10 Tips for battery draining fast after lollipop update problem

Tips for battery draining fast after lollipop or marshmallow update problem : Bought a new Lenovo Vibe S1 or Xiomi Mi 4i? if not, so famed Samsung Galaxy note,S2,S3,S6 or Moto X play with your hard earned bucks and now facing battery problems in android smartphones. It’s known fact that android smartphone users have battery draining fast issues more compared to iOS battery problems. Google tried to make sure to fix battery issues in their Android Lollipop and marshmallow updates. Yet,the battery life problems still exists after updating to Lollipop or Marshmallow from Jellybean or kitkat 4.4.

Trouble-causing issues of a smartphone like Mi 4i are Battery charging & draining and Wi-fi connection issues.we can troubleshoot  the battery drain problems in Mi 4i etc., by implementing the battery fixes. Note that not every android phone has these issues after lollipop or marshmallow update. Generally, Android updates solve the common issues in the Android OS. However, some phones still face the problems regarding heating, wi-fi connection etc.,

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Tips for battery draining fast issue after lollipop/marshmallow update problem

Software bugs in the latest android OSs like android Lollipop or marshmallow can effect the battery performance. Battery Life issues do come if  you perform rooting android lollipop or jailbreaking iOS. Android Lollipop users can fix battery draining problems by adopting the android battery life improvement tips. Troubleshooting the battery life of Android phones is now in your own hands. Let’s dive into the easy ways to boost the battery life of Android Lollipop or marshmallow phones and fix battery draining fast issue. These battery saving tips are applicable to most of phones like Xiaomi Red Mi 4i, Moto X play, Yureka, One plus X.

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Tip 1:Clear recently used apps list

Well known tip to reduce the battery usage is to swipe off the recently used apps list by the overview button at the bottom of android OS UI screen. This makes you to close the background apps consuming the battery thus improving the battery life in a long run. Make a habit to use this battery saving tip very often. This tip improve the duration of battery, draining fast after lollipop update from kitkat 4.4.2.

Tip 2: Restart your Smartphone

The quick fix for any electronic device is to just reboot it. This smart technique works with android gadgets like Lenovo Vibe P1, Red Mi 4i  etc., to improve the poor battery life of Android L OS. Restarting  android device will remove the stored bulk cache eating the battery resource. Experts advise to restart gadgets regularly to fix fast draining battery and other OS problems. This technique will solve several other common issues in android lollipop or marshmallow smartphones.

Tip 3:Dealing with Stubborn Android Apps

Tech gurus say that we must stay updated to updates. It’s the mantra to get on everywhere.It’s true with the problems caused by some third-party android apps. Sometimes, fast battery draining after lollipop or marshmallow update can be resolved by updating the trouble-causing android apps. Check out the apps causing problems for the battery life by going into safemode on your android lollipop device. Uninstall those Lollipop apps that do not have updated versions available.

Tip 4:Use Custom android ROM’s default power-saving modes

Several of the hardware makers like HTC, Samsung etc., have their customized version of android OS with embedded power saving modes. Have a look at battery saving features, which are preloaded into the android OS like Lollipop and marshmallow. Turn them on to fix the fast draining battery after lollipop upgrade from Kitkat or Jellybean.

Tip 5:Mute Android Notifications

A ping from your  close friend in whatsapp may give pleasure to you, but such notifications  can also discharge battery. So, make sure that only notifications from useful apps like Whatsapp etc., are turned on. To fix battery draining fast after lollipop update from kitkat 4.4.4, turn off notifications in the lollipop settings of your android yureka or one plus x. This battery saving tip works for any android updated versions of Lollipop.

Tip 6:Turn off Connectivity Features

Connectivity features in smartphones like Samsung Galaxy J7,Lenovo K3 note,Xiaomi Mi 4i,Xiaomi Redmi 2prime etc., include Wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC (near Field Communication), GPS and Mobile data are battery consuming features of Android lollipop phones.It is recommended to turn off connectivity features like Wifi as the last ditch to save dying battery  in android. This battery saving tip may be quite useful in needy times of Lollipop OS smartphones after lollipop update from kitkat 4.4.4. Android Connectivity features include updated location services in Lollipop OS.

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Tip 7:Turn off haptic feedback on Lollipop

Make sure that you turned off the shaky vibrations for  a new call/notification on android lollipop phones like Xiomi Mi4i, One plus X  etc., to reduce battery draining fast after lollipop update from kitkat 4.4.2.This turning off haptics on android Lollipop can reduce the battery usage.Especially this battery life saving tips works with whatsapp battery problem.

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Tip 8:Styles do matter

Android Lollipop may have elegant UI design in smartphones like Samsung Galaxy J7,Lenovo K3 note,Xiaomi Mi 4i,Xiaomi Redmi 2prime etc., yet bear in mind that these stylings do have effect on battery life. After Lollipop update from kitkat 4.4.4, to fix draining battery issue, prefer single coloured wallpaper instead of live wallpapers on your smartphones like lenovo A6000, A7000, A6000 Plus. This battery life saving tips is applicable to all Android operating systems.

Tip 9:Factory Reset to fix lollipop update problems

To solve fast draining battery problems after lollipop update from kitkat 4.4.4, factory resetting might improve the life of the charge of battery. But, make sure that you know how to backup android phone data before updating Lollipop to latest OS version like marshmallow. Factory resetting not only solves battery problems but also wifi problems in lollipop.

Tip 10:degrade the Android Lollipop/marshmallow

If you feel that your battery is draining fast after lollipop or marshmallow update, we have as usual procedure in our hands. Degrade the updated lollipop version back to the predecessor to retrieve the usual battery life in Android Lollipop phones like lenovo A6000, A7000, A6000 Plus, Xiaomi Mi 4i.To fix poor battery life problems, we can go back to earlier Android version. Try this only if factory resetting don’t improve battery charge in android phone.

Tip 11(LOL):It’s Time to buy a powerbank or New Smartphone

Yes, you read it right. This is not at all a battery boosting tip. If all the above battery saving tips on android lollipop after upgrading to latest version from kitkat 4.4.2, you can replace the draining battery with a new one. Carry one of the best powerbanks with you to charge smartphones like Xiomi Mi4i etc., or else you can buy new smartphones like Moto X play or One plus X or one plus two.

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Above are the Solutions to the commonly seen battery draining issues in Lollipop based phones like Lenovo Vibe S1/P1,Xiomi Mi4i,Moto X play or One plus X. Share with us, if you have any tips to improve life of the battery in android devices. We also take tips to solve battery draining fast after lollipop/marshmallow update from kitkat 4.4.

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