How to Update Softwares on all Moto Devices

Generally if there are updates available to your device, then they will be sent to your phone automatically when you connect to the internet. There is another option for you to update over a USB connection using Motorola Device Manager (MDM).

How to update softwares on all Moto devices:

To check for updates then follow these steps simply:

→  Go to app menu, click setting

→  Then click About Phone

→  Then click System updates

update softwares to Moto devices image

Moto device image

If there are any updates then it will automatically shows it to you, just follow the steps which are displayed on your phone to download and install the updates. Restart your phone once to complete your installation. These software updates will not affect your other already installed apps, contacts or data. These updates will boost the performance of the apps and brings you new features

If you didn’t find any updates automatically, then you can check for available updates using Motorola Device Manager (MDM). For this you need to connect your phone to the computer. You require a USB cable for this. Motorola Device Manager should be installed in your PC; there should be at least 2GB available disk memory in your computer and internet connection should be there to your computer.

These are steps to be followed:

software updates-Moto-phones-image

software updates-Moto-phones

→  Connect your phone to the computer using USB cable.

→  If you are connecting it for the first time, then there will appear some notification that device drivers are installing.

→  After that you will see a message about updates. If you didn’t see that message, you can check for updates manually by clicking on Motorola Device Manager Icon. You can see it on the computer’s menu bar or on the system tray.

→  Then click check for device updates.

→  MDM will tell you if there are any updates available for the device.

→  Then follow the instructions which are shown on the screen.

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If MDM doesn’t detect your device then follow these steps:

→  Go to settings in your device

→  Click developer options

→  Turn off USB debugging if it is turned on

→  Then reconnect it, after that swipe down the notification bar and change the USB connection setting to Media Device.

If you don’t see check for updates in your MDM menu, then your device doesn’t support installation of updates using MDM.

You can download Motorola Device Manager here for Windows and for Mac


  1. my phone software is not working properly i want to reinstall it how i can be reinstall in moto g3

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