How to move from Android to iPhone/iOS, iPad or iPod touch – Move to iOS

How to move from Android to iPhone/iOS, iPad or iPod touch – Move to iOS: If you are in plans to move to iOS, I mean if you want to buy a new iPhone or iPad or iPod touch then it is very easy to move your data from Android to iPhone/iPad or iPod touch. You can download and install Move to iOS app Apk on your android Phone and you can transfer all your data to your new iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPad touch device.

The facility to move form Android to iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch will be available with new iOS 9. The setup process will prompt you to move data from Android.  In this article I will help you with the steps on how to move to iOS from Android.


Move to iOS

First things First

  • Move to iOS app will work only for Android Versions 4.0 and above.
  • Make sure that data Connectivity is there on your Android Phone or else Make sure that your Phone is connected to Wi Fi
  • Make sure that the size of the data in your Android Phone will fit into your new iOS device.
  • As it will take some time to transfer all the data, make sure that power supply is there for both the devices.
  • If you want to move bookmarks of your Chrome browser to new iOS device then update your browser in your Android device before making a transfer.

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Steps to Move to iOS from Android

Now, I will discuss the steps that you need to follow to move all your data files including contacts, photos, videos, bookmarks etc.

  • While setup of the iOS 9 device, it will prompt the user to move data from the Android.
  • The setup process on iOS 9 device will generate a code to give it to Move to iOS on the Android for the pair up of two devices.

Move to iOS

  • Download “Switch to iOS from Android” app i.e. Move to iOS app to your Android Device. From Google Play Store.

Download Move to iOS Apk

  • After the Installation of Move to iOS app on Android device, run it. It will ask you to continueà Click Continue. Agree to the terms and conditions and after that it will ask you for the code to enter.
  • Enter the code on the Android app Move to iOS that you have generated on your iOS 9 device.
  • After this step, you can able to select all the supported files you wish to transfer to your iOS device. The Supported files include your contacts, Photos, Messages, Videos, browser bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars and all the free apps.

Move to iOS

  • After selecting all the files, this Move to iOS app will create a private Wi Fi connection in between the two devices and transfers the data. Once after the transferring is completed, this Move to iOS app will show you the content which it was not able to transfer to your iOS device, then recommend recycling your Android device at a local Apple Store.
  • After the setup process is completed on your iOS device, you can find that the settings and content will appear intact.

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