Best Batch-Renaming Python Software Script for Windows – RCS8


Hello Readers, Have you ever disgusted with renaming several files in your required format, to use them in your blogs, websites or for some album? Here, Techslates provides a simple though not elegant solution for such tedious task. We also embedded a video in this slate elucidating step by step procedure, to aid your anxiety.

Rename Copy Store [RCS] Software Program


Python 2.7 software (download Python 2.7 version) 

Windows 7 or higher platform

Some patience


Install Python 2.7 on your system from here, if you don’t have it yet.

Download RCS8(Windows Version).zip, extract it using any archive softwares such as WinRAR, 7-zip etc.,

The RCS8 folder contains Sample.png, View me!.png, and run_RCS.bat files.

Execute run_RCS.bat by double clicking on it, a nasty command window appears asking you to ‘Enter Folder Path :’

Drag the desired folder with files (to be renamed) into the command terminal and press ‘Enter’ at the end of your inputs.

Enter Ur output_folder. Ex: NewPics

Enter Ur desired Prefix. Ex: Techslates_

Enter older extension. Ex: jpg / png / txt

Enter newer extension. Ex: png / txt / jpg

Enter beginning number. Ex:10 / 101 / 454

The program asks you to keep the earlier names of the files intact with adding just prefix and suffix to all the available files in the folder.

Press ‘y’ if you want the earlier names to be included, else press ‘n’.

Then your new Renamed and Copied files are Stored in the output_folder.


This Program is verified in python version 2.7 on Windows 8 64 bit platform.

Watch video on How to use RCS8?. 


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