How to get Voice Calling feature on Hike: Enable Hike Voice Call

Hike is one of the most popular instant messaging apps along with WhatsApp messenger. It is on its way to introduce Voice calling features to its users as early as possible.  As we all know recently WhatsApp introduced Voice Calling feature and it got a tremendous response from its users. Most of the users already activated WhatsApp voice calling feature and the remaining are on their way to enable this trending feature.

Now both the Android Gingerbread, Honeycomb, KitKat, Lollipop versions and iPhone users are able to use WhatsApp Voice calling feature.This Hike Voice Call is going to give its users a similar thing as it was offered by WhatsApp. With this Hike Voice Call you can make calls along with text messaging by using your mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Hike voice calling feature enable picture

Hike messenger going to enable Voice calling feature

You might have known that this Indian instant messaging app Hike recently acquired Zip Phone a US company. This acquisition is meant to introduce Voice calling feature on Hike Messenger. This Zip Phone is a voice calling app that uses your internet data to make calls and it works globally. Now this Hike is going to integrate the feature of Zip Phone and going to give a unified look by enabling Voice Calling feature on Hike. This Hike Voice Call is definitely going to be an add point.

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Hike voice calling feature for hike users picture

Enable Hike Voice Call feature

The good side of introducing Voice calling feature on hike is that it is optimized to use very less data charges and thereby giving more talk-time/MB. Voice calling feature on Hike is also optimized to use 2G network along with 3G and Wi-Fi so that even if your connectivity is poor, still you can make calls through Hike messenger. We can make quality voice calls [VOIP] in Hike messenger with very low bandwidth.  After official release of Hike voice call we can enable hike voice calling feature by click on dialer icon from friend’s profile…—->Latest wonder Windows 10 updates for you 10 surprising Features Made me Upgrade to Windows 10, Chrome Vs Spartan 

Founder and CEO of hike said that free voice call feature of Hike is going to release over 200+ countries and Hike users from India can use this voice call feature[VOIP] for free. Data charges of Hike messenger with this voice calling feature is low as compared with it’s rivals like WhatsApp messenger.

Many Hike users already started searching on how to enable Hike Voice Calling feature, as the WhatsApp users are enjoying this feature from the past two weeks. To activate Hike Voice Calling feature, most probably the procedure is same as activating Voice Calling feature on WhatsApp app. You may get an Update to your phone directly to enable Voice Calling or maybe, Hike will release a new version of Hike app with Voice Calling feature enabled.

Nothing is known till date except that Hike is going to introduce Voice Calling feature to its app and more probably this release is going to be in the next two months, if not there may be a chance of migration of its users to other apps like WhatsApp. Hope that it will come soon.

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