Best Ways To Fix Common Bugs In Android Lollipop Version


Android Lollipop version is now with us in our smart phones like Google Nexus, Moto G etc., with its colorful new features along with the already existing ones. Lollipop made our smart phones more interesting by excellent features like Chromecast feature.

Also it received quietly a decent response from the folks till now except some issues on Wi-Fi, Battery Sites, lagging, crashing and video playback, bugs as they call it scientifically. Here we are providing with the best possible solutions to these common problems so that your android devices will work smoothly as before.

Wi-Fi problem on Android Smartphone:

Wi-Fi bug problem on Android is the most common bug to discuss first, upgrade to a newer OS can more probably brings this problem to most of the devices and same the case with the lollipop OS. The users of the lollipop are repeatedly reporting that they have lost Wi-Fi connectivity after the upgrade to Lollipop from Kitkat.

WiFi issue in Android lollipop image

WiFi issue in Android lollipop

For this, already Google engineers(Googlers as they are called) were started their work to push out a software update, but before that you can of course solve your problem with this trick;

If your smartphone is not connecting to a certain network then a better solution is to just make your phone forget that Wi-fi network and then reconnecting it works for a few Android users. Along with that for few others factory reset has also fixed the problem.

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If the problem still persists, then you need to uninstall few of your older android apps for at least temporarily or else update those android apps with Lollipop compatibility. Changing the Wi-Fi channel under Advanced Wi-Fi option can also improves the performance of your connectivity.

Quick Battery Discharge:

Other irritating problem can probably be discharging of your battery in your android gadget more rapidly. This battery problem is still more common than the Wi-Fi issue. For this also it will be one of the solutions to try factory reset your Android phone, as it has been said that it worked for a few.

Along with that there could be a problem with some of the older android apps which are not compatible with android Lollipop, they might clash with android Lollipop OS’s new code and causes your battery to discharge unnoticeably and unnecessarily. It’s always good to uninstall those android apps and installing apps that are compatible with Lollipop.

Battery problem in Android lollipop image

Battery problem in Android lollipop image

You can always see the usage of power by different apps under battery option in settings. It might not be an intelligent way to fix the problem but Google had released an update recently to fix the battery issues.

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Disappearance of Video Player:

It is reported by the Android lollipop users that it lost its bearings and it is unable to find video player software to play videos whenever they want to watch. In order to get rid of the problem, you can better clear cache of the affected apps like YouTube under App page in settings.

Video Player issue in Android lollipop image

Video Player issue in Android lollipop image

Another solution to this problem is to enable or disable the NuPlayer from the developer options page. You can find it under About smartphone in settings and the n click on the build number seven times to see the developer options and then you can try playing around with NuPlayer. If it is enabled then disable it and try again and vice versa.

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Lagging and Crashing:

Lagging and crashing is still another problem that interrupts us at random times. There might be large number of causes for that but a wiser solution is to again use factory reset to clear your RAM and again start your device freshly.

If it is because of one particular android app then the only one option is to just uninstall that particular app or you can better update that android app for compatibility. It is also one of the solutions to turn off some of the android apps that come with Android OS like Google Now, live wallpapers, Ok Google support etc.

to improve the performance of your battery. If your battery is draining more after upgrading to Lollipop with none of the above solutions work then going back to Kitkat is a potential option.

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