Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge (Spartan) – Differences and Feature Comparisons

You and I may love to install offline Google Chrome for PC now. But when you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8.1 for free, you will be getting latest version of IE 11/12 along with new and free featured Microsoft Spartan Web browser(with new alias). Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Spartan) has several distinctions.Download latest version of Google chrome until you get free upgrade of Windows 10, but the features of windows 10 and Microsoft Edge will make you look download Edge web browser.When you compare specifications of Latest version of Google Chrome with Microsoft Edge Web browser, you will fall in love with Microsoft Spartan alias Edge browser.

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Google Vs Microsoft Edge Web Browser

There are several free web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc., in the browser wars.There are several main differences between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browser.Chrome Vs Spartan? This is the best question that a updated mind will ask.I will try to compare Google chrome and Microsoft Edge related to the browsers’ features and updates.

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Chrome Vs Microsoft Edge (Spartan)

Coming to the differences, you may ask me why Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge, not Chrome Vs Firefox Vs Internet explorer ? With it’s secure and featured updates, Google chrome stood as No.1 browser in leader boards. IE and Mozilla Firefox are its rivals now, but I believe Microsoft Edge will distinctly be the core competitor to Google Chrome.

Windows 10 version likes to integrate several distinct features like Cortana, Xbox support etc., to Spartan, which we will see further.Microsoft also released minimum specifications needed to upgrade to windows 10.And the Software development kit SDK to create Windows 10 Apps.Setup your mind to have a quick view on the major differences between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Spartan  Web browser.


For a tech novice, definitely, this will be the obvious difference between Chrome and Window 10 Spartan Edge browser.The web browser Microsoft Edge is a free product of Redmond based Microsoft corporation, while the Google Chrome is a free web browser made available by tech giant Google.Manufacturer term is a small difference between the web browsers, but plays role in free updates and support.

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Cross-Platform Feature:

Google Chrome browser can be setup and installed on any OS, while legacy IE is restricted to Windows OS.There are gossips that Microsoft is planning to have not only cross-platform Microsoft Edge, trying to feature several different Web browsers to be operated in the Spartan environment.Thus in compatability, between Google  Chrome and Microsoft Edge.Also, upgraded 2015 Windows 10 SDK to develop Microsoft apps is available in the market.

Reading Mode and List Feature:

windows 10 Spartan is likely to have reading mode feature which allows to read articles free from nasty Ads, unlike Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge also has Reading List feature that allow you to seamlessly sync your favorite articles/ PDFs between your Windows 10 PC/Laptop and Tablet.These two features are absent in Google Chrome browser.

Annotation Feature:

annotation-feature-windows-10-upgrade-spartan vs Google chrome

Annotation feature in Microsoft Edge browser of Windows 10

You can doodle something on the web pages you visit with windows 10 Microsoft Edge.You can also upload it from PC/Laptop to OneDrive.We can also comment and write notes anywhere in the page and move that to OneNote using Spartan browser.This is one of great features when we compare Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Voice PDA Cortana:

Microsoft already announced that in Windows 10 Spartan browser, Cortana will be integrated with Microsoft Edge (Spartan).Cortana, voice based assistant is better when compared to Google’s Android Google Now and Apple Siri. Microsoft also plans to make available downloadable Cortana App for Android kitkat/jellybean/lollipop users. Also for Apple iOS based iPhones. Google Chrome may take help of Now to beat Cortana feature.In Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge browsers, Cortana is the main difference.

Cortana-feature-spartan-vs-Google chrome-windows 10 picture

Windows 10 with Cortana feature

Windows Xbox One integration:

To grab the attention of game lovers,Windows 10 tries to integrate the Xbox One service in Microsoft Edge browser. Definitely, this will be a major difference between Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser from a game lover point of view. With Xbox One integration with Spartan, one can have seamless experience of gaming on various Windows 10 PC/Tablet/Laptop.XBox adds a difference between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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Syncing feature:

Syncing is the greatest difference between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.When you login with Google ID into Chrome on any PC/Laptop, you have all your things.Windows 10 too wish to have the same type of syncing features, but it might be difficult for the Spartan. Google Chrome Wins over Spartan in this case.As Windows 10 have several problems to implement the syncing feature.Hope that with Windows 10 SDK, syncing is possible.

Privacy Features:

Until now, Chrome is the best free browser for PC/Laptop or any device in terms of privacy and upgrades. But Microsoft Edge might have very more secure features with the help of Windows Hello windows 10 feature.Face, Iris recognition features might be integrated with Spartan browser.This might be the major difference b/w Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser.


Another difference between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers is in the form of extensions/Microsoft SDK apps. Google Chrome now supports free apps/addons/extensions through Chrome Webstore.Windows might launch a new app Store for Spartan to provide free extensions or addons to enhance browser.The Store might also provide free update to Microsoft Edge browser.Technical analysts are saying that Spartan might support Google Chrome extensions also.For windows10 App developers, Microsoft released SDK for the Windows 10 to develop apps.

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Take a quick break, I have told you major differences between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. If you would like to know more about Windows 10 Spartan browser, read further.

Coming to technical differences between Chrome and Spartan, following are the major differences in terms of technical features between Google chrome and Microsoft windows 10 Microsoft Edge web browser.

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Rendering Engine:

Google Chrome and free browser Microsoft Edge also differs in the rendering or layout engines used to display the HTML webpages to your eyes.While Chrome upgrades from WebKit to new Blink in 2013, Firefox uses its own Gecko.Spartan setup to have new and speedy EdgeHTML engine.This features fast performance of Microsoft Edge web browser.

JavaScript js Interpreter:

Modern Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc., use javascript interpreter to faster execution of javascript.While Chrome uses V8 javascript interpreter, while firefox uses SpiderMonkey and IE 9+ uses Chakra.In Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge, javascript interpreter will be the bone of contention and we will see very soon who wins the war.Alongside Google Chrome and Spartan, several other web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari are in the battle.This battle of browsers will continue until the release of Windows 10, coming alongside with Spartan and IE 11.

Windows 10 HoloLens:

Windows 10 might be integrating the Microsoft Edge web browser with virtual headset HoloLens to have 3D experience.Chrome must take help of sort of Google Glass then to stay in market.Of course, in the future virtual reality is of great important difference in the web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge , too.

We have to wait until mid-summer of 2015, to see what differences between Google Chrome and  Microsoft Edge  browser will lead one of of them.Now, stay tuned to upgrade to Windows 10 for PC/Laptop for free to get free Microsoft Edge web browser.I am eagerly waiting to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.If are app developer, you can get Windows 10 SDK to create Microsoft apps for PC/laptop.

We will see very soon, in Google Chrome vs Spartan , who do you think will win in this race? Reply your answer in the comment box below.We will analyze your opinions on differences between Google Chrome and Spartan.Whenever Microsoft releases more features of Spartan, we will include them.We will be updating the distinctions between Chrome and Spartan.We need your Support too.

Latest Updates of Features of Microsoft Microsoft EdgeProject

  • Microsoft, with the release of Windows 10 reported that Microsoft Edge Browser will have latest new speedy rendering engine While IE 11 will have Legacy engine.This will add one more feather to cap of Microsoft Spartan, compared with Google Chrome.In Spartan, you can easily print any webpage with “Print as a PDF” installed as Windows 10 printer
  • Microsoft joined With the Global  PDF leader Adobe Inc. to provide in-built PDF feature to Microsoft Spartan, unlike Google Chrome.This Will be one more major difference between Google Chrome and Microsoft Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • Microsoft probably renames Project Spartan with new name in the April and May 2015 conferences and Spartan might be included in next Windows 10 technical preview released after Windows 10041 preview.
  • Project Spartan is named as Microsoft Edge browser and is available with free upgrade of Windows 7/8/8.1 computer  to Windows 10

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