Electronic Sensing of gases- Completely wireless

Hope that you are with us, In this article we are giving information about this wireless electronic sensing device.Guys have you ever think about electronic sensing of gases that is also completely wireless.here we are means techslates going to clear all your doubts in your mind . lets here we go.

Electronic Sensing of gases- Completely wireless

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Electronic Sensing Device

It’s better for us if we can have a sensing device which can sense gases which are harmful to us. That is what done by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) chemists. They devised a wireless gas detector, which detects hazardous gases and environmental pollutants. The device is a sensor, and the output information from the sensor can be viewed in smartphone. The gases that can be detected by using this device are gaseous ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and cyclohexanone, among other gases and we can also detect food poisoning. The sensor is so cheap and very easy to use. There is nothing to do with it, just keep it somewhere around and just go on with your work, if some hazardous gas found exceeding the limits it gives information to your smart phone. It is that much simple about it. There is no wiring involved and very less power is required.

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Chemo resistors are used in these sensors, which have simple electrical circuits connected so that their resistance value changes when it is exposed to a particular type of chemical. Measuring the change in the resistance value tells us whether the aimed gas is present or not. These chemo resistors works on various types of environments and also in various ranges of temperatures, so it is possible to use these sensors in different kinds of environments.

These sensors are manufactured from modified near-field communication (NFC) tags. These tags receives power from the smart phone and functions as wirelessly addressable barcodes and they are mainly used for tracking things such as cars or pharmaceuticals as they move. NFC tags are read by smartphone, if it has near-field communication capability, which is made available in many newer smartphones. These phones sends short pulses of magnetic fields at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, inducing an electric current in the circuit on the tag, which gives information to the phone.

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