Best Solutions to Fix Up Common Problems with Moto G

Moto G is always a special kind of smartphone even if many of the new smartphone comers possess many of the great features when compared to this,and also it has few problems, but we provide best solutions to fix those problems with Moto G of course. It is because of the only reason that Moto G is providing such a fabulous experience with its software, backed with the best kind of hardware and with its stylish finishing and build quality.

If you would have used Moto G for a period of time then definitely you could have experienced it and also its problems. It’s a mid-range device available at a reasonable price providing the best experience of  Best smartphones such as iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy Alpha etc.,.

Moto G common problems and best solutions to fix image

Moto G common problems and best solutions to fix

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Even if it is a mid-range device or a high end device there could be some issues or problems that may arise with Moto G quiet often depending upon the usage style. Here are some of the most common problems or issues that may arise with your Moto G along with some of the best possible solutions to those problems of Moto G. So, in this article we are here to explain you the problems that may arise with your Moto G and the solutions to them so here we go…

Problems more commonly with Moto G & Best solutions to fix :

First Problem & Tip to solve : Rebooting Automatically

Rebooting- automatically-may arise-more commonly-your Moto G-the best solution-fix up image

Rebooting automatically of Moto G problem

In some Smart phones  Rebooting Automatically is a very irritating issue that may arise. When the phone is idle or set aside for some time, it underwent rebooting automatically. It may arise even if the smart phone is set for charging. It is a very important problem to consider. If you are facing with this kind of problem with smartphones like Moto G,then here is the best solution for it.

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Rebooting- automatically-may arise-more commonly-your Moto G-the best solutions-fix up image

Rebooting automatically problem

  • When you buy your Moto G, it will be shipped with only an USB cable without any wall charger, so you need to use one of the other chargers available to charge your Moto G. If you observe that your device is rebooting during charging then the problem will more likely occurs due to the charger you are using. So use another one that won’t cause this type of problem.

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Second Problem : Freezing Problem with Moto G

Freezing is another problem to consider but as this Moto G is providing more RAM, so this will occur very rare but in order to get rid of this problem we are providing you with some simple and best solution

freezing-may arise-more commonly-your Moto G-the best solutions-fix up image

Moto G perspective image

If your screen of Moto G is frozen then just you need to turn off your screen by clicking on the power button and then turn on the screen, most probably this will unfreeze your screen. If this doesn’t work then reboot your system by long pressing the power button of Moto G. The main cause for such freezing problem is installing the incompatible app to your version of android on Moto G. So it’s better to uninstall the android app and download the compatible android app to your current version of android or update the current app to your version.

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Third Problem: Rattling Noise

Rattling noise is a series of short loud irritating sounds that might occur with your Moto G smart phone and there are a few complaints from the users of Moto G. The main reason for this type of noise is the problem with vibration motor or a loose key of your Moto G. Even if this problem exists there is no deduction in the performance factor, performance still remains same but the sound is irritating and annoying.This is the most disgusting problem for a smartphone user.

Rattling-noise-more commonly-your Moto G-the best solutions-fix up image

Rattling-noise-more commonly-your Moto G

  • One of the escaping problems is to just disable the vibration of your phone MotoG but this is not a better option.
  • If one of your keys on your MotoG keypad is loose then go to the servicing center and fix them.
  • If it is problem with your vibration motor then there is a DIY best solution to that problem.

Fourth problem : Issue with Audio of Moto G

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Even if it is a cheap phone or the costly, if there is a problem with the audio while talking to someone or while listening to music then we usually feel very annoyed, there are cases in Moto G with the audio problems. So here are the best  possible solutions

If there is a buzzing sound coming from your earpiece even if the earpiece is working properly then follow these steps to solve the problem:

Problem-Audio-may arise-more commonly-your Moto G-the best solutions-fix up image

Problem with Audio commonly your Moto G

    • Go to settings -> choose Developer options -> enable USB Debugging
    • Then dial *#*#2486#*#* it will open up the test menu
    • Select first bar and select Audio
    • Choose ear piece and then choose buzz test
    • Hear the harmonic sounds that will start from low frequencies and grow towards higher frequencies and that will repeat.
    • If you hear any distortion then there is a problem with your ear piece, if not then your ear piece is working good.
  • If there is a problem with your ear piece then you need to replace it with a new one. If not go to settings -> then Sound -> then turn off Audio effects
  • If the above one doesn’t work then turn off the equalizer from the speaker option in Audio effects.


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Fifth Problem: Communication Network problem

There can arise some problems with the network like loss of signal and SIM not detected. This may arise after usually after the installation of updates and any upgrades to the higher version of android OS on your Moto G smartphone. This is not a big problem because it can be solved by you easily. The possible problems could be

Network problem-more commonly-your Moto G-the best solutions-fix up image

Network problem more commonly your Moto G

  • Improperly cut micro SIM is the cause for not detection of your SIM card and only possible solution is to replace that with the new one.
  • Reboot the device after any updates to regain the connectivity if you have lost it.
  • Insert some different working SIM into the slot, this will enable the slots and then reinsert the SIM you want to have connectivity.

Sixth Issue : Notification LED not working

The cause for this not working of notification LED is restoring the settings from your Google Account from your previous device in which the LED notifications were turned off. Another possible reason is that your device didn’t have this feature.

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Notification-LED- not-working-more commonly-your Moto G-the best solutions-fix up1 image

Notification LED not working problem in Moto G

  • The Best solution for this problem of Moto G is to just download the Notification Light Widget from Google play store, place it on your desktop and turn it on. Then you can remove the widget from your smartphone home screen and your notification LED will still continue to work.

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  1. c sunder singh says:



    It may sound silly to ask this feasibility, however I need a solution to it.

    Display: as per alphabets it is displayed. Is it possible to bring the numeric at the beginning and then the alphabets like other phones. In this mobile numeric comes last.

    Please advice.


    • Hello sunder, It seems that you didn’t mention anything about what you are asking, you just mentioned display and something is displayed. Please mention the exact details about your Problem.

  2. Gowri sankar says:

    In moto g 3rd gen i facing problem with earpiece speaker it suddenly stopped working i cant here voice in calls is there any solution i used safe mode . Restored but i cant fix it tell me if yiu have idea

  3. sPiRiT kInG says:

    I am using moto g for quite some time. I encountered several “no sim detected” instances till date. However, recently the docomo sim is not being detected at all.

    To my utmost surprise, the docomo sim works fine on my old nokia phone.

    Any ideas, guys, what my moto g is up to ???

  4. I have a problem playing streaming music on my phone.

  5. I have to put my phone on speaker in order to hear the person calling me. Is there a solution for this. My phone is a Moto G.

  6. P Raghavan says:

    I have updated my instrument Moto G3 to 6.0. The following problems are facing now.
    1. Un able to read and transfer the files from memory card.
    2. Memory card is readable when the same is taken out from instrument.
    Please help me, how to solve this problem.

  7. I have a moto g3 its worst phone in long usage. I am using more than half hours its screen recent apps button and some part of display automatically works its very irritated
    Please answers to me

  8. kavin raj says:

    I have a problem in my music player.and I’m using moto 3rd gen

  9. I have a problem with my moto g. A square comes up next to the charging symbol at the top of the screen. It has a diagonal line through it. When this happens I have no service. I have a o power the phone off an on to restore service. This happens 20-50 times a day. It doesn’t make any difference what app I am using. Please help as I am ready to throw the phone across the room.

    • Hi Phil, To fix moto g signal problem and other moto g signal loss problem, you can simply Turn Airplane Mode on/OFF to resolve signal loss problem. Otherwise you upgrade Moto G firmware to latest android version like Android Lollipop, marshmallow. This should fox your motog signal loss issue

  10. Aniruddha Balkawade says:

    Hey , I have a problem.There is no problem with Network or sim detection but whenever I dial any number for calling someone,the call gets automatically ended within 1 sec.Whtats the problem?and what are the proper settings to get rid of this problem??

    • Moto Users are facing problems like signal loss problem and to resolve this motog problem, you need to just reboot Motog. The problem “call ended without ringing” is another issue with android phones.Sometimes, Call ends immediately after dialing, to solve this motog problem, just try to take the sim out and re-insert again into the sim slot of Moto g. It should solve your issue, call ended without ringing

  11. Initially I phone was working well but yesterday suddenly when I open its lock it going to any update and switch off after starting it’s not do well work like 2 downward sense button is not working ,they sense but not working,it is not going to restore,duringlocking and unlocking the phone it does not show any type of pattern and pin code slide ,it open directly,pnell of slider which show the notification ,does not open properly

    • It seems that your phone was updated to Marshmallow. Yes, users are facing issues with Marshmallow update. Just wait for the bug fixer from Moto.

  12. I bought one moto G turbo edition on 24 Jan 16 through flipkart. Since 2 weeks I have problems of calls. I am able to make calls but incoming calls are not coming. To check I took out my sim to another phone it’s working there. When people make calls in my phone, the response it says is ‘not reachable’ or busy. Apart from this, notifications are not displayed in the top of the home screen. Notification sounds are audible but there’s no display other than network, date, time n battery. Pls help

  13. I have 3 problems till date with my new Moto G3 white mobile bought through flipkart received on 13.05.16, on COD basis. 1. Repeated No Sim Detected & No Network Signal –notifications, by using Micro Sim in both SIM 1 & SIM2 slots, when the same Sim is working fine in other mobile. 2. Mobile Overheating after few minutes of continuous use. 3. “Check your back cover. Make sure it is well fitted” – as a permanent notification since 1st switching on the new mobile that can’t be dismissed after several attempt & remained till date. It is related to water resistant feature.
    The above problems are related to mobile Hardware, Defective SIM Adapters & Software, hence unacceptable & I requested replacement with new, without such issues.

  14. meenakshi says:

    I have a problem with my 9 months old moto G3. I do not what happened with phone, from somedays it is not working properly. It had 18% battery and suddenly phone was working itself might be cause of virus so I have uninstalled the apps which I have downloaded. Still get the same problem. I was trying to make a call that time when it had 18% battery, so phone was working itself and when I tried to plug in charger it switched off itself and it happened continuously. After all this trouble moto G3 maked itself on hang screen while working itself 😀 , frustrated with phone. It still in the same condition after 8 hours I have plugged into the charger. ( I have bought it through Flipcart ) Nokia 1100 is much better than moto, hahaha. I was thinking to buy moto g4. but now 🙁

    • hi ihave moto g 2nd genration i lost network some times fluctuating and directly goes to no service

  15. prakash says:

    i have a problem when i insert sim phone will be switched off how to slove this problem

  16. Princewill says:

    Hi I’m having this buzzing sound when calling someone. I find it hard to hear people talk when on phone calls. Kindly help me with a better solution. I’m using moto g v5.1.

  17. Rob Patterson says:

    I purchased my phone from Walmart for $130.00 and I guess that’s a middle of the line
    price as it were. My clock has disappeared from the main screen and I took it back to
    Walmart and they couldn’t find the “Widgets” to get it to do what they wanted. (shrugging shoulders) I don’t know if that’s my problem but it’s frustrating and I sure
    would appreciate any help you can give me. I already had to download everything again
    because I couldn’t text anyone on my phone list. So that fixed that problem. Should I have bought a different phone? This is (needless to say) very frustrating. This is the
    2nd Moto G phone I had, the first one the battery died after 2 years and they said I
    shouldn’t try and replace it myself.

  18. dear sir
    i am using moto 3rd today i hard reset my phone after reset my phone working properly but any aap not installed . during installetion show phone is show you have no aap for handal or installe also

  19. Abdullah Hamed says:


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