Download Sizzl app for iOS/iPhone, iPad or iPod touch- Install Bacon themed dating app

Download Sizzl dating app for iOS/iPhone, iPad or iPod touch- Install Bacon themed dating app: Sizzl is a new dating app for iOS/ iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which is based on bacon which matches people based upon their bacon preferences. Sizzl is the only dating app for bacon lovers.



It is similar to other dating apps like it will ask you to connect with Facebook, and asks you to answer a few questions and matches you with some people around you based upon their preferences. But for a change, other than the usual questions, the questions in Sizzl relies totally on bacon themed Questions like for example: “How the bacon is cooked?” etc.

How Sizzl works

You can show your interest by holding down the Like button. You can show your like by holding the Like button for more time. The longer you hold the Like button, the higher is your interest.You can change the preferences in the app. It has options to set the age, location and it has one more feature to preserve your privacy. The feature is that this app keeps your profile hidden from all your Facebook friends.



If you connect with someone on Sizzl, this app will opens a chat that lets you to exchange the bacon themed messages for up to seven days. This is a very good idea from the creator of the app Oscar Mayer.You can download the Sizzl app from the link provided below. Download it and install on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch and enjoy.

Download Sizzl app

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