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Hello Readers, It gives me a whoop happiness to share with you this interesting and useful article on Best ways of earning money online from home without any investment and fast, easy ways of earning through internet.

Are you one among the people who is surfing the internet to know the best answer for the very frequent question “How to make money online  fast from home without paying anything?” Then you are on the right track, follow me I’ll provide you with the easy,best and quick ways to earn money from home without investment.


Best and Easy ways to Make Money Online fast without investment-Quick ways

Have you ever thought of making money online; like from Google, Social media-Facebook, YouTube? If so then it’s the right time to proceed further. But how to earn easy and fastly from home through internet is a big question to start with. Many websites over the internet provides you with the information but it might not be so clear for you but don’t worry;

I too had bitter experiences with the spam and fake ways provided in some websites. I have faced lot of problems with these fake sites. Any way now I am earing some pretty good amount of money through online for free from home without any investment. Now I am going to give you those best , easy and fast methods and legit ways to make money online for free from home without any investment. We will now see those top, best and easy ways of earning money.

It may be somewhat lengthy, so make some time and have some patience to explore all the best ways to make money online. Just lean back on your chairs and I will take you to each and every method of earning money online from home without investment.

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Make Money online from Home without investment Top Genuine Methods:

Here I am giving you absolutely genuine methods and best sites to boost your earnings. Just create your own account in the below top web sites and start making money on your own. If you get succeed in these simple ways then you are the king of your world and you are the boss of you.

Anyone and anywhere from the world (India, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA, Pakistan, Italy, Rome, Spain, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Srilanka, Switzerland, Scotland, South Africa, Philippines, UK, Nigeria,Malaysia …other countries ) can make money from Internet for free and  and fastly without investment.

Fast and Quick Methods to Earn money on Internet:

Method 1: Earning money through Bug Hunting: Bug Hunters

I think that this way of making money online is somewhat new for you but anyhow this is one of the easiest ways of earning money online. You may get one doubt by this time that what exactly is Bug Hunting? And who are Bug Hunters? I will explain you all those.

Bug Hunters are normal people like you and me and they do bug hunting. Top websites and organizations design their websites and softwares to serve their services and products for their users. In that process there may be more chances to flaws in their websites or softwares. Here bug hunters just inform about the mistakes in those top websites to the concerned organizations. The process of finding the mistakes in the Websites is known as Bug Hunting and the people who do Bug Hunting are termed as Bug Hunters.

Make-Money-earn-free-through-bug hunting-without-investment-image

Make Money Online free through Bug Hunting from home

I can list out some top companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, and SnapDeal provide their services to customers through their websites. These Bug hunters will find small mistakes in their websites and they will inform those flaws to the concerned company or organization. If that mistake will really found in their web site, that company will pay a lot of money to the Bug Hunters. Sometimes they will give a job for bug hunters in their company if he deserves it. This type of earning is one of the fast method of making money through onine without investment from home.

This type of making money online without any investment is really a benefit to the people of India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Brazil, Philippines, Spain, Nigeria, Canada, America, Mexico, Japan Indonesia, Australia, South Africa etc.

Top Bug Hunter in the world:

1. Rapay Baloch from Pakistan earns almost 10 lakhs per year and he is the top bug hunter in the world.

After America, bug hunters in India are ahead of all other bug hunters.

Top Company’s Statistics of Money paid for Bug Hunters:

  1. Microsoft, if bug hunters find any mistake in Windows 8.1 version. Prize money for bug hunter is almost 1 Lakh Dollars.
  1. HP ——–>  Depend on Bug
  2. Facebook —->Up to now it paid 34 crores to the bug hunters among 54 countries
  3. Google —->Up to now it paid almost 8 crores to the bug hunters.
  4.  Mozilla —->Up to now Mozilla paid almost 5 crores to bug hunting process.

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Method 2: Selling photos – Photography

Are you interested in photography? And do you have good skills at camera? If you have then why are you waiting, start earning huge money by selling your photos to photo agencies. There are lots of photo agencies in internet to buy your collection of images. You can consider this as secondary income to your full time job or if you have more interest you can earn huge revenue through this photography habit.


Earn money through photography selling photos

You can find some of the best photo agencies below:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Fotolia
  3. Dreamstime
  4. SnapVillage
  5. Clutershot
  6. Depositphoto
  7. BigStockPhoto
  8. StockExpert
  9. IStockphoto

You can go to any of the above agencies and sell your photos to earn money.

Downloads for you: Livetext video app for Android & Angry birds 2 on Windows 10/7/8

Method 3: Earning Money Through YouTube

Are you a daily visitor of YouTube videos? Have you ever thought of making money through YouTube? Don’ worry here I’ll explain you how to make some pretty good revenue through YouTube. Money making through YouTube channel is simply like Pay-Per-Click(PPC); means- they will pay for every single click of your video. So if you are good at making videos upload your videos to your YouTube channel. Those videos should be in a way to attract the users.

Videos May be film making, music albums, comedy or short films. If you attract users through your video making talent then you will earn very huge amount. This is one of the best ways to make money online/Internet from home.

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Method 4: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Clixsense


Earn Money through PPC-Clixsense website

Pay-Per-Click(PPC) is the very easy way to make money online for free without any investments from home. For this method of earning, you should choose a best Website to start earning. Don’t worry here we recommend to choose Clixsense. Clixsense is one of the top website and very secure website. Just go through the Clixsense website and create your own account to click on their ads. Pay-Per-Click name itself suggests that by just clicking on ads you can earn money. This is one of the quick ways of earning money. Why are you waiting even now? Just go to Clixsense website and start your own earning. This method of earning is very easy and fast from home without Paying. Start earning now.

Method 5: Make Money Through Blogging

To earn money through internet you can also choose the platform of blogging. Blogging is one of the top ways to earn money online but we need to have a lot of patience for this method. To succeed in blogging we should be an expert in SEO and all other aspects of blogging.


Make money through Blogging from home

Finally you should attract the Internet surfers to your own blog or website with the articles you have written. You can place ads on your website and get paid by the add agencies. We recommend you to choose Google AdSense for better earning.

Method 6: Make money through Online Surveys

This is the fast and very quick way of making money online without any investment. Online surveys method of earning money, you just need to give your own opinion on some products. There are lots of websites in the internet to do online surveys. To poll your opinion, you should have an account of that website. This method of making mainly benefits for people of countries like India, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA, Pakistan, Italy, Rome, Spain, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Srilanka, Switzerland, Scotland, South Africa, Philippines, UK, Nigeria,Malaysia etc)

Tops sites of online surveys to earn online are given below:

  1. Brand Institute
  2. Star Panel
  3. Survey Savvy
  4. Paid View Point
  5. iPanel Online India

Just go to any of the above websites and create your own account and do surveys on different products and earn lots a lot. Friends, Again I am telling you that this is very easy and quickest way of earning money online without any paying. Above mentioned websites are 100% payable sites. So while registering to the website, give your original personal details. If you have any queries during earning through these sites please comment below or contact me on social media links given below. We are very happy to help you. Happy Earning….

whatsApp is the best messenger available on Android and iPhone smartphone. Use WhatsApp to stay connected with all your dear ones to make money online. Following WhatsApp articles might help you to make money.

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Method 7: Earn Money through Free Lancing

Are you feeling bored when you are alone at home? Are you interested in doing some simple jobs in online? Now a day’s most of the people are searching in Google “How to make money online without investment in free time”. If you have more free time don’t go other ways of earning money through internet like Google, Social Media, and YouTube etc. We recommend you to go for free lancing jobs. If you are specialist in any field, then you can earn very huge amount through Free lancing.

Actually you may get one doubt that who is freelancer? Freelancer is a person who works for a project up to the end of that project, like data entry, Software programming, Web design, and Social media Marketing, Testing Software, and Application development.

Best free-lancer sites to earn money through Online:

  1. Odesk
  2. Elance
  3. Freelancer
  4. Guru
  5. Fiver

Go to above mentioned sites and register. Do simple works and get paid by them… Hurry up… start earning. Happy Free Lancing and Happy Earning.

Method 8: Make Money by Earning BITCOINS

You can earn money through Bitcoins by viewing ads

It will take very less time but we can earn more revenue. Hey do you know the value of one Bitcoin. It’s almost $ 545, Very huge amount right. Almost Rs.32700/- Indian rupees

Some of the sites are here to earn money through BITCOINS:

1. bitstamp

2. localbitcoins

3. blockchain

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Method 9: Making Money through Online Marketing: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting/advertising products or services of some companies. Promotion of those company’s products or services is done through your own blog or website or page. To succeed in money making by this method, first we should have a popular website or blog. If you have very popular website with lot of traffic, you can advertise or sell other’s products or services. Those companies will give you commission. This is somewhat a difficult task but if you succeed, Affiliate marketing is a large source of income through online without any investment. Affliate marketing is the easy and fast method of earning without investment from home.

Top sites which gives Commission on selling their products on your website:

  1. Flipkart
  2. EBay
  3. Snapdeal
  4. Amazon
  5. Jabong
  6. Go daddy
  7. Hostgator
  8. Shadi

Method 10: Paid through Article Writing

This is one of the decent ways of earning money through internet. For this method of making money you need some writing and understanding skills. As an article writer you should choose a best platform which suits you. In this process of writing articles we can learn a lot. After become a professional article writer you may launch your own blog. We can gain high amount of revenue through Article writing. But at the beginning stage you should prove yourselves to become a professional article writer. Once you became professional article writer, it brings you not just the money, clients also follow you.

Method 11: Make Money through Selling/Buying Domains

This method of making money deals with some investment of money and some patience. You can earn lot of money with these buying/selling domains. You can buy one new domain with very least cost and develop that site to certain level. After that go for best auction sites you can sell your developed site to them. They will pay you for that.

!………..Happy Earning………!

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If you have any doubts or queries regarding making money online from home without investment leave your comment below or Contact me through any social media, links are given below. If you know other best and easy ways to earn some bucks through online please let us know. We will be very happy for that. Thank you.

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