10 Tempting Windows Features to Upgrade to Windows 10

These days, there has been a lot of buzz about Windows 10 with technical alias Threshold. Microsoft blog has officially published that featured Windows 10 unveiling ceremony will be in mid-summer 2015.Featured Windows 10 is expected to be available for free upgrade to PCs/Laptops/Tablets in 190 nations, with 100+ languages. As per my Windows technical preview 10.0.10041, I came across several stunning Windows features those lure me to upgrade my PC to Windows 10. Know Latest updates of Windows 10

I think these best and stunning Windows features will woo you to get free upgradation from Windows 8.1. For that matter, with some bucks, you can update or change from Windows Vista / XP to Windows 10 too.You can also develop Microsoft Apps for Windows 10 using Windows 10 SDK.

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10 Tempting Windows Features Those Made Me Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 Feature 1: Oh my God! It’s Free

As Microsoft has already announced free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.Note that the upgrade is possible in the first year of the Microsoft Windows 10 release.

When Microsoft released the upgraded Windows 8.1 version, licensed Windows users like me were given free updates to Windows 8.1.

Every PC/Laptop user loves free featured updates, don’t you? So I availed the free offer and got upgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. Even pirated OS users can also upgrade their Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.But, their latest Windows 10 version will still be treated as pirated copy of Windows, not genuine.

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Windows 10 Feature 2: My lovely Start Menu is back

Packed with fine features, Windows 8 replaced Start Menu with Metro screen.But, Microsoft Windows faced the anger of its licensed users.So, Windows 10 is featured again with the lite and quick Start Menu, unlike the one in Windows XP. I really loved it.

Windows 10 Feature 3: Resizable apps

When you upgrade from Windows XP/7 to 8.1, you will like the ease with which you can operate the Windows OS.But, problem comes with Windows free and inbuilt apps like store etc., which cannot be resized on your wish.The Windows apps from the store prefer to stick to layout.But in Windows 10 version, you can resize them just like normal windows in XP,Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Resizable  Apps feature in windows 10 version definitely help you to re-size your apps on your wish.

10-windows-features-resizable appswindows-10 upgrade image

Windows 10 Re sizable Apps feature

Windows 10 Feature 4: Multiple Desktops

Being an Ubuntu user too, I love the multiple desktop feature of Ubuntu.This very tempting feature is absent in Windows 8.1 and window 7. Realizing it’s importance for nasty-Desktop users like me, Microsoft included the feature in Windows 10 version.You can switch to several Desktops in a single PC/Laptop with ease.

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Windows 10 Feature 5: Hassle-free Task View button

To aid with the Multiple Desktop features of Windows 10, along with the start button, Microsoft is introducing Task View button on the task bar of the OS of your PC/Laptop.With the task view button, one can easily switch among the opened Windows apps and files.The button also helps with multiple Desktops.

Windows-10-Features-upgrade-windows-10-hassle-free task view image

Windows 10 Hassle-free Task View button

Take a Coffee break, we are now moving on to peculiar yet powerful features of Windows 10 version.Read further if you are a pro user of Windows, as they include awesome tips and tricks that can turn you on.

Windows 10 Tempting Feature 5: Say Hello to latest Windows Hello

Regarding personal Laptops/PCs security matters.Everyone wish to protect their PCs from thefts/in-secure logins.Windows 10 version adopted the bio-metric features like face, fingers to provide a secure and ease log-in to all your Windows 10 devices.The developers call it Windows Hello – say hastala vista to your passwords.

windows-10-Windows Hello-feature-upgrade-image

Hello to latest Windows 10 Hello

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Windows 10 Tempting Feature 6: My virtual lady Cortana

As a rival to Apple Siri in iOS and Google Now in Android OS, Windows designed Cortana feature to Windows Phone.The Cortana, is a beautiful and virtual lady who serves as a voice based personal digital assistant.Cortana got acclaims regard to her potential to provide good results to our voice based queries like ‘What’s time in London?’. Microsoft also released PC version of Cortana for laptop users.

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Having Android Smartphone with Android Lollipop/Kitkat or Apple iPhone?Don’t Worry, you can able to download Cortana from Google Play Store or iTunes Store very soon.Windows developers announced to be working to develop cross-platform Cortana app for Android and iOS under Project named ‘Einstein’.

Windows 10 Feature 7: Meet the Spartan Web Browser

Browser world is full of updates and upgrades.With the advent of Google Chrome, the reign of blue ‘e’yed Windows IE[internet Explorer] and Mozilla’s two eyed Firefox came to an end.To regain the power, Windows 10 is planning to power itself with latest web browser Spartan.With added feature of Cortana, Spartan included several awesome features like annotations, reading mode, syncing etc.


Microsoft spartan browser windows 10 feature

We have wait for few months to see who wins the war of web browsers.

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Windows 10 Feature 8: Unite App developers with OneCore

It’s a known fact that we find best yet free and featured android apps on Google App store and latest apps for iOS devices on Apple App Store.But Windows Store have comparably less number of apps for Windows Phone.This problem is due to portability problems that the developers face with Windows.So, using OneCore feature of Windows 10, Microsoft wishes to put check to all these app problems with their latest Windows 10 SDK for the Windows Apps developers.This  OneCore feature with Windows 10 SDK must be helpful for Windows app developers.

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Windows 10 Feature 9: No.1 OS for all your devices-Continuum

You may be using PC / laptop or hybrid dual-tops, now Windows 10 seamlessly adjusts itself to the environment of your PC / laptop / tablet with ease.Continuum feature of windows 10 makes this possible.So,even when you switch from PC/Laptop to touchscreen mode, you face no difficulties as Windows 10 makes you operate your PC with upgraded environment. Continuum feature is definitely prove no.1 OS for all your devices.

Windows 10 Feature 10: Future Windows PC HoloLens


windows 10 hololens feature

Microsoft is upgrading itself to the future demands with its hardware HoloLens.It is making Windows 10 apps compatible with the virtual reality headset, HoloLens.Windows 10 version can adjusts itself seamlessly with ‘Continuum’ feature to get fit with HoloLens.Laptop/PC users can get into virtual reality very soon with the help of HoloLens and Windows 10 version.

I am eagerly waiting to upgrade my smart PC to Windows 10 version.These fantastic features will turn your slower and threat-prone PC/Laptop into a faster and secured Laptop/PC. Believe me, upgrade your laptop OS from 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 as early as possible.Take the help of our experts by posting your problems in updating from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10.Comment on these 10 tempting features to upgrade to windows 10.

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