Free Download WhatsApp Video calling apk for Android and iOS/iPhone- Latest Update

Free Download WhatsApp Video calling apk for Android and iOS/iPhone: Free Video Calling for WhatsApp can be activated by downloading the latest Apk form the Official WhatsApp website. You can activate Video Calling for Android, iOS/iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry by downloading latest apk file or updating your WhatsApp to latest version.


WhatsApp Video Calling

WhatsApp video calling feature for android, iOS/iPhone/iPad touch, Windows Phone and Blackberry is the hot topic now. Most of the users are using android, iPhones, Windows Phones and Blackberry Phones and WhatsApp can expect some more users from these four categories.

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Download Android Apk for Whatsapp video call

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Enabling Video calling features to its app will add some more users and thereby we can see some more increase in the total number of WhatsApp active users.Actually no one knows why WhatsApp is delaying so much to add WhatsApp video calling feature to its app.

After enabling the voice calling feature, everyone expected that WhatsApp will add Video calling very soon. Many apps were launched with both voice and Video calling features enabled but, everyone is waiting for the WhatsApp to release Video Calling feature.


WhatsApp Video Calling

It is in the news that WhatsApp Video Calling feature enabled apk is now in its beta stage and it will release soon in this month. But no official information is there from WhatsApp about this Video Calling feature. Hope that WhatsApp Video Calling feature will release soon in this month. But anyhow keep one eye on this, it will get enabled at any moment.

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There might not be a separate procedure to enable WhatsApp video calling feature. As we have seen that WhatsApp released Voice calling feature suddenly in the form of a new update. Similarly you need to download the updated Apk to activate WhatsApp Video calling feature for all platforms like android, iOS/iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc. I will definitely share the link to download the Latest WhatsApp Apk and the procedure if any to enable WhatsApp video calling feature. For now, update your WhatsApp apk to the latest version by downloading the latest WhatsApp apk.

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