BPG New Alternative Image Format will Beats JPEG

 We are seeing a lot of technological development in our day to day life and this is a never ending process. In digital technology we are seeing image formats developments like JPEG, BPG. From those development we are very happy with our life in some aspects but in some aspects we are facing a lot of problems.

We are seeing only the technologies which are popular. Unfortunately some great developments are not spreading because, people were addicted to older versions of the technology or they might be more comfortable with the present technologies. One among such is the image format JPEG. BPG is one of the developments which is not spreading because of that JPEG.

JPEG was started before 20 to 25 years ago and it is now old fashioned and unsuited for modern society. Modern internet society or web society is image oriented. Here they are not using BPG image format, it implicitly means that people are not updating. People always see the things by comparison, but compare to other image formats JPEG have more features but not as BPG have.

Advanced technology started new alternative for JPEG that is BPG (Better Portable Graphics) and it is revealed.Before BPG, two more image formats were tried to replace JPEG. Those two are WebP and mozjpeg.

BPG (Better Portable Graphics) A new image format that will definitely beats the JPEG

“JPEG vs WebP vs BPG : Comparison of three image formats in all  aspects”

Lot of challenges and attempts were rolled out in the last few years. One among the all is WebP image format. WebP image format was invented by Google and it was released four years back, but still now it didn’t get fame and it is not widespread as Google’s other services and products were. Anyhow, now slowly all are trying to replace the GIF’s which are animated with WebP. We all are eagerly waiting how the changes are going to happen after replacing GIF’s with WebP.

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Another attempt was made recently by Mozilla with its product that is mozjpeg. Mainly this mozjpeg reduces the size of file by approximately 5 to 10% as compared to JPEG. Actually JPEG image format is one type of lossy compression technique. Lossy means some pixels in its original image were lost. Mozilla product that is mozjpeg is also having same compatibility as JPEG. If you compare the image quality of WebP and JPEG definitely WebP is better than JPEG but not as BPG.

WebP Vs mozjpeg:

techslates_WebP Vs mozjpeg image

WebP Vs mozjpeg

Now we have BPG which is having more good features than all others. This BPG is actually come from the inventor of the QEMU, Fabrice Bellard, and FEMPEG. If we compare the image quality between BPG and JPEG, we can get almost same image quality for both but the thing is BPG gives same image quality as JPEG but at half of the file size. As I above mentioned JPEG is lossy compression but BPG lossless compression that means in the compression process image will not loose any pixels from original image.

For all these new good features of this BPG, one reason might be because, it is using very new codes that are X265, we all know about H.265, it is generally procedural algorithm than JPEG image format. BPG also have that H. 265’s capability. Actually this H.265 can have fourteen (14) bits per channel color; this is also one of the advantages of BPG as compared to JPEG, why because JPEG is having only 8 bits per color channel.

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techslates_BGP vs JPEG image

JPEG and BPG differences image

Naturally BPG have no support why because all the people are addicted to use JPEG only. BPG is well suited for mobile users and not only for mobile users it is best fitted to newly cameras, newly display suits. As we all know BPG having 14 bits per color channel, it offers more dynamic range than JPEG why because JPEG is having 8 bits per channel color. So BPG generally having no support, it needs publicity.At least now we hope developers of software will take into their account about BPG (Better Portable Graphics).

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BPG is also having characteristic of alpha channel that means image transparency. One more good aspect is there about BPG that is generally BPG(Better Portable Graphics) is based on HEVC/H.265, if any devices have hardware decode capacity for H.265 it will also decode BPG in system hardware. In these days technology is developing, ok, but at the same time computations or steps or procedures are increasing slowly. In this Hardware decode strategy BPG is better than JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group).

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