It’s Christmassy CHRomecast Season !

Hello Techslateers, in chromecast slate, we made you understand everything about Google’s sleek media adapter Google Chromecast. Now, in this Christmas season, environments have already become dazzling and mesmerizing. To make this Christmas more blazing, hope for a Google Chromecast in your Christmas stocking, if you are a tech child. If you are an earner, get a Chromecast at just Rs.2999/- (in India), 61 NZ Dollars (in New Zealand), 35 US Dollars (elsewhere) for this Christmas.

We hope that it won’t disappoint you. To add this Christmassy Chromecast Season more charms, Google Chromecast developers and several other popular apps such as firefox rolled out various useful feature upgrades those include:

It’s  time of Christmassy CHRomecast Season !

♦ Revamped Official Android Chromecast App

Chromecast team has made several remarkable changes to the earlier app version. The current version of the app is simple but elegant, adding unique prowess


Screen Mirroring

Reflecting your device’s screen onto smart TV if your device is running Android OS 4.4.2+. This feature also work for lower Android OS versions but not smoothly.

Guest Mode

This feature enables to allow others users to use your Chromecast without revealing your Wi-Fi Password to them, if you turn toggle the Guest Mode ON. This feature works on devices running Android OS 4.3+ using Google’s ultrasonic PIN-pairing feature.

Download Android Chromecast App

 ♦ Latest Release of Mozilla Firefox Android App with Chromecast support.

Realizing the market potential of Chromecast, Mozilla team has included Chromecast support for its new Android version.

Download Firefox for Android App

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