Apps to avoid wasting time spent on Internet

Being a techie, I usually spend more time surfing internet on my Android Moto G Smartphone. At the end of day, I used to ponder how did I waste(of course, not 100%) my valuable minutes. I ask myself how to avoid wasting time on browsing net in my Android smartphone and PC/Windows 10 Laptop. Even several […]

What is Swine Flu,Influenza Virus Symptoms,Facts,Spread,Treatment and Vaccination

Hello readers, we hope our last article about Ebola in health slate enlightened and helped you. Now in this article, we shall know about Swine flu (caused by H1N1 Virus), specifically about Swine flu symptoms, precautions for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment or vaccination and most importantly causes of Swine Flu. This Virus also recently has […]

What is Ebola Virus, Ebola Facts, Symptoms and Treatment

Hello Readers, in these days Ebola has been a dreadful disease that is spreading very rapidly all around the world. So in this regard we must be aware of the symptoms of Ebola caused by the Ebola virus, facts of Ebola and proper treatment required for the cure of Ebola disease. Until now, humankind has […]

Skin care tips in winter season

Usually in winter the oily content on the skin makes the skin dry by the solidification of the oily content which makes our skin rougher but there are some ways by which we can make our skin soft and smooth besides hiking up the collagen content on the skin. Skin care tips especially in winter […]

How to get rid of Dandruff: Easy steps and tips

Dandruff is not a problem which causes to hair, it’s just a skin disorder which affects scalp. During this disorder a dry white flakes are shed off from the scalp. These flakes are the pieces of the dead skin cells. Normally this dead skin cell shed off but it results in dandruff only when these […]

Remedies for teen to above teenage skin problems

Teenage is the time in between 13 to 19 years in one’s life. We can see many changes in the functional aspects, chemical aspects and also the physical appearance of the body. These can show their manifestations on the skin in this age in various parts of the body in various forms. Along with these […]

Best Ways to Become Smart,Bright and Sharp

It’s not been a cup of tea of everyone to be smart, bright and sharp at our works and not only at our works, everywhere in our lives. It’s a great art to be smart and act smart,bright and sharp where ever needed but it is not possible with everyone to behave smart and act […]

What makes your love true?

We can see and experience that usually men were attracted towards women and women were attracted towards men, but what’s the reason behind that… oh oh… don’t think much it’s just nature. We were created by the mighty in a way such that there is a kind of attraction, affection and attachment towards the opposite […]

How to be fit and healthy naturally…

Techslates is back with a new kind of article on your fitness and health.Hi everyone. This is Techslater, and in this article I am going to give simple and easy tips to be fit and healthy in your day to day life. Everyone wants money for their survival and to their day to day needs […]

How to control yourself during the times of anger: Anger&Stress management

Techslates is back with another excellent article on stress management and anger management, hope that you are following us.   How to control yourself during the times of anger: Anger and Stress management  Do you ever think of actually what is this anger? Is it a feeling? Or is it an expression? Or is it […]