Download Nanu Free Voice Calling App for Android/iOS/Windows phone

The current trend in apps arena  is free voice calling with low data charges. You might have downloaded the android apks of free calling apps and had long conversations with your friends. Nanu, A free voice call and messaging app that can do free calls even on 2G network . Every one want to voice call their friends at low call charges and data charges. Nanu calling apk can make you use lower bandwidth as compared to other voice calling apps such as Line, Skype and talkatone. There is no need to pay any mobile bills by using these free calling apps like nanu.

Download Free Nanu voice calling app

Nanu is currently available for free download as Nanu apk for Android users on   Google Playstore.Nanu for Android devices running on any Android OS such as Lollipop, Marsh Mallow can download  free nanu app to their android devices and make free calls by nanu apk.

Download Nanu Android Apk

Apple gadgets such as iPhone can download nanu free voice calling app from App Store and make free international calls over their iPhone.

Download Nanu iOS App

You can able to download Nanu app for windows phone in the coming days. Till now, Nanu freecalling app is available for Aandroid/iphone users

Why Free Voice calling apps like Nanu?

We are well aware of several free voice calling apps for android and iOS devices such as Line, skype and talkatone etc. Nanu app comes into this list. Leveraging the power of internet, free voice calling can reduce your phone bills by drastic amount with less billable data charges.Free calling android and ios apps like nanu can make the low bills even lower.

Nanu Free Voice Calling App

Features of Nanu Calling App for Android and iOS

  • Nanu is the only VoIP free voice calling app that uses the lowest bandwidth when compared with other calling apps such as Skype,Line etc. So, Nanu app can even work on 2G networks and so busy netwrorks.
  • Nanu app offers a clear and clarity ambience in terms of voice calling
  • Nanu app can work even if the call receiver doesn’t have Nanu installed on his/her android /iOS phone
  • Nanu-2-Nanu users can even communicate instantly with free messaging service feature.
  • Nanu-2-Non Nanu users can get free credits by sharing the nanu voice calls app over social media.The free credits can be used to talk with people with non-nanu devices.

How can Nanu free calls get revenue?

While an ordinary free voice call on nanu app takes 7 seconds to get connected, advertisements can be heard by the nanu apk android / iphone user. From these advertisements, firm behind free calling app nanu, Gentay communications Pte. Ltd earn revenue for these free calls.


  1. Can we use one Nanu phone number in two devices?
    Thank you

  2. I Install Nanu in my Phone Lenovo S60 and if i call to other i can hear his Voice but they can’t hear my Voice ,Please any body can help me,

    • Hi Jakir,

      Sorry for your problem.The Nanu app problem might be to app version of your android.Chekc if both your android OS and the nanu Apk file are of latest version. This should resolve the nanu voice calling issue.

      Happy to guide you 🙂

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