Download 4 Fabulous Apps for Free to Speed Up PC/Laptop

Who doesn’t like a speedy electronic gadget? a speedy laptop with efficient apps can soothe your office works and helps you share your leisure time with your lappy. Many times your PC slows down due to some apps that reduce your laptop/PC speed and you may be thinking that restarting the PC is a better option, but this disturbs your hectic schedules.

If you neglect this serious issue, then the problem will become so worse that it takes minutes to open a MS word document. But we don’t want that. So, Techslates is providing you with four apps that can speed up your PC/Laptop in no time and are at your fingertips.

Download and Install 4 Fabulous Apps for Free to Speed Up PC/Laptop:

Apps to Speed laptop image

Apps to Speed laptop

The reasons for slowing down of your PC are the background processes of the unused programs that will consume RAM speed and make your system slow. So, you need to clear the muddle to tune up your PC/Laptop. This can be achieved by clearing the unused softwares and trash left behind by the OS and ending up the tasks of the programs that you don’t need to run in the background. But this will end up disabling some windows programs, that will lead to malfunctioning of your windows but we don’t desire that, being techies, aren’t we? So there are apps that do the same to boost up your computer, unleashing the power of your system configuration.

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Avast! Antivirus App

The very most common problem that slows down our Windows is none other than our friend Virus, a ubiquitous name given to Trojans/zombies etc., there are plenty of both free and premium antivirus softwares available in the market. But the availability of their upgrades or virus definitions decides your system security, so choose with care. For the new versions of windows, Windows Defender comes built in. You can also download and install  avast! free antivirus which gives real time protection to our PC from viruses and malware, recommended by experts. Moreover, you can get free updates of avast! free antivirus.

Avast Antivirus App image

Avast! Antivirus App UI

Its other services include data shredding, firewall maintenance, web browser cleaning .Other Similar tools include McAffe Security Advisor, AVG Antivirus etc.

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AVG PC Tuneup App

You can see the programs that will run automatically during the startup in the Windows Task Manager, and also how much they slow down your PC that is how much RAM they are consuming. If you really want to solve the problem of slowing down of your PC, get AVG PC Tuneup, by which you can know what are the programs that will start when the system boots. If the programs that are running during the startup are not the system programs and not so important or useful programs then disable them by unchecking the checkboxes and apply those settings. AVG PC Tuneup comes as a bundle of handy, sorry, virtually handy tools that a smart techie need.

             Its other services include OS repairs, hard disk checks, system optimization etc.Other similar tools include IObit Advanced SystemCare, Glary Utilities etc.

Piriform CCleaner App

An indispensable app that every PC user must be equipped with is CCleaner app. Every computer user might have used or at least known by now, as you are reading this slate out of zeal. CCleaner app is known for its efficient cleaning of the garbage left out by the operating system in prolonged sessions, aiding the inbuilt system maintenance. It also cleans registry with proper backups.

CCleaner App

CCleaner UI

Its other services include system restore, disk wiping, system monitoring etc. No other tools beats CCleaner as per our views.

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IObit Uninstaller App

IObit Uninstaller is yet another useful app in speeding up your PC/Laptop from IObit group. The standard windows uninstaller can uninstall the programs but some badly behaved programs leave some files as their foot prints in your PC. They will gradually slow down your personal system, in order to remove such useless stuff; you need to use IObit Uninstaller for sure. It can also uninstall the programs for which the uninstall tool is not working or if it is deleted. It’s a very powerful tool in speeding up your PC. I am saying it with my personal experience. An extra task that the uninstaller can perform is removal of annoying toolbars and plugins from all your web browsers on user’s choice.

Iobit Uninstaller App image

Iobit Uninstaller UI



All the above fabulous apps have some features in common such as cleaning the scrap of the system software etc. But, we recommend to have all the four tools at your fingertips to fuel(speed) up your Laptop/PC.

Happy Lappy!

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