Download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version[Google Chrome]

Do you know that you can now use your PC/Laptop as a Smartphone for texting and messaging purposes… and in more specific, you can now use the world’s most popular instant messaging App WhatsApp in your PC/Computer? Yes, what you heard is exactly true.

WhatsApp web version on PC/Laptop is officially available now. You can now text your kith and keen from your PC/computer by without switching between your smartphone and your PC/Desktop.

Previously there is a way to download WhatsApp on your PC/Computer by installing BlueStacks app player and then installing WhatsApp app in BlueStacks and use the WhatsApp as you use in your smartphone. BlueStacks is available for free on web and you can always download it and install it in your Windows 10  or Windows 8/8.1 or windows 7 and you need to have internet connection while installing BlueStacks software.

The exact method of downloading WhatsApp and installing WhatsApp web version for PC/Computer is also explained in this article.

use-WhatsApp-in Google-Chrome-steps image

Use Latest WhatsApp Web version for PC/Laptop Google-Chrome

Recently a month ago there came some rumors that Facebook owned WhatsApp is available for our computers as well. The rumors come true today. You can have WhatsApp available in your computer/Laptop officially.

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Fast Messaging with WhatsApp on Web From Your Google Chrome Browser

WhatsApp Web version for PC/Laptop will definitely make your messaging fast and will save you from continuous switching between devices. It is really very easy and more convenient to use the web version. For now, “WhatsApp Web version for PC/Computer” is available in your Google Chrom 36+ web browser only. You can use your WhatsApp simultaneously both on your smartphone and PC/Laptop. Now it’s very easy to connect with your dear ones through WhatsApp Web version on PC/Laptop.

You need an upgraded version of Google chrome browser installed on your PC or Laptop for this WhatsApp web version on PC to work properly. To enjoy this opportunity to use WhatsApp Web Version effectively, you may need to speed up your PC from the interruptions that may arise with your PC/Laptop.

For now, the good news of using WhatsApp Web Version is only for Android phones, Windows phones, Nokia phones and Blackberry phones. It’s a bit sad news for iPhone users for now. But whatever available now is good so far. Officially WhatsApp Web Version is not available for Apple iPhones due to platform limitations. But soon it will be made available for iPhone users too.

How to Use WhatsApp Web Version on PC/Laptop;on Google Chrome Web Browser:

It is pretty very simple to use WhatsApp web version on PC on your Google chrome web browser. So why are you waiting even now, just upgrade your web browser Google Chrome to the latest upgraded version . You need a version of Google Chrome which is above 36. You can download the updated version of Google Chrome web browser from the below link.Only Google chrome 36+ recommended to use WhatsApp on Desktop.

Download Google Chrome

After the downloading and installing Google Chrome 36+ version, install the .exe file to upgrade your Google chrome  web browser. I suggest one more thing to do, Download and install the latest WhatsApp apk on your smartphone for the WhatsApp web version for PC to work properly and faster. You can download the latest apk file of WhatsApp from the below link.

Download WhatsApp Apk

After installing the latest version of Google Chrome browser on your PC/laptop and WhatsApp on your smartphone you can now proceed further by carefully following the steps that are provided below.

Steps by Step procedure to use WhatsApp on PC /Laptop on Google chrome:

  1. First make sure that your computer/PC is connected to the internet and the version of Google Chrome you are using is above 36+, WhatsApp on web will only work on Google Chrome versions which are above 36. Then open your Google Chrome 36+ Web browser on your computer/PC and type in your navigation bar of your web browser and press Enter button to head into the WhatsApp web version on PC/Desktop.
  2. After you entered into the WhatsApp web site, a QR code will appear as pop up window on your screen or directly you can see a QR code on the screen of your computer/Laptop in your Google Chrome web browser.
    Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version on pc, Chrome image

    WhatsApp Web version for PC on Google chrome browser QR code scanning image

  3. Open WhatsApp (Latest version recommended) on your smartphone and click the vertical dots appearing on the right corner of your phone, this will shows a menu with some options, choose WhatsApp on web option.
    Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version on PC,Google Chrome image

    WhatsApp web version  on desktop/PC

  4. Then a QR reader will open on your smartphone; scan the QR code appearing on your Computer screen with your phone, a ‘right tick’ will appear after the scanning is completed, then click OK, Got it this will automatically log in your WhatsApp on web.
    Download WhatsApp for PC Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version, Chrome picture

    WhatsApp web version on PC Scan Code verification

  5. Make sure that your phone is connected to the internet while you are using WhatsApp on web. It’s better if you connect your phone to Wi-Fi network to reduce data charges.
    Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version,Chrome1 image

    WhatsApp web version for PC/Computer on Google chrome Keep your connected with Internet

  6. The functionality of WhatsApp is same even WhatsApp web version on PC/Laptop. You can now send text messages, pictures or media files to your dear ones from your Google Chrome Web browser. The messages from the browser will instantly get synced with your phone.
    Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop[Free]-WhatsApp Web Version, Chrome image

    WhatsApp web version on PC/Laptop on Google chrome Texting Messages

  7. If you are using WhatsApp web version on PC /Laptop, you may turn on or turn off desktop notifications and sounds by tapping the vertical three dots on the top right corner of your phone and select Notifications from the settings option and turn on or turn off Desktop notifications.
    Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version,Chrome2 image

    WhatsApp on desktop & WhatsApp on Google chrome Notifications image

  8. You can manage the computer in which you were logged in, from your phone to log out from the computer/PC. You can do this under WhatsApp on  Web option and tap Log Out from all computers to disconnect your android phone and PC/Laptop. Then you got disconnected your smartphone from your PC/laptop.
    Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop (Free)-WhatsApp Web Version, Chrome image

    WhatsApp web version for PC/Laptop Log out Symbol

    9) Whenever you want to reconnect your smartphone which may be Android or the Windows with your PC/Computer, I mean that if you again want to use WhatsApp on web you need to again scan the QR code each time you log in to WhatsApp on Desktop.

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This is all you need to do to use WhatsApp web on Google Chrome web browser. But you can use WhatsApp Web version on PC/Laptop by some other methods also. We will discuss these different methods in this article. It is always fascinating to explore all the possible ways.

WhatsApp is now more secure

Before that I want to say one thing about the privacy offered by WhatsApp to its users. Recently WhatsApp has been included with Privacy Settings. By this you can now select the contacts with whom you wish to share your status, last seen and DP. It offers its users a high degree of privacy and that is what user expect from a service.

♦ For WhatsApp Web version users WhatsApp voice calling feature on Android, WhatsApp voice call on iPhone

There are many advantages by using WhatsApp rather than others. It offers high speed and efficient instant messaging service. Apart from sending text, you can send media files like pictures, music files and video files. The size limit is 16Mb for any kind of file for a single send.

You can also create groups and can have group chats. You can have all these features with you even if you use WhatsApp web version for PC/Desktop. So it is more convenient to Download and install WhatsApp on PC/Laptop now.

Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version on Chrome image

WhatsApp Web version on PC/COmputer status & WhatsApp on Google chrome Web browser

Now we will see the other methods of downloading and installing WhatsApp web version on PC/Laptop. The best method is to use it in BlueStacks and a better alternative is to use it in YouWave. We will look at both the methods and explore the steps to Download and install WhatsApp web version for PC/Laptop.

Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop[Free]--WhatsApp Web Version, Chrome image

WhatsApp web version on Desktop WhatsApp Account

How to use WhatsApp Web Version on PC using BlueStacks:

BlueStacks is just an Android emulator and in the broad sense it is just application software which can run Android OS or Android apps in it. You can download the BlueStacks software for free. It is available for free over the web.

Download BlueStacks

For the clear understanding on how to download and install BlueStacks you can read our article Download and install BlueStacks. So from now, it’s better to help you step by step.

  1. So the first step is to download and install BlueStacks. Before installing BlueStacks, make sure that .NET Framework is installed in your Windows. Be connected to internet till the end of the installation process.

Download latest .NET Framework(From Microsoft)

  1. Download the latest version of WhatsApp apk file to your PC and stay connected to the internet till the whole process is completed.

Download WhatsApp Apk

  1. Go to the apk file and right click on the apk file to see an option “open with BlueStacks App Player”. Choose that option to initialize the installation process.

(You have another method to download and install WhatsApp. Open BlueStacks and click on the search button. Search for WhatsApp and click on the install button to install WhatsApp to your PC)

  1. Once the apk file got installed you can see your installed WhatsApp under My Apps in BlueStacks app.
  2. Launch WhatsApp by double clicking on the WhatsApp icon under My Apps in BlueStacks.
    Download WhatsApp for PC-Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version[Chrome] image

    WhatsApp Web version on PC/Laptop on BlueStacks on Google chrome

  3. Choose your Country and enter your 10 digit Phone number along with your country code. Then click on the OK button.
    Download WhatsApp for PC Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version on PC/Laptop,Chrome picture

    WhatsApp web version on PC /Laptop Enter Phone number

  4. It will ask you to verify your phone number. You have two options to verify your Phone number. You can get the verification code via an SMS or you can use call me option to hear a voice which says the verification code.
  5. Once you enter your verification code and verify your phone number, your WhatsApp is ready to use on your PC with Google chrome web browser.

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How to use WhatsApp Web version on PC/Laptop using You Wave(Best Alternative of Bluestacks):

YouWave is best alternative to BlueStacks but it still works similar to BlueStacks app. It is a better option if your RAM speed is less. For low RAM speeds YouWave is far better to BlueStacks software. BlueStacks consumes about 5% of your RAM speed and it may slow down your PC/Laptop. So it is better if you use You Wave as your app player to run Android.

The Steps are almost similar but just you need to download and install YouWave instead of BlueStacks. Ok, it’s better to guide you step by step for proper installation to use WhatsApp web version for PC/Laptop more efficiently.

  1. Download and install YouWave app player on your PC. Trial version of YouWave is available for free. You need to buy YouWave to have a version of it.

Download YouWave

  1. Click on the view button situated on the top left corner of the You Wave window. A drop down menu will appear to you. Click on the online content option.
  2. Then you will see options like App Stores and Online Apps. Under the Online Apps you can see WhatsApp app. Click on that WhatsApp to automatically download and install to your PC.
    Download WhatsApp for PC Laptop [Free]-WhatsApp Web Version,Chrome image

    WhatsApp web version for PC /Laptop: You Wave

  3. After the installation click on the menu icon in the home screen, you can see it on the top right corner of your YouWave window. All the installed applications will be listed down in menu. Click on the WhatsApp icon to launch WhatsApp on web.
    Download WhatsApp for PC Laptop [Free]--WhatsApp Web Version for pc, Chrome image

    WhatsApp on Desktop& WhatsApp web version on Google chrome

  4. Select your country and enter your phone number along with the country code. After 5 minutes you will get an option like get the verification code via call.
  5. Click on call me to get a voice call. Carefully note down the verification code and enter it in the field provided to verify your mobile number.
  6. You can now add contacts of your friends to your whatsApp web version on PC by clicking on the three dotted vertical line in your WhatsApp to see an option Contacts.
  7. Click on it then you will take down to a window asking name, phone number, email, address, and Birthday of the person you are going to add.
  8. After filling all the fields, click on Add new button to add this contact to your WhatsApp.
  9. Now you can enjoy your WhatsApp on Web with Latest Google chrome web browser 36+.

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That’s all friends. Now enjoy using WhatsApp web version for  PC/Desktop and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. If you encounter any installation problems or if you are facing problems still you can leave us a comment and we will provide a fix for your problems.


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    • Hello Chakradhar, We recommend you to use Bluestacks because it’s always free on Web.if you use You wave you have to pay after some limited time…

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    • Hello nitin, you can see send button whenever you start typing text. I tried it for ENTER also, but it is not possible in WhatsApp web.

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    I was able to install Bluestacks however I currently don’t have a working phone, so I’m not able to get the validating number. If I try using someone else’s to receive the message it links to their account, switching the accounts again prompts that a text be sent, any suggestions?

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