How to control yourself during the times of anger: Anger&Stress management

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How to control yourself during the times of anger: Anger and Stress management

 Do you ever think of actually what is this anger? Is it a feeling? Or is it an expression? Or is it something involuntary? Or something else. Can we manage anger or can’t we. We will now explore the reasons and talk about it.

          Anger is quiet common in any human being, even in animals and of course any living being feel the anger at times when someone hurts them physically, its nature. It’s not specific to you or me. We, humans being very intelligent and broad minded can control it.

Being short tempered is very impolite and unsafe for us, isn’t it? But before discussing about the preventive measures of how we can control the anger or I can say short temper we will discuss in brief about the reasons for why we get anger and short temper. Restlessness is one of the big reasons why people get short temper. Head ache, tiredness, stress are some of the other reasons.

Top Reasons and Remedies:

First Reason & Remedy:

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anger and stress management

          So to overcome the problem of restlessness, first of all have a healthy sleep of at least 6 hours in the healthy hours, i.e. 11 PM to 5 AM or 12 PM to 6 PM. After you woke up just walk for a few minutes let’s say 15 to 20 minutes by taking the fresh air. If possible you can of course do meditation or go for a jog. If your schedule is very busy, then the first one or the second one is the better choice. Then if your next task is to brush your teeth, then utilize the time more efficiently like I can say, listen to your favorite music while you are brushing.

It will definitely start your day with your wish and happiness. Had breakfast which is not oily on your working days, if you ate oily food, then your body requires more water for the metabolic activities, so drink more water on the days when you take oily foods. Not only on those days even on the normal days also, taking more water always enhances our health and even it helps in making your skin wet and gives glow to your skin.

The molecular formula of water is H2O, which means it has oxygen in it; it will decrease the fatigue cycles. In our body, brain requires more oxygen, insufficient oxygen to the brain causes fatigue to your brain. Even impure air has less percentage of oxygen in it so many of us feel little discomfort when we inhale such air. So, inhaling fresh air always keeps us fresh and cool.

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Second Reason & Remedy:

          The second reason is head-ache, which is a very common problem in people who works for more number of hours without taking a break. No Zandu Balm or Vicks Action 500+ will make you relieve from head ache which is caused because of head ache. It’s not due to the metabolic malfunction or some other thing; it’s because of the work pressure.

So, no medicine knows that pressure, just you can feel it. The best thing to do in such a situation is to just relax… just relax… for just 5 minutes thinking about your favorite movie or about your dream girl or anything which makes and keeps you happy and feel better. Then after you can of course, proceed with your work.

Third Reason & Remedy:

          Next reason is tiredness; it’s a very most common reason that why people get anger and no one notices it or at least observes it. As I said our brain requires more oxygen, similar to that our brain requires more energy that means it requires more glucose. The food that we ate is converted to glucose at last, in our digestive system.

But, if you are tired implies that there is no sufficient instant glucose available in your body. Instant glucose is different from the actual glucose in the sense, Instant glucose comes from the food that we take and passive glucose comes from the fat in our body. So, if you feel tired then take some food which gives instant glucose to your body.

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Last Reason & Remedy:

          Our next reason for why people get anger is because of stress. Stress comes from the work that you are doing. If you need to complete more work in considerably less amount of time, your brain is under pressure to complete that work.

stress management image

stress management

I have a very smart formula to relieve your stress, when you feel that you are in stress, just throw off the work for some time. Just observe the people and things around you, drink some water and just close your eyes and just think of the work in a very broad view.

It’s not a design of the constitution of your nation; it’s just a small task that could be a cake walk for you. You might have done more difficult tasks in the past. Think of problems or tasks in a very broad view so that your problems will appear as small. So I hope that this article will definitely help you in managing your anger and stress.

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