Download Knock Knock app for Android and iOS/iPhone

Download Knock Knock for Android and iOS/iPhone: Download Knock Knock app for Android and iOS to connect, chat and exchange contact info with people around you. It is the easiest way to connect with the people around you. It uses your Bluetooth connection to find people around you with the Knock Knock app installed.

By just knocking your Phone twice, this Knock Knock app remembers the names of the people you were with, when you met and where you met. With this Knock Knock app the world becomes less awkward. You can just connect to anyone around you with just a couple of knocks on your phone. This app will definitely makes social interaction more easy and light.


Knock Knock

You can just connect with a person at first and it is completely your wish to share whatever the information you want. There is no need to share personal information like your phone number immediately. You can connect without commitment. Users can connect first and then can share personal information according to their will. You can share as much as you wish or you can just disconnect with the option of sharing more.


Knock Knock

Whenever you want to chat with the people around you, just launch the app and Knock by double tapping on the screen. The app can find people within a radius of 150 foot. Whoever responds to the Knock can immediately connected in a group within the app. Then you can share your Contact information and you can chat within the app or you can share your social contact links.


Knock Knock

Only one person needs to open the app when connecting to with a group of people in the same place. The others in the group can just knock twice to join the group chat. You can share your details selectively with the individuals in the group.  Other than group chats, you can quickly see you is in the group and then you can start one-to –one conversation with any person you want.

Download Knock Knock for Android and iOS

You can download this Knock Knock app for your Android Lollipop and above versions of Android and it is not available for the versions below Lollipop 5.0. Knock knock ia also avialble for iOS and you can download this app for iOS also from the below links provided.

Download Knock Knock app for Android

Download Knock Knock for iOS

Knock Knock is perfect for:

Knock Knock app is perfect for exchanging contact info with people you’ve just met and you can share moments with a group throughout a festival or a weekend away, then staying in touch when you get back. With this app you can Lead a pub crawl or other adventure with a big group.

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