Install Windows 10 Using Media Creation Tool

Install Windows 10 Using Media Creation Tool

In short this media creation tool is used to upgrade your current Windows Version either it may be any of the editions of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10 and there is one more advantage of this Media Creation Tool is to create USB or DVD and install Windows 10 on another device.

Windows 10


  • You may like to download BlueStacks for your Windows 10, which is used to play Android Games or to use Android apps on your Windows. Download it from here Download BlueStacks for Windows 10

How to Install Windows 10 Using Media Creation Tool

It is such a simple process, you just need to download the Media Creation Tool and run it. Let’s see the procedure of upgradation to Windows 10. You can download the Media Creation Tool from the link provided below.

Download Media Creation Tool from the below link to upgrade windows 10 from it’s lower versions.

Download Windows Media Creation Tool 32 bit 

Download Windows Media Creation Tool 64 bit 

I am not sure whether all the files and applications will retain even after upgradation, so I suggest you personally to just back up all the files in the C drive. After that go to the tool that you have downloaded and just run it. It will show you a window like this.

windows_10_media_creation_tool (537 x 422)

Upgradation to Windows 10 with Media creation tool

If you are upgrading, then select Upgrade this PC now

If you are creating a USB or DVD, then choose Create Installation media for another PC.

Choose the edition of Windows 10 for creating media from the reference table given below

Host operating system edition Windows 10 edition
Windows 7 Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/ 8/8.1 Windows 10 Home
Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate/ 8 Pro/8.1 Pro Windows 10 Pro

After the download is complete and the media is created then select finish.

If you chose to create installation media, then you can install from a USB, or a DVD in a different device. run setup.exe from the USB or DVD.

Both of these options allow you to upgrade the PC if it’s already running Windows 7 or windows 8.1/8 OS.


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