Download Peeple App for iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Download Peeple App for iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Download Peeple App for iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to rate your friends and the people you know based upon the experiences you have and the opinions you have on that person. This peeple app is not available for android devices. It’s just a database of people which allows you and everyone you know to be rated, ranked and classified by someone you have dated, worked with or befriended. In fact you can rate any other person.

You can download and install this peeple app for your iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch phones. Currently the app is in its beta version and will be launched in the month of November.

Having iDevice wih iOS 9.0? then customize  it as you desire by jailbreaking iDevice with iOS.

Download Peeple App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

After Downloading the Peeple app to your iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, the Peeple users will be able to add anyone to the service if you have access to their mobile numbers and the people are unable to opt out of having reviews posted about them.

This Peeple app will be launched in the month of November, then after you will be able to review and rate your friends, colleagues, coworkers, dates and anyone else with a five-star rating scale.


Peeple App

This peeple app is available only of iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and it is not available for Android devices. After knowing the response from iOS app they may release Peeple for Android also. There are some restrictions to join Peeple and they are not very stringent. Users must have an active Facebook account and should be 21 Years old and above to join this app. After installing this app you must review someone under your own name only, and you must indicate how you know the person. You can review the other person in one of the three categories: Personal, professional and romantic.

Anyone who has access to someone’s mobile number can start a new profile for them on the site but you should not try random as the person you have joined will receive a text informing them who started their profile and that they should check out what you said about them on Peeple only.

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