Download Best Apps to speed up Android smartphone

Download the best apps to speed up Android smartphone: You might be using Android smartphone because of the features that Android is offering and mainly because of its user interface. For a few months after you bought the Phone, it works very fine. Slowly if you realize, your phone will become bit slow in performance and you might have observed some apps taking more time to open. It is really irritating to use the Phone if it is slow. There are some tools to make your Android faster and they will definitely boost the performance of your Android smartphone. SO, in this article I will take you across 3 best apps to speed up your Android smartphone.

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Best Apps to speed up Android

Clean Master (Boost and AppLock)

Clean Master is the world’s best and most trusted Android Optimizer. It will boost the speed of your Smartphone, it helps in optimizing the battery and also it has an integrated Antivirus feature. So, it is like an app with everything at a single place.

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Clean Master

It has one more feature of securing your private data with App Lock function. It boosts up you laggy and freezy smartphone all the time. It increases your Phones battery discharging time. It avoids overheating of your smartphone and helps in cooling your Android. It is the best app ever to boost your Android.

Download Clean Master for Android (Updated)

App cache Cleaner- Best App to fasten your Android

App cache Cleaner is a best tool to clear the cache memory of all the applications. Just one tap will increase the free space and make more space available for use. It clears the files in the cache of every application and helps in increasing your Phone’s internal memory. You will get more ROM memory each time it performs the cleaning activity.

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App Cache Cleaner

This app has one special feature that you can actually make this app clear the cache regularly. You can schedule the interval between the two clearings. Download this best app to keep your Android Phone fast.

Download App Cache Cleaner (Updated)

 360 Security – Antivirus Boost

360 Security Antivirus Boost is the beat speed booster for Android Phone. It is a free App available form Google Play Store. It is the only all in one app that optimizes your background functioning of apps, memory space, junk files and battery life. It also helps in keeping your Phone secure from malware and viruses.


360 Security

Download 360 Security – Antivirus Boost (Updated)

After installing any of these apps, please be sure that you clear cache and junk files frequently to keep the performance good. Now you can use your Android Smartphone as you were using it when it was fast. Hope that these apps will definitely help you.


  1. Fakharuddin Manik says:

    Hi Sarvesh,
    Now, I’m using clean master to boost my phone speed and clean junk files. It somehow help me to increase my Android phone speed. But using an Antivirus app like you recommend 360 security how can help to increase Android device speed?

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