How to use GUEST MODE feature of Chromecast?

How to use GUEST MODE feature of Chromecast?

Hello Techslateers, in this slate , we outline the step by step process on how to use Guest Mode feature of Chromecast on Android OS 4.3+ device . This outstanding feature helps you to make others use your Chromecast to stream under your permission, if you have a smart TV and a pretty Google Chromecast dangle. The main advantage here is that you do need to reveal your Wi-Fi Password to the Guests using ultrasonic PIN-pairing feature. Guest mode is helpful for presentation sessions in business talks, casual celebrations, pubs etc.

How to Toggle Guest Mode ON / OFF in the Chromecast {for Chromecast owner} ?

Make sure that you have the latest version of Official Chromecast app on your personal device. If not,download latest version of official Android Chromecast App.

Plug in Google Chromecast into your smart TV.

Check that your device and the Chromecast dangle are on same wireless network

Open the Android Chromecast app on your device and then connect to your Chromecast by tapping the name of your Chromecast in the list appeared.

After establishing connection with the Chromecast, tap menu and then press Guest Mode to turn on.

To ensure that you have turned on the guest mode , check if any password or PIN appeared after the name of the Chromecast on TV Screen. Guests need this password to stream as Guests.

How to stream as a guest to Chromecast {for Chromecast guests}?

Make sure that you have the latest version of official Chromecast app on your personal device and your device is Wi-Fi Enabled. If not, download latest version of official Android Chromecast App.

Check that anyone’s Google Chromecast was plugged into a smart TV, with guest mode turned on.

Try to browse any web content on Chrome-friendly apps and websites.

Tap the ‘Cast’ button available next to URL/Location bar.

A window with list of Chromecast devices will appear.

Select the one with Guest Mode turned ON {if any one of the Chromecast plugged TVs is showing guest PIN on its screen }

You will be asked for a PIN, enter the guest PIN.

You can now stream your web content.

Happy Streaming!


Guest Mode is supported only by Android OS 4.3+ based devices, but not by iPhone or iPad.

You cannot cast local media content in Guest Mode.


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