Best Music Streaming app of year: Spotify

Among the many apps in 2014, Spotify creates its own image in music streaming. There was a doubt in the beginning of its launch about its performance but, as the days pass on it proves itself with its quality and charming design. Definitely it is good for the music lovers as the performance of the app reflects it. It has been reworked this year to let in a new shiny darker design.

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Previously there was an individual design each for smartphone, tablet and desktop, but it has been unified, that can be translated across all the devices from smartphones to tablets to desktops.

Best Music Streaming app of this year and new year: Spotify

Best music Streamin app:Spotify image

Best music Streamin app:Spotify

The performance factor of the Spotify Desktop Programme has improved a lot with a few numbers of crashes and in the meanwhile there is a possibility to control music on a computer from smartphone so that you can control your playlists without keeping a hand on your computer. It is the flexibility that has given to the music lovers. The efficiency and reliability of this app was also been increased.

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Spotify also opened a free tier to have streaming on mobile devices, this has further added the device and on the whole it creates a remarkable image in the area of music streaming service by overtaking the Pandora and Rdio. It has now over 50 million users; it implicitly signifies its success.


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