carriers.So, there is no need of this type of unlocking of phones.This is the old and known view about unlocking a phone.

With the advent of Android OS, the same term unlocking redefined to the first step in the process of rooting an android phone.If we look at the process of Android Rooting

〉 unlocking boot loader of the Android OS of your smartphone  to get root access /flash ROM

〉Use rooting softwares to get root permissions to customize the android.


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