HUAWEI 4G Smartphone in 2015 for Price below Rs.10000

 These days Mobile handsets are evolving very fast and we can see numerous numbers of smart phones in the past few years. Phones started with wired cables then it came 1G, then 2G, 3G and now 4G is going to rule the telecom.

HUAWEI 4G Smartphone in this new year with superb price below Rs.10000

To make money from the next generation high speed mobile data services, Chinese telecom company Huawei said that it is going to launch 4G smartphones for less than Rs.10000 within six months from now.

HUAWEI 4G Smartphone image

HUAWEI 4G Smartphone

HUAWEI Director words:

          It is being said by the company’s Director for Sales P.Sanjeev that they are the largest owner of patents for 4G technologies, and he also mentioned that these essential patents were technology required to connect with 4G network. In the mean while he said that within 6 months they are going to launch 4G handsets at a price of less than 10000.

         And the Indian Company Reliance Jio Infocomm, the only pan-India spectrum holder is going to launch 4G services by mid-2015. So both are going to share the market of demand for 4G. But the first come will definitely be better served than the late comer. So we need to wait and see.

         Huawei announced that it filed 12,000 patents till August 2014 for consumer devices and it is also said that the company has entered into cross patent agreements with world’s leading companies like Qualcomm, Microsoft, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson and Nokia. The company is definitely going to make possible to device a device in affordable price range with these kinds of agreements says Sanjeev.

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Camera Features:

        It is said that it is going to sold 80,000 units of its Honor Holy model Priced at Rs.6999 within a month of its launch. The main features could be like it has 5 inch display screen, 16 GB internal storage, 8MP Primary camera and 2MP front side camera.

HUAWEI 4G Smartphone image


     Huawei wants to sell most of the handsets which use their patent technologies and the Honer series is an example for that, which is based on its patent technologies. Quick power control feature in this smartphone will save 30% power. Huawei’s R&D team in India contributed a lot to its Emotion UI patent which has features like turning screen in a glass mirror; learn functions of any remote device. It may be TV, DTH and even car and then operate it from mobile phone.

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      He also mentioned that Huawei is one of the largest Patent holders and the company will definitely break the stereotype that Chinese brands do not innovate.

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