Best Laptops for Christmas Season and New Year

Hi friends, Techslates is set ready to give all the information regarding categories of  Best laptops. Are you in the state of confusion to buy  new Best laptops ? No problem. Techslates helps you groom your ideas and views about the different kinds of best laptop categories available in the market. Here I’ ll elucidate about few best laptops in brief, which are very popular in this period of new year and christmas. From this slate, I’ll give whole information on Ultrabooks, Hybrid laptops, Chromebooks, Gaming laptops and General use laptops.

Ultra books are slowly gaining popularity and Hybrid laptops releases more features to attract customers. Chromebooks which are very cheap, yet very powerful with advanced capabilities. Especially, in this Christmas and New Year charming season, new buyers are more eager to buy elegant and efficient Best laptops.

At the same time they want whole information regarding all types, so I am here , providing information on all kinds of laptops which are gaining popularity in this season. Let’s start our discussion with hybrid laptops.

Best laptops for Christmas Season and to buy for this New Year :

Hybrid Laptops:

Hybrid laptops shortly known as 2-in-1 laptops. These are generally developed to do dual works and are available with Microsoft’s windows 8 and higher versions. As hybrid laptops are providing dual features, you may think that hybrid laptops prices are comparably higher than others. But actually, Hybrid or 2-in-1 laptops price is same as that of Ultrabooks.

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If you turn or flip this 2-in-1 laptop around hinge side it will turn as tablet. Lot of companies like Lenovo, Dell etc.developed these kinds of Hybrid Laptops. Here i am giving example of Lenovo Yoga 11S given by Lenovo company.

Hybrid-best lpatop-new year-image

Hybrid laptop

Lenovo Yoga 11S:


Length11.6 inch
ProcessorIntel core i7 processor
Solid Storage Disk(SSD) for storage256GB
KeyboardQWERTY keyboard
Screen DetailsSharp, Bright
PriceApproximately $799,£599,Rs.47940(India)
Other featuresHDMI, SD, USB Ports
PortabilityNice and Small
2-in-1 best laptop-new year image

2-in-1 laptop

Dell 11 Pro 7130

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Dell 11 pro 7130 laptop generally have two type of cameras. One is Front Camera and it is only used for Skype type video calls. Other one is rear camera and it is 8MP produces Dark shots. Generally, Dell systems have more number of Flaws or weaknesses and are to be taken great care of.

Front Camera2MP used for Skype type callings
Rear Camera8MP generates Dark shots
PriceApprox. $747, Rs.44820.
Dell AudioVery weak


Chromebooks is one of the Best Laptop category which is very popular in this season 2014-2015. In this Christmas season, more employees and students are enthusiastic to buy Chromebooks because these are very cheap and powerful Best laptops. Here I am going to mention few types of Chromebooks like Lenovo’s N20P. This Lenovo N20P is a super laptop with few flaws.

At the earlier stages, these Chromebooks are produced by Acer and Samsung companies.Of course after that Lenovo, HP, and Google also started producing Chromebooks. Chromebooks are widely used in wireless areas.

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techslates_lenovoN20P-best laptop image

Lenovo N20P image

Lenovo N20P Chromebook


Input and output portsLeft side: Charging port, USB
3.0 Port, Headphone Jack port, Small HDMI Port.Right side: USB 2.0 Port, power switch, Battery light
port, SD card port.
BluetoothVersion 4.0
ProcessorIntel Celeron N2830
Operating systemGoogle Chrome
GraphicsHD Graphics Intel
Network CardDual Band Wireless Intel-AC 7260
Emmc storage SSD16GB
Clocking At1.83 GHz with cache(2MB), 2.16 GB with cache(1MB )
Screen11.6 inch 1366X768 screen
SharpnessVery weak
ResolutionRelatively Low
BrightnessNot good
Display ScreenTouch Sensitive
Display Rotation360 Degrees
Two SpeakersOne is at the bottom of machine, other towards User
Quality of voiceVery Rough, Extra noise, Louder voice plus noise.
N20P device appearanceSilver Paint on outer side, keyboard painted in block.
Battery life34.8 Watt hour Li-Polymer 6-cell
Lenovo N20P WarrantyApproximately 1year
HeatNo heat almost negligible compare to others


Ultrabooks are generally having some standard features compared to its competitors that are related to power, lightness, thinness and size. Generally Ultrabooks are costlier than other categories of best laptops.  If you want older versions of same Ultrabooks, you may get but generally it’s very costlier. Here I am going to tell about Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga because it’s very popular in this year 2014-2015.

Lenovo ThinkPad supports Dual storage, so you can buy a low cost HDD and then upgrade others to save some amount of money in whole process. Booting process of Ultrabooks takes almost more than 35 seconds, which is quite longer. Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga also has cooling systems to avoid the hot air. ThinkPad laptop generally strong and versatile laptop.

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Thinkpad-best laptop -new year image

Think Pad ultra book

LenovoThinkPad Yoga:

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ProcessorIntel Core i5-4200U processor
Hard Disk1TB, 5400rpm HDD and 16GB SSD
Memory4GB DDR3
Operating systemWindows 8.1
ProcessorIntel Core i7-4600U Processor
VideoIntel HD 4400
Lowest PriceLowest price Approximately $999, Rs.59940(India)
Highest PriceApproximately $2000, Rs.1,20000, AU$2,129
SpeakersEnough Loud, tiny, Low range of musical notes
ConnectivityHave both Wi-Fi, Bluetooth version 4.0
Wireless modulesSingle band 2.4Ghz by Intel N 7260, Dual band Intel AC 7260,
Intel N7260.
Battery47Wh, 6 to 7 hours
USB portsLimited Ports like 2 USB 3.0 Ports, Card-Reader, and Charger
port, Display Port connector, mini HDMI port no VGA Port, no
Ethernet port.
Screen12.5 inch touch Screen , 1366X768 pixel resolution
KeyboardAcuType Chiclet keyboard, all keys are perfectly aligned
Click padSo cool and smooth and also supports gesture movements
WeightApproximately 1.6Kgs

Gaming laptops:

In this Christmas season more people are showing interest to buy Gaming laptops. In this Year 2014 and 2015 these Gaming laptops also gained remarkable market share. Generally Gaming laptops have more weight compared to other laptops. If we glance at Gaming laptops these looks very interesting, exciting and unpleasantly bright.

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Generally all types of gaming laptops support recent GPU from NVidia and AMD to play recent and older version games. To play best 3D best graphic games, we must have NVidia GeForce GTX 780M, AMD and at least 3rd generation processors like Intel Core i5 or i7. To feel real kick of these gaming laptops we must have large screen size i.e, at least 14 to 18 inches. Now for this New Year 2015, children and young stars look forward to buy these Gaming laptops.

Gaming-best laptop-new year image

Gaming laptop

Price for Gaming Laptops:

Lowest prices of Gaming laptops:approximately $ 1300, Rs.7800 (India), AU$1,384.

Highest prices of Gaming laptops:approximately $3,000, Rs.1, 80000(India), AU$ 3194.

General use laptops:

These general use best laptops started around 10 to 20 years back and are the ancestors to all new lappys. But still these laptops are being in use because general use laptops meet certain standards. It’s little bit tough to categorize these laptops. General use laptops are also known as mid-range laptops because according to prices these are average prices.

Screen Size of General use laptops are 10 to 16 inches. Generally, General use laptops are used to do your daily works. Now in 2015 New Year also there is a nice demand for General use laptops.

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Friends, I hope you all understand all features and characteristics of all category of laptops which are very popular in the year 2014-2015. If you have any queries leave a comment below, I’ll answer all your queries. Thank you.

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