Download Flashgap app for Android and iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Download Flashgap app for Android and iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch – Time-Delayed Photo Sharing App: Download this free Flashgap app for your Android and iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices and get thrilled by its astonishing feature of sharing the photo album which was captured the past day. Isn’t it great? let’s explore more about this interesting app in this article.

Flashgap is a time-delayed Photo-Sharing app which was released recently. Flashgap app is inspired by the movie “The Hangover”.  Flashgap app allows its users to create a Flashgap and invite friends to join the group album. Soon after that the timer in the app begins and all photos taken will disappear within three seconds. The full album will be revealed only the next day at 12 pm with all the pictures taken by the participants on the previous night.



The goal of this Flashgap is to help the users live in the moment- with each photo disappearing, participants can continue enjoying their night out without the distraction of picking the best filter or caption.Some new key features of Flashgap includes comment sections on pictures, privacy options for open or closed albums, and the ability to connect groups via third-party social and messaging platforms. The app is now available on both iOS and Android and is free of charge.

The app is really about enabling you to relive the best moments out – without needing to censor yourself on social networks because you might not look ‘perfect’ or something embarrassing happened. Everything stays between you and your group of close friends. Think about how much time you spend on a Sunday or Monday morning laughing at pictures and videos from the weekend, now you can share the fun at the same time as your friends.

How Flashgap app Works on Android and iPhone

  • Invite your friends to create a flash album
  • Take photos and videos of the night
  • You have got exactly three seconds to approve each picture and video, after that all content disappears.
  • Exactly at 12 pm next day, your Flashgap is ready! You will now get to discover what happened the previous night… for better or worse!


Flashgap means fun, but not only that it also means simplicity: the app allows you to gather photos from an event taken with different phones without having anything to do. No need to send, upload or select anything, each picture taken by your friends and yourself will appear on your phone, at exactly 12pm the next day

Key Features of Flashgap app for Android and iOS

  • Gathering Photos from an event without doing any manipulation
  • Hiding Pictures with a scratch, which can then be scratched off the next day when discovering the content.
  • 15 sec videos
  • Group Chat to debrief the party the next day.

Free Download Flashgap apk for Android and iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Flashgap app is available for free download. You can download and install Flashgap app on your Android Phones from Google Play. Here I am providing you the link to Download Flashgap app for Android.

Download Flashgap app for Android

You can download Flashgap app to your iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices from iTunes. Below is the link to download Flashgap app for your iOS devices.

Download Flashgap app for iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Now have fun with your buddies and share unforgettable memories over this beautiful Flashgap.

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